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  1. What your seeing is normal operation, if it makes you feel better turn headlights and tow haul button and it will slowly climb up to 14 again. Mine sinks down all the time and I learned how to make it climb up by doing that. Dont overthink it to much its doing what the computer tells it to do. Its a very slow upward climb so give it plenty of time to move to 14v
  2. I ran a thin bead of clear silicone around my 3rd brake light and it stopped my leak permanently.
  3. ok I would get a test light 12v and verify at your truck plug what you do have. Check the turn signal left and right and running light. Definitely check as BSHORT said the harness. If the fuses are good then you should have power back there, check the ground that could keep it all from working to. Since it so new you could take it back to dealer also
  4. Go check the fuses there labeled under the lid
  5. Good tires for 18 Duramax for towing

    Highway tire the Michelin Defenders in of course E rating are pretty good, excellent wet traction, smooth ride and mine didnt need much weights to balance them. My son has the Michelin AT2 and they have been trouble free.
  6. I recommend footwork. I made all my deals with good old fashion legwork. I understand the internet thing but I have to walkj the lot and yea it helps to have a decent salesman. But you need to know exactly what you want. Was treated very well at the last of 4 dealerships on my last purchase and got the exact truck I wanted. Rest of the dealers were not that great, just got to pick thru them.
  7. Hopefully they will get it squared away, it would be a bummer at that mileage to have a motor issue. We have a 6.2 NHT with 6 speed in our family and its a beast of a truck. It will pull and go like no other.
  8. Interesting mine only flash if i hit the FOB to lock the truck. Why would you want your trailer lights flashing all the time day or night while it parked. Don't sound right.
  9. Well I felt my vibration when the tire was in the front as soon as i moved the fronts to the back it was gone. I cant say I ever heard it just felt it at highway speed. My tire is a Michelin Defender and there pretty smooth on pavement good highway tread pattern.
  10. Yes since you are on pavement mostly heck yea Id run some good truck radial and I would bet you would see some improvement over an all terrain style. And go back to the OEM size.
  11. Duramax not starting

    Did you happen to try a jump after it didnt start? Its possible the dsah could light up but not enough battery strength to turn over.
  12. Craigslist in your area should have someone selling one.
  13. If its a whining sound its normal and after a while you wont notice it. I kinda got bent out of shape in 2015 when I first used mine, now I dont even think about it. Metal grinding sound I never heard.
  14. Agree will all, I had same feeling at first but dont even think about it anymore.
  15. Your battery is around 3 years old it could very well be no good. They just dont last as long anymore. You could pull it out go get a load test at autozone but your probably ready for a fresh one. Cold will knock a weak battery out.

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