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  1. I'd wait a month or so and see if you like the refreshed trucks. You may kick yourself in the butt if they look nicer.
  2. I paid sticker minus a $2800 rebate for my 21HD last month here in Florida. I did however get 8k more for my trade than I was offered on another deal I backed out of last year.
  3. Could be a lot of things. If I were to guess, it's loosing fuel pressure somewhere. Check for leaks and go from there. Intermittent issues are tough because they coincidentally never arise when the dealer has the vehicle.
  4. I just got 46k trade and with the tax savings it was like me getting 48500 for my 16 LML. I paid 56 for it new.
  5. I just bought the first one that showed up at my dealer haha.
  6. Huston GMC in Lake Wales is who ya need to call now!
  7. I hope this one is as good as my LML was to me. It got delivered yesterday afternoon I've had a Chevy in my driveway since I started driving but couldn't buy an ugly truck haha.The HC is ok lookin but definitely not on the Denali's level!!
  8. The only thing I would use to make this decision is that 10spd. The 8 speed is straight up garbage. My dads 19 has been in twice for it slipping and slamming. They changed the fluid 2k ago and now it's coming back again with only 27k on it...
  9. Seems steep. My buddy just paid 41k for a 16 Denali with 80k miles.
  10. Congrats. I honestly thing the K2's look better anyways
  11. Me pulling a 305 conquest whaler. Its like 13000 or so with the trailer.
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