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New GM Truck/SUV Recalls Coincide With Union Votes, Holidays

  • John Goreham
    Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com
    General Motors is recalling 2,633 Acadia, Traverse, Enclave 2016 models all made at the Lansing Michigan plant. The affected vehicles could have a defective weld in the third-row seat assembly that is a safety concern according to NHTSA. The welds were applied during November from the 6th to the 12th of the month. A few days before that the Union that represents the line workers held a vote on the new contract. It narrowly passed. 43% of the workers at the plant voted against it. The period also coincided with a holiday (Veterans Day) and a weekend. This is almost certainly a coincidence. Recalls happen so often now, and often to so few vehicles it is hard to know what we should highlight.


GM also announced it is recalling 90 (yup, just 90) 2016 Silverados and Sierras because a mounting stud for an airbag sensor was improperly positioned during assembly. All 90 were built on October 13th and 14th. Again, this was during the period of the voting for the new contract, in this case just before the vote. The defect also occurred on the Tuesday and Wednesday following a Monday holiday, Columbus Day.
You can check right here at this link to see if your vehicle is affected by either recall.

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Bad welds happen more than one would think, Yes I work the line for GM so Iwill say this, it has hardly nothing to do with holidays or the contract vote, rather how much it would cost GM to hold production to fix the issue and how soon it was caught. Kind of hard to have the weld monitor monitor the welds when his job just got eliminated.

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