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  1. Stock wheels on lifted trucks!

    Awesome. I am trying to decide between this size or 275 65 20. Have any other pics?
  2. 3" rear block and shock extenders

    Sold. Extenders were bought from ebay.
  3. Selling 3" rear blocks and u-bolts with shock extenders. 80$ shipped.
  4. 2.5" Motofab Level

    Yup it sure is.
  5. 2.5" Motofab Level

  6. 2.5" Motofab Level

    Ok sounds good just let me know
  7. 2.5" Motofab Level

    I believe it will. The part number is CH-25.
  8. 2.5" Motofab Level

  9. RC 2.5" inch lift and 35 inch tires

    Could you post some pictures of the trimming you had to do on the inner fender liner?
  10. 2.5" Motofab Level

    I have a brand new 2.5" Motofab level for sale. Only selling because I went with Coilovers. $40 Shipped.
  11. Boss Coilovers 0-3" of lift

    I added a set of these of these over the weekend. They are awesome! Set at 2.5" lift in the front and added a block in the back to gain 1".
  12. GMC Sierra Z71

  13. The Mekanik's '16 DC All Terrain build

    Have pics of the CV Angle after the diff drop?
  14. UCA info needed

    I honestly think you will not need it. The guy at cognito said he ran an 11.50 tire and never had any issues with rubbing on their control arms. I plan on running the same set up as you except with the 35x11.5 ridge grapplers. I actually have everything except the control arms and tires. Just bought a house so recouping some funds right now but I hope to get it all together soon. I was told I should be fine with that setup and if anything a .25" spacer may be needed but unlikely.

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