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  1. Well I felt my vibration when the tire was in the front as soon as i moved the fronts to the back it was gone. I cant say I ever heard it just felt it at highway speed. My tire is a Michelin Defender and there pretty smooth on pavement good highway tread pattern.
  2. Yes since you are on pavement mostly heck yea Id run some good truck radial and I would bet you would see some improvement over an all terrain style. And go back to the OEM size.
  3. Duramax not starting

    Did you happen to try a jump after it didnt start? Its possible the dsah could light up but not enough battery strength to turn over.
  4. Craigslist in your area should have someone selling one.
  5. If its a whining sound its normal and after a while you wont notice it. I kinda got bent out of shape in 2015 when I first used mine, now I dont even think about it. Metal grinding sound I never heard.
  6. Agree will all, I had same feeling at first but dont even think about it anymore.
  7. Your battery is around 3 years old it could very well be no good. They just dont last as long anymore. You could pull it out go get a load test at autozone but your probably ready for a fresh one. Cold will knock a weak battery out.
  8. I am sympathetic to your problem, If I start my truck I want to decide when it goes off. Bout as ignorant as the auto stop start feature. Anyway might try MikeNH idea about setting in neutral and set parking brake its a good shot.
  9. You could try an easy shot at it by rotate the tires front to back see if that clears it up or moves the vibration. I had a wheel that did that in the front , when moved to the rear it told me where to look quicker for the problem.
  10. How to install a dash cam on a 2019 Silverado

    There a great tool to have with today's drivers not paying attention to what there doing. I put mine on a switch not a key on power. That enables me to leave it on when I run in a business or whatever and its a rough looking area I will still be filming around my truck. I dont mind flipping it on when I take off driving there a good thing however you set it up. I'm using a RoadHawk HD camera.
  11. 6.2L Yes or No

    Yes we have a 2011 6.2 its a beast, my son drives it. Its a 1/2 ton on steroids. It came with the NHT package with 3.73 gears. Its the real deal.
  12. Exactly where I put mine to. I have installed 2 Firestone kits on a 2007 1500 and 2011 1500 never touched them since. Work great.
  13. 2500HD Front Air Dam

    I didnt see any difference after removal of mine in 2015. I towed before and after removal and kept track of temps, never saw anything.
  14. First Chevy

    Nothing like a new white truck!
  15. Bought a new LT Z71

    Nice ride there! Enjoy

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