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  1. I am sympathetic to your problem, If I start my truck I want to decide when it goes off. Bout as ignorant as the auto stop start feature. Anyway might try MikeNH idea about setting in neutral and set parking brake its a good shot.
  2. You could try an easy shot at it by rotate the tires front to back see if that clears it up or moves the vibration. I had a wheel that did that in the front , when moved to the rear it told me where to look quicker for the problem.
  3. How to install a dash cam on a 2019 Silverado

    There a great tool to have with today's drivers not paying attention to what there doing. I put mine on a switch not a key on power. That enables me to leave it on when I run in a business or whatever and its a rough looking area I will still be filming around my truck. I dont mind flipping it on when I take off driving there a good thing however you set it up. I'm using a RoadHawk HD camera.
  4. 6.2L Yes or No

    Yes we have a 2011 6.2 its a beast, my son drives it. Its a 1/2 ton on steroids. It came with the NHT package with 3.73 gears. Its the real deal.
  5. Exactly where I put mine to. I have installed 2 Firestone kits on a 2007 1500 and 2011 1500 never touched them since. Work great.
  6. 2500HD Front Air Dam

    I didnt see any difference after removal of mine in 2015. I towed before and after removal and kept track of temps, never saw anything.
  7. First Chevy

    Nothing like a new white truck!
  8. Bought a new LT Z71

    Nice ride there! Enjoy
  9. Im stock and use the 5 inch drop with 2 inch shank. I havent dragged anywhere yet, tow weekly. I would suggest the rubber silencer pad if you purchase one. It will snug up the fit and no rattle at all. There a great hitch had one for years. IMO the 7 inch would hang a bit low your call on that.
  10. Battery Problems

    Are you leaving the dashcam on when the truck sits? I shut mine off flip it back on during drive. My truck sits all week I use company truck M-F.
  11. winter driving

    I have a 2wd 1500 work truck and use puzzle weights. Picked them up in 2009 ,I found them online and truck rides better with them. adds roughly 400 lbs. You just fill them with fine playground sand and your ready.
  12. I made my deal for my 2015 2500 dealer changed the seats to leather, added heated seats and changed the wheels to 18''. You need to work that magic before you sign off on the truck. They were willing to do what ever to sell the truck.
  13. Do the 2019's all have Auto-Stop???

    Here or not its a turn off for me. Shutting off my engine at some major intersection is nuts. I would like to see it as an option you could enable or disable.
  14. Did you double check it wasn't in 4 hi ? Anything is possible just a shot.
  15. Glad to hear you fixed that, I shared your pain for quite a white on my 2015 tried pretty much everything including what you did. I solved mine with a cord strain relief that hold the weight of the trailer cord up. It was only on my Big Tex trailer that threw the check trailer wiring code they used a heavy guage thick black cord and it would eventually works it way just enough loose on the interstate to throw that code.

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