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  1. Ordered a refreshed 1500 AT4 to get out of my 21 2500 last Friday. Sure hope it's sooner than later but not holding my breath.
  2. Sure it gets better fuel mileage but I've had a Duramax for 7 years now and I wanted to get away from all the emissions related issues and problems that come with a diesel. Trust me, don't buy a diesel for it's reliability nowadays. I'll probably never own another one to be honest. Heck, my truck now only gets like 11.6 mpg. This means I can have the same mileage and rip around and have fun driving something! Lol
  3. I placed an order for a 2022 Sierra 1500 AT4 yesterday afternoon. I made a reservation and the dealer called to let me know it was time to build my truck! I have a 2021 Denali Duramax now and downsizing because theres no need for the HD grocery getter anymore. All I pull now is a small travel trailer and my 2 21 ft Bass & Bay boats. Sad to see it go but on the bright side, I'll lower my payment, insurance, fuel cost, maintenance, ect. I'm kinda looking forward to not driving a school bus around anymore as well. 1 day down, 3 months or so to go is what I was told it would take to get here.
  4. That would absolutely drive me crazy. Hope they get on it sooner rather than later... GL
  5. I have a 2500 Sierra and I take my wifes 21 Yukon whenever I can. I really enjoy driving it and it gets much better fuel mileage too haha.
  6. The button/handle assembly will likely need to be replaced. I had mine repaired a couple months back because my main wouldn't open and the inner did.
  7. Mine chirps/squeaks too when going over small bumps. I tightened up all the brake line brackets, skid plates, running boards, bumper brackets, checked torque on all the steering and suspension bolts/nuts and still have the noise. Its driving me nuts
  8. Congrats! Bought a 2500 8 years ago and dont think I'll ever own another 1/2 ton. Nice looking rig you have there!
  9. Whatever is out every 5 years is whatever i drive for the following 5
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