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  1. Had it Colorado this last week, didn't take any pics with extreme flexing, but we spent several hours driving on mountain side trails, also confirmed you can hit 115mph, about 112mph the top speed cutoff starts kicking in, with momentum getting to the 115 mark. 1945 miles over 7 days, 5+ hours of trails, 50+ photo stops, hours of idling, lots of side road and highway driving i ended up at 17.6 mpg with the 6.2, quite happy with that.
  2. Same here, (2020 GMC AT4), it has nothing to do with the LCD not displaying black, although not "True" black like you get from OLED. But look at the stock OEM NAV, it has dark blacks, but the CarPlay contrast or brightness is way off, looking washed out, my 2016 Silverado Car Play displayed dark blacks and vivid colors, same with my wife's 2019 Honda, dark blacks and vivid colors using Car Play, All using the same phone and cable, I wonder if GM wants you to purchase the OnStar package so NAV will show up better than Car Play. It's really frustrating.
  3. The 49K is one with the Premium Pkg, $3000 and upgraded tires $495, The one I purchased for 52K included the Premium Pkg, $3000, 6.2 V8, $2495 and 20" wheels, $895. Premium Package = -Front and Rear Park assist -Lane Change Alert -Side Blind Zone Alert -Wireless Charging -Black Running Boards -Bose Sound System -Premium Infotainment with Nav -Power Sliding rear Window -Universal Home Remote
  4. Had the "Sierra" badge and the dealer logo removed before it was polished and the ceramic coating on the paint, no more Sierra on the truck, people ask what a AT4 is.
  5. I fit with 3" roof clearance (Shark Fin) and 4' to spare in length. Radio antenna does hit, but that's no biggie.
  6. In Tulsa you can pick up a new AT4 with premium package for 49K, has 95% of what Denali has but with a 2" lift.
  7. Picked up my new AT4 yesterday day, Same color but with a 6.2.
  8. The Base GMC just have a black insert there with nothing on it, buy a pair, paint body color then no one would know about the 6.2 lurking under the hood, i'm thinking about that.
  9. 2020 Sierra AT4 6.2 MSRP 61,740 Paid 51,740 This dealer is lopping an even 10K from SLTs, AT4s and Denali.
  10. Here's the current build options for GMC, funniest part, the Denali you get a $5 discount (Five Dollars) to take the 8 Speed, no way in hell, but at least you can still order the Elevation, SLT, AT4 and Denali with a 10 Speed in the 5.3, 6.2 and 3.0D engines.
  11. The Dodge had the flashiest interior, big screen, more wood and chrome, the GM twins had a more basic, But, more usable interior. The Ride and drive is what set the 2 makes apart, the GMs absolutely felt better planted to the road and much more solid build feel to it, but the Dodge’s steering, both had a bit of play to them, constantly moving wheel back and forth 1/2” or so, hey but it has flashier screens and trim. It’s like 2 cowboys… 1 has a blue jeans, new boots and a nice shirt on. 1 has pressed jeans with a huge belt buckle, chrome tipped boots, rings and bracelets on wearing gobs of stetson cologne. You pick your poison.
  12. I guess most people here don't understand your viewpoint, nor do I, All this because 1 cab has a rear seat, and the other cab has a rear seat but 1.5 foot longer cab, But buy an SUV as you stated, how the hell can I carry large, oily inspection tools for pipelines, so tell the other guys I work with to take a separate car because a guy on the internet said I should have purchased a truck with a cab that's 1.5 foot shorter. I don’t know what king a masculinity issues you have, but your point makes no sense, If buying a truck with a cab that 1.5 foot shorter makes you feel like a man, you need help.
  13. My understanding the shocks on your 2016 along with all the 2019 and 2020 Z-71/X-31 have twin tube Ranchos, the TrailBoss/AT4 have Monotube Ranchos. Not knowing the difference in shocks at the time, But with driving the 2020 Sierra SLT with Z-31 then the Sierra AT4, the AT4 was definitely a bit better, even my wife that doesn't know the difference between a Shock and a Spark Plug even chimed in that the ride on the AT4 was better. At that time is when I researched and found the different style shocks used.
  14. On the Custom Trail Boss, 6.2 is a $2900 option. On the LT Trail Boss, 6.2 is a $2495 option. On the RST, 6.2 is a $2495 option. The LTZ and High Country its a $2495 option.
  15. So, when I have 4 grown adults in the Cab, I should go by a car and have 2 vehicles when 1 would suffice, It makes no sense for the double cab to someone carrying any more than 2 adults and 1 poodle. Edit: GM sells crew cabs with standard beds, the same bed on the double cabs, your point is moot.
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