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  1. The radio does work for a while after removing the key and even after opening the door. Maybe to not drop calls if a call was in progress when shutting off the truck? I still see GMC Intellilink in my phone's Bluetooth for a while after shutting off the truck and getting out sometimes. Kinda annoying actually. One time after a phone call I took through the truck's radio, it got stuck thinking the call was still active, unable to hang-up, even after powering off my phone! I had to remove the key and leave the driver's door open for 5 minutes to resolve it. Not sure if any of that is on point but evidently the radio is alive after removing the key and opening the door. The 12V 7 way plug should always be powered. Sent from the demons in my head
  2. No, it does not shut off. The 12V provided to the 7 way socket should be hot all the time. I just checked my truck, haven't driven it, pressed any key fob buttons or opened any doors since last night. It shows 12V to pin 4. Sent from the demons in my head
  3. Has anyone found a quality electric fan kit for the 6.0 gas engines for years that include 2017 HD trucks? I would expect removing the traditional fan would help MPG but I cannot find a good fan kit. Sent from the demons in my head
  4. Was the install difficult? Was wiring painless? Source for the lights? Sent from the demons in my head
  5. Are your factory lights spoken for? I have a 2107 Sierra Base with plastic fillers where there should be fog lights. Looking to put something brighter than nothing in those holes. Sent from the demons in my head
  6. Perfect, thanks guys. Now for the parts list. I'll have to go investigate what it will take to make this happen on my 2017 6.0 2500HD Sierra Base. Sent from the demons in my head
  7. Wait, doesn't the gas 6.0 have an Allison transmission? I assume you're comparing gas to diesel trans coolers right? Because comparing Allison to gas doesn't make sense unless, and this is entirely possible, maybe I'm confused. I might need to look over your shoulder for a parts list. I like this! Sent from the demons in my head
  8. Not sure about the 2018 as I have cloth in my truck. My 2006 Suburban with leather did the same thing you describe. I took the Suburban to a local upholstery shop and they said yep, they all do that. They were able to replace the bottom side of the driver's seat for not a lot of $. I didn't mess with the sides of the back, they weren't so bad on mine until years later. Good luck getting it covered under warranty! In years past I've seen Volvo warranty seat and door upholstery but never GM Sent from the demons in my head
  9. June 2019 I bought a 2017 certified pre owned Sierra 2500HD gas and love it. This was a good compromise between new, and used with high mileage and no warranty. Less $ than new but with warranty, dealer and factory support if I need it. Ram is making an overall good product and many like their interior better. They may take the lead in variety of storage spaces hidden throughout the truck too. Overall longevity is likely not as good but you already acknowledged this in your resale comments. Sent from the demons in my head
  10. I don't think any of them power extend but you can select options for the forward facing lights, having both upper and lower mirrors heated, etc. I configured a pair the way I would want them and it came to about a grand. I don't need them that badly! Sent from the demons in my head
  11. My previous 6.0 in an older generation truck gave me codes at high RPM with the K & N filter and cold air intake even though they promise it will not. Put the stock airbox back, no more codes in the same predictable situations (towing uphill) that K & N always gave me codes on. I will be looking for a cold air intake for the 2017 truck but will only use a dry filter. I'll probably go with AFE GM Silverado HD/Sierra HD 16-17 V8-6.0L w/ Mechanical Fan Part Number AFE54-74108 Once I have an extra $450 I don't want that is. Blackbear tested it on I believe a stock truck and has dyno sheet to prove some modest HP increase across the band, +20HP at the top RPMs where my engine will rarely be but still seems like a better option to me than the rest. Oops, forgot you were talking about dmax not gasser. Sent from the demons in my head
  12. Well that's great when you have cellular coverage or didn't lock your phone in your truck. I frequently travel through and camp in areas with no coverage and have been locked out in such an area. Climbed a hill, called OnStar, nope, they can't find my truck. Luckily my camper was unlocked and I was able to use the old coat hanger trick to unlock a door. Sent from the demons in my head
  13. That link above is for a 1500 with a 5.3. I'm looking for similar for a 2500HD 6.0 Maybe I'm using tapatalk wrong but I believe this is the HD section of the forum. Sent from the demons in my head
  14. I'd be interested in same for a 2017 W/T. I looked into it and didn't find any simple solutions or kits. Some say they're less efficient towing / hauling in extreme hot weather. Maybe that's why. It sure would be nice most of the rest of the time to have the benefits of the electric fan if a quality kit was available. Sent from the demons in my head
  15. Which would be best for _______? How are you using it? Daily driver for short trips, hauling a flatbed trailer with a small tractor every day or something in between? I went with gas but I drive empty 10 minutes each way to work daily. I can tow / haul when I need to but couldn't justify the extra cost for the diesel. Not just the initial cost but the maintenance costs. Sent from the demons in my head
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