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  1. I am curious what his CAT scale weight is though? And if he is staying within the payload of the truck. I see stuff like this getting pulled thru town all the time and im not going to pass judgement on him for pulling a fifth wheel. Thats a decent load for him to pull and control. Interesting anyway I dont want to argue over it.
  2. 2011 Silverado With Chevy Shake?

    Tires are always on my list to check. What shape are the tires? Worn down a bit maybe, might need a balance to rule them out.
  3. I looked at where I bought my 2500 at http://www.everettbgmc.com there are 148- 2500 trucks and 11 are gassers if that will help you. I got a good trade in when I bought mine.
  4. Sounds like you made a good effort to get the ride correct. And applaud you for getting a loaner first to try it out before making a purchase. Hardly anyone seems to do that good for you. I would say your white knuckle experience would lessen if you could move to a 2500 truck. Set up correctly the tail wont wag the dog as you felt and you can relax on the drive. It was my best decision made to move to 3/4 ton truck, towing is so much more in control there just alot bigger in many respects than 1/2 ton truck.
  5. GCVWR

    its in the owners manual, we have a 6.2 and we looked it up long while back. Its not stamped on the vehicle. Only thing labeled on your door jamb is your payload yellow sticker and thats important to. Just grab the manual take a seat and thumb thru it it there.
  6. Might try www.etrailer.com thay have a ton of videos.
  7. Rotate your tires. Heck I have a 2008 1500 bought a set of new tires. had a slight vibration had them balanced at 2 different places. Nothing finally just rotated front to back Success smooth as silk. I still have either a wheel or tire thats junk but its a company truck and its smooth now .
  8. Charging system

    As everyone said its normal my 2008 1500 does it as well as my 2015 2500. I dont pay a lot of attention to it anyway, you will get used to it. Unless your headlights are dimming or something of that nature your alternator is fine.
  9. Why dont you just enable the 4wd indicator on your DIC Driver information center and then when you shift it will pop up on you screen and tell you your in 4wd. You have to get in the menu and enable that function
  10. Pulsating Lights

    I had the same problem with a 2008 1500 work truck replaced it with Autozone alternator fixed it up. You may have gotten a bad one from carquest. I had to order mine in from Autozone to get a new one not manufactured.
  11. what tonneau cover?

    That cover looks nice like the material how does it open? Nice looking truck to
  12. Dual Battery Setup - Winch

    I added a battery of equal size, wired them in parallel with 2/0 battery cable and black wire loomed all of it. You have to look hard to even notice it. I added a warn M15000 winch for my 2500. I just didnt see the need in my use for an isolator. Everyone has there own requirements. I would recommend at least a 12000 for your 2500.
  13. Lets See Some Towing Pics!

    Loaded up coming fixing to head home from deer camp. Easy pull for the 6.0 just a 16ft Big Tex.
  14. Service trailer brake system

    I think you have to have the trailer plugged in to check for voltage at the connector trailer itself. I may be wrong but my controller wont do anything if nothing is connected, it has to see a (load) aka trailer before sending power to the brakes. I would check for power at the brakes should be a connection you can stick a probe in and have a partner push down on the brake pedal.
  15. I didnt watch any video either but mine was uneventful. Wish I could help you Might check some filters have a arrow pointing a certain way for it to be installed.

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