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  1. Yes, I forgot to mention, it's still under warranty and that's exactly what I asked for. They put it up and checked transfer case and differential fluids. Then provided a printout of the info I posted above. I went on my trip over the weekend on ice / black ice / fresh and packed snow, you know, Montana and while I heard it when engaged, the trip was thankfully uneventful and I wasn't worried about it the entire time. I've only had it a few months and hadn't really used its 4wd. Prior to that I had a Suburban LTZ with AWD and could hear it engage and disengage but it didn't really make any other noise. I imagine it never really was staying engaged for any amount of time, just as needed per the AWD system. Sent from the demons in my head
  2. Apparently normal and explained by #PIP5245B: Whine Noise Operating In 4wd - (Dec 11, 2017) 2015-2018 All 2500/3500 Supersedes PIP5245A Sent from the demons in my head
  3. My 6.0 gas sounds like a diesel when in 4WD. Not so bad coasting but accelerating or decelerating. Not crazy loud but enough that people in the back seat notice and describe it the same way. 2017 Sierra 2500 base w/ 4WD shift lever on the floor. Yes I know these trucks are somewhat louder than the higher trims but I haven't heard this before. Honestly I haven't had it long and have barely used the 4WD. I'll check fluids I suppose. Sent from the demons in my head
  4. They are right on the color matching, that can be harder with powder. However everything else they said, well that's just what paint shops say about powder coating. No powder coat is not indestructible and you should consider how to touch it up if scratched but paint will scratch too. Are you prepared to do touch up of either? Of course you could just Plasti Dip it ;) Sent from the demons in my head
  5. 150 ea for professional powder coating isn't bad. For paint, are they including proper prep / removal of the chrome so the paint will last? If they just barely scuff and paint chrome it'll look like ass in a few years. Sent from the demons in my head
  6. I had one sensor in my Suburban that would show --- everytime the weather cooled off but in the afternoon it worked fine. One time it didn't come back so I did a reprogram when it warmed up. Worked for a while then eventually it quit and the battery was just dead. One died the rest are still going. Go figure. Sent from the demons in my head
  7. Battery is weak / dead in that sensor. If you want to stall, wait for the temp to warm up, do a relearn and you may get a little more time out of it. Sent from the demons in my head
  8. Do you remember what tuner? Where did you buy it from? Sent from the demons in my head
  9. I just picked up a used 2017 2500 HD 6.0 gas w 17 inch wheels and I'm still figuring out the same issue. On mine the TPMS warning light comes on somewhere around 50 front 60 rear I'm still adjusting things. It seems sometimes the pressure can fall below without triggering the light as long as it goes and stays above these pressures more than it is under these pressures. I've seen the light off with as little as 42 front but if I leave it there eventually the light comes on. I asked the dealer twice about adjusting this and they refuse claiming federal law. For the stock Firestone tires that came on mine, according to a local scale and the tire loading chart from Firestone I should be running 40 front 35 rear empty. When towng / hauling it's usually an appliance for a short trip of a 6000lb trailer and when hauling that trailer or heavier loads, I know how to add air. I'm pretty tired of lawyers and being nannied. Sent from the demons in my head
  10. I just bought a 2017 Sierra 2500 HD 6.0 4x4 base (basically a Silverado W/T) three months ago with 44,000 for $33,000 in Montana. Denali is nice and all but I'd compare carefully to see if that's really a good deal. Look for comparibles for sale. Look it up on KBB and NADA. Seems high by at least a few grand to me. Sent from the demons in my head
  11. I've often thought about an ALLDATA DIY subscription for this but never tried it. Sent from the demons in my head
  12. What I do is turn on my phone's WiFi hotspot and in the truck wireless settings connect to my hotspot then check for updates. However mine says it is up to date. Sent from the demons in my head
  13. Is swapping 2500HD W/T / base to dual zone climate control possible? Sent from the demons in my head
  14. This was at the parking area at the summit. I'm in Billings so we get up there plenty but I haven't on a snowmobile yet. Sent from the demons in my head
  15. Oh man I just found this thread. Yeah, I've been looking up since I was a kid and still do. Lucky enough now to work at BIL doing IT support. Sent from the demons in my head
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