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  1. Do the 2019's all have Auto-Stop???

    Here or not its a turn off for me. Shutting off my engine at some major intersection is nuts. I would like to see it as an option you could enable or disable.
  2. Did you double check it wasn't in 4 hi ? Anything is possible just a shot.
  3. Glad to hear you fixed that, I shared your pain for quite a white on my 2015 tried pretty much everything including what you did. I solved mine with a cord strain relief that hold the weight of the trailer cord up. It was only on my Big Tex trailer that threw the check trailer wiring code they used a heavy guage thick black cord and it would eventually works it way just enough loose on the interstate to throw that code.
  4. 6.0 oil change interval

    Its your truck change it how often you want 3000 miles you bet, if that's what you feel it needs to be done do it.
  5. Rotate the tires back to the front as before see if vibration goes away. Had the same thing on my 1500 and the second I rotated the fronts to the rear the vibration disappeared on mine. Then I knew for sure one of my rear tires needed balancing.
  6. Might put some Rain X on the windshield it makes my wipers just glide across the glass.
  7. Greasing Ball Joints

    Thanks for that link I always like to refresh my memory where there hidden at.
  8. Got it . I would think the truck controls would default to original setting, that is only a guess. Storing your batteries in your garage is a good idea. Might want to treat your fuel if its going to be a long storage. Any chance you could go over there couple times a month and just pull it out and let it warm up to operating temps? That would ave you from having to pull the batteries and allow some of the fluids to circulate.
  9. How about solar panels? I use them on my ATV batteries year around work well.
  10. I agree check the rotors they can make clicking noise, does it stop when you apply the brake?
  11. Shock Install Questions

    We just did my sons 2011 1500 you have the compress the spring. And its a bit hairy having that spring compressed, but its something you can do your self.
  12. I dont have them on my 2015 gasser. I tow constantly during the week but didn't want the the big mirrors. Just a personal thing i guess I can see fine with regular mirrors and I kinda wanted a sleeker look. Not knocking people with the larger mirrors at all I just didn't care for them.
  13. 2019 Sierra......No.

    Hmmm haven't seen one yet.
  14. What does the message say?
  15. Give them a chance to fix it and drive her again. You sound as if you have been happy with the truck so far, let it get repaired and see how you feel later. I went thru a transfer case bearing replacement early on on my 2015. I was bummed for a bit but that was over 2 years ago and i pull trailers constantly and not a bit of trouble since.

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