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  1. I gave up on waiting and found one incoming at another dealer.. Its a short box but I'll make it work till I swap it up in 7-12 months
  2. Still waiting for some kind of word on my at4 build, still hasn't been accepted by gm for some reason.. Basically at 7 months now....................
  3. Yea I've noticed the new boxes have quite a bit more room to the sides, really maxing it out which is good! Thanks for all the info so far guys!
  4. Yea I usually only have 1 bike and sometimes I have my 110 in there to.. Im pretty sure I can make it work it's just gonna be a little more snug...
  5. Considering my order of a standard box at4 is who knows where and they are super rare in dealers I'm considering a short box that's already on a lot somewhere... Looking for people who haul dirt bikes(1) in their trucks with the gate closed, I'm assuming it fits corner to corner but I'd love to hear from some other people about there experiences with it and any photos would be awesome to! Thanks Mitch
  6. It's crazy man.... Im going on 6 months + and still no word on anything... I don't want to abandon my build but I might have to and go to a bigger dealer...
  7. Service airbag light came on in my 14 sierra, was intermittent at first but now its on full time when ever I start it.. Had a buddy scan it and it threw 3 different codes. B0087 B0088 B101D Anyone else have these come on and figure out what the solution was? The 87 and 88 are rear impact sensors so it seems odd both of them would fail at the same time. The truck has also never been in an accident.
  8. 4 months would be nice... Im currently at 5 and still no build date.. Ordered as a 20, now its a 21..might show up as a 22.....
  9. Ordered my satin steel ccsb at4 back in September and I'm still waiting with no word on a build date... 4+ months and counting..
  10. Mine just came with one length option for the standard bed, maybe because its one of the first generations for it?? im gonna mock it up on a hoist and see how it looks. Hopefully all the hanger locations are the same for the tail piece..
  11. I currently have a CC standard box exhaust and id like to put it onto a short box of the same Gen. According to corsa`s website the only difference i can see is 10.5'' between the different wheelbase's....And it looks like there will be juuuuuuuust enough pipe to cut off there before the bend. Has anyone done this before with firsthand experience? thanks, Mitch
  12. Mine stutter hops like crazy as well( non z71), switched to fox replacement shocks and it got a little better but not that drastic.. I think these trucks are to light in the back so there's no weight to really work the suspension. Sent from my SM-G920W8 using Tapatalk
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