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  1. 2018 High Country disappointed

    It seems like a hit or miss for me. I currently own an early built 14, drive a 15 for work and have some miles under my belt driving a few friends 18's and a 17. From my experience, my 14 is my favorite truck, the 15 is annoying, and I did enjoy driving the 17 & 18. The reason I prefer my 14 is more subjective than anything else. I greatly prefer the red interior versus the teal/blue interior on the newer GMC's. I like the removable cup-holders for extra storage. The overall fit/finish is great in both the 14 and 15 but it has improved in the 17's & 18's. My 14 has a 6.2 with 3.42's, 6 speed, custom tune, bolt ons, and it drives great. It's noticeably quicker than any other 6.2 I've driven, but then again it isn't stock like the others have been. The 15 is a 6.2 that came with the 8 speed and I can't stand that damn transmission. The 18's transmission is much better and smoother but still feels a bit 'awkward'. Both the 14 and 15 have had their share of issues, but the 15 seems to have been plagued with a few more compared to the 14 for some reason. Sheer dumb luck I suppose. What's really strange to me, and believe me or not I'm not being biased here, is my 14's backup camera blows away any other GM product in driven in between 14-18. That includes a 17 Cadillac with a 360 degree camera system. I'm not sure why honestly, but its noticeably clearer than any other one I've been in, and has no noticeable lag. These are all higher trim trucks for what it's worth, even though they should share the same camera all the way down to the base model anyway. In reality, I would be content not happy if I went from my 14 to an 18. I'd rather trade up to a 19 for the newer improvements. The minor ones in the K2's do not please me enough and I honestly feel like I'm losing personal comforts by upgrading. That being said. There's things about the 19's I don't like either. No adjustable seatbelt length? Not necessary but still, really? Less storage around the doors? What looks to be like a smaller storage area in front of the console (due to the bulky wireless phone charger). The overall interior refresh feels lazy and quickly put together. Is it functional? I'm sure. Aesthetically pleasing? Not too much. Is that important to you? Well, it's subjective but everyone has there own reasons for what they decide works and what doesn't. There's pro's and con's but I'm not crazy about the 19's either. As of typing this, I'm not thrilled with the 19 T1s, I'm impressed but still very skeptical of the quality in the 19 Rams, and somewhat confused about the Fords..ugh..can't stand the V6 TT idea. Or that hideous blue logo... Didn't even bother looking at a Titan or Tundra...
  2. 2019 Ram thoughts

    With the exception of the 6.2 being obviously quicker and more powerful than the 5.7 the other two points are completely subjective. As I’ve stated previously, your taste doesn’t equate to mine and I could care less if you don’t “believe” that interior belongs in a truck. The fact is luxury trucks are a huge market for 1500 sales and most demand that level of luxury when they’re in that specific market. If it wasn’t the case their wouldn’t be offerings. Is it based solely on fancy gizmos? No but that’s the point of “luxury”. That’s what I like and that’s what I want, if you don’t then stick to a w/t or mid trim. There’s plenty of those around to suit your needs. There’s truly no incentive to an unbiased customer deciding between SLT and Denali to pick the Denali. To say a Denali isn’t a glorified loaded SLT is bull. There’s three Denali’s sitting right in front of me and I can’t think of a single reason they’re marketed as the higher end and more expensive truck vs the slt I have. Why? Cause the grill and colored bumpers? Or the digital cluster? Please. My truck is just as loaded, has every option, plus a gear ratio I PREFER. Besides the Denali is marketed as the high end luxury truck. You really think a luxury interior that stands out to the others doesn’t belong in there? You’re quite the comedian. Oh and a 5.7 Hemi will not be “dusted” by a 6.2. I should know I have a 6.2 with bolt ons and tunes and that wasn’t the result from my real experience.
  3. 2019 Ram thoughts

    Yeah I saw that back when it got announced but it’s wishful thinking right now. It’s just a concept and even if it became a reality it’s not going to happen for this years model. GM also made a Supercharged 5.3 concept a few years ago but was never heard from again. Why they chose the 5.3 is beyond me. As as far as the warranties, I dug these two up. https://www.chryslerwarrantys.com/lifetime_warranty.cfm Also I’ve seen pictures and other members speaking if there lifetime warranties through ram on the ram rebel and 5th gen ram forums and most seem pleased.
  4. 2019 Ram thoughts

    I am really diggin the Rams honestly. The exterior is simple yet elegant, although not as attractive as the Sierra in my honest opinion. The interior however, blows the Sierra out of the water. It’s what the Denali should have been right from the jump. If I’m being truly honest, the only thing stopping me from jumping ship is the fact that ram doesn’t offer anything larger than the 5.7. I have a 6.2 and really wouldn’t want to trade down, power wise. Although from what I hear the 5.7 with 3.92 gears gives the 6.2 a run for its money. Oh yeah I also hate the knob shifter. I want my column shifter but most are moving away from that unfortunately. Only a matter of time before gmc innovates the shifter into another location. I also especially like the extended/life warranty that ram offers. If you plan on keeping the truck for a long time, which I would, I’d love to have a warranty that lasts the life of the truck just in case there are issues like some claim. Most newer trucks have been reported to be problem free unlike the older ones. The sierras have always been reliable but this 2014 has had a few more hiccups than usual along the way. With a 2019 Sierra its feeling of the content. The 2019 ram feels a bit more exciting.
  5. Corsa or Borla

    Borla sounds great, but Corsa sounds a little better to me. I'm running a Corsa DB & ARH long tubes. It sounds amazing and it doesn't drone much at all when cruising around 65-70, which is another plus you get with a Corsa exhaust sytem. A bit of that I owe to having AFM disabled as well.
  6. 2014 Sierra. Got her back in December ‘13. So far, from what I remember: -Pinion Seal Replacement -Engine Replacement (Threw a rod around 30k) -Heated Seats Stopped Functioning -Plastic Panel behind drivers seat fell off -Passenger side window regulator & assembly failed -Sunroof wind deflectors tore, sunroof fails to open -AC Compressor died -AC Condenser died right after -Paint is chipping, completely falling off rear passenger side. -Various recalls (seat belt, airbags, seat movement, steering wheel power loss, etc..) Got the truck with 7 miles. Has right around 58k. It’s sitting at the dealer now, going on 9 days waiting for the condenser to come in. I love this truck, it’s been through a lot. But it’s been the most problematic ones i’ve ever owned.
  7. A/C Condenser

    Been 8 days since I dropped it off at the dealer. Part still hasn’t showed up. They’re assuring me it’ll show up today, but honestly I’m tired of hearing that. If it doesn’t show up today I’m picking my truck up. This is ridiculous.
  8. Thank you sir. Looks great. As far as your wiring issue, this might help. There’s also a grommet under the drivers side of the truck, goes through the floorboard. Doubt that is enough clearance for a thick power wire though.
  9. You have the center console w/bucket seats correct? You managed to get that box to fit in the console? If so, that's awesome, I've wanted to upgrade the sub for a while but I too am in the same boat and don't want to sacrifice underseat storage. I have a lot of tools that I carry with me. Did it interfere with the noise cancellation system that the 6.2's come with? Assuming your's is a 6.2. Do you have any more pics?
  10. A/C Condenser

    My compressor blew a few days ago right around 57k. Got it fixed and the A/C was blowing ice cold, and was loving every second of it. About 3 days later (yesterday) my condenser failed. Now I'm back at the dealer, without a warranty I might add, getting that fixed too. GM needs to get it together. I really hope the new 2019's don't have these issues. For what it's worth I have a 2014, but I've seen these issues all the way up to the 17's.
  11. This is very true. The trucks will feel a lot quicker due to their new diet. I just wish you could get 3.42's in the Denali. They're the perfect gear ratio for the 6.2, balancing out MPG and power imo. My current 14 has a 3.42 and I love it. Not throwing shade, as I've been GM my whole life, but it rubs me the wrong way when you can build a Ram or Ford with a selection of gear ratios & other options in any trim level. I wish GM let it's customers personalize there trucks a bit more.
  12. https://www.tfltruck.com/2018/04/49203/ I’m really hoping this is for the 2019 Classic models & not the new T1’s. Those numbers are pretty disappointing honestly. However some items, like dual exhaust tips, make it seem like it’s for the new models. Oh well, guess we’ll just have to wait for the official announcement.
  13. Did the order guide state the 2019 6.2L will have 450lb ft of torque? How’s that possible if the current 6.2 has 460lb ft?
  14. You’re not. I could care less how everyone feels about them. I like them and they should offer them since the two major competitors already do.
  15. Congrats on the truck. As far as what you need to know, this is the T1 section. There’s tons of threads with helpful information for the K2’s right here: http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/forum/169-2014-2015-2016-2017-2018-chevrolet-silverado-gmc-sierra-1500/

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