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  1. I went to the dealer for the exact noise today and it turned out to be a loose crossmember. They tightened everything up and greased something else and the noise is gone.
  2. Lay under your truck with it in park and have someone push it back and forth. That's the exact same noise mine has too. It sounds like it's coming from the front of the trans. I think it may be the stator shaft.
  3. My 6.2 Carbon pro (ordered in December) was built 7/1 & still sitting in Roanoke... Not happy either bud.
  4. I think it's normal and coming from the transmission. My 22 6.2 10 spd & my 21 Yukon 5.3 10 speed both have the same noise. It's rather annoying and almost sounds like an old ac clutch kicking in and out. It's metal tinny sound
  5. My dealer is replacing my AT4 Refresh due to the whole truck needing to be painted from a factory contamination. The original TPW of the new truck was 6/13 but got pushed out a month to 7/18. The order has been at 3000 since May they told me... They're giving me a truck that's 4k more expensive at no additional cost because of how bad the paint is on my original AT4. Onyx black, 6.2, CarbonPro, Tech pkg, premium pkg, preferred pkg is what I'm getting
  6. They have to refinish it so they can resell it is what i was told. It was a cloudy/rainy day when I picked it up so I had no clue it was like this until the next day at home. They are ordering me the exact truck but I have to drive this one in the meantime until that vehicle shows up. They said I'd be no out of pocket unless I wanted to add options.
  7. Definitely not rail dust. It's definitely in the base under the clear.
  8. The whole vehicle is this way. I don't think so because there wasn't any real long delays either. My dealer called me as soon as it hit the lot too.
  9. Went in this morning to have the dealer look at it and the service and sales manager both agreed that it wasn't right. I have an appointment next Monday to bring it back and drop it off to see what the solution is going to be. They already said they'll replace the vehicle but have to get this ball rolling sooooo here we go... weee
  10. The hood and front end has it the worst. The metallic color on the bed is 1/2 of what it is on the front. The whole truck has it other than the plastics though.
  11. Looking at it a little more this morning, my mirror caps, bumpers, and all plastics on the front end don't have any metallic either... What a letdown
  12. The whole truck is like that. More on the hood and front end than anywhere else. There is dust in the picture but I'm only talking about the red and it's definitely under the clear.
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