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  1. 14-18 Onyx Black Door Handles

  2. 14-18 Onyx Black Door Handles

    Pm me if you want them
  3. 14-18 Onyx Black Door Handles

    I have a set of onyx black handles for sale. They are in very good used condition. One of the caps has a small pen tip sized chip that could easily be touched up. $100 shipped in the U.S paypal accepted. Located Fallston, MD if anyone local wants them.
  4. Z71 emblems brand new!

  5. Wait a minute... how the hell did you fit almost 36" tires on a 2.5 level ??? Just drive straight?
  6. Z71 emblems brand new!

  7. Quick Tire Size question

    I'd do 35s.. so you want be able to do complete turns, who cares 😂
  8. Lol yeah I've done that to a few silverados but with the fender trim on the sierras I couldn't quite figure out how to trim it and make it look good enough to where I wouldn't hate myself for doing it 😂
  9. I'll do a video on the next truck I do lol
  10. Looks good! What is the wheel tire specs ? I tried installing some 2" spacers with my 275/65/20s and stock wheels and it just wasn't happening, did some light trimming but to make it clear I would've had to cut way more off than I wanted to
  11. I feel like I should make a how to video for this. I've installed tons of these 2inch rc kits all putting the bolts in from the top down, without ever touching The ball joints..hell, I don't even take the wheels off the trucks to put them in-honest. Put the front of truck in the air so both wheels are off the ground. Disconnect both sway bar links, remove the bolts from the cv axles to diff and push as far aside as you can (this will allow just enough clearance to tap the bolt down through the spacer) tighten everything back up and your done. Go get it aligned.
  12. Z71 emblems brand new!

    Around 10"x2"

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