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  1. It was a lengthy process but I had my insurance company help me. First I had to get a certified vehicle appraisal from someone who specialized in diminished value. After that, my insurance company (USAA) submitted my REQUEST for a diminished value claim to State Farm. These claims are time sensitive and have to be addressed pretty quickly is what I was told. After you sign off on your vehicle repairs, you can't submit this diminish value claim because the claim will be closed on their end. Supplemental claims rarely go anywhere nor get approved after the fact.
  2. If they do fix it, get a diminished value check for the crash depreciation. I got a $3500 check when my wife's 19 Tahoe was rear ended.
  3. I bet he has a bad head gasket now putting too much exhaust pressure in his cooling system. Dealer damaged it or didn't plane the head or something when it was removed. Common in the 6.6 lml duramaxs.
  4. When I put my truck in gear with the PBrake on, it automatically disengages itself when I hit the gas. Mine is a 2500 though. May be worth a shot.
  5. The 5.3 engines have more cases because of the # sold but the 6.2L engines have had issues too. We just bought a 21 SLT Yukon with a 5.3 being aware of the situation.
  6. Our 2021 SLT has wireless AA. I haven't heard of any others coming without it either.
  7. I was told 22's would hit lots by December. Noone around me has anything on the ground, or even in transit that's available .
  8. I'd get the Chevy and just do a HC grill swap. There's no comparison on power not to mention the resale is MUCH better when you sell or trade down the road.
  9. Picked up the Yukon this past Friday. My wife wanted it to match mine :). I traded in a 19 Tahoe & got what I paid for it new almost 3 yrs ago. Ended up getting the Yukon for about $3500 off MSRP.
  10. We're taking delivery of a 21 SLT this evening. It's nice to hear positive feedback once in a while around here! Sorry yours got backed into! My wife's current Tahoe that were trading was rear ended 3 months after we got it too
  11. Man... All these engine failure posts are making me get nervous. My wife and I are going to order a 22 Yukon next week and I sure hope this is resolved already!
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