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  1. Same as others there is an update my radio was doing slow boot and sometime I lost all sound for everything including all warnings and turn signals.
  2. One make sure animals did not chew through something. Two My 2018 starter Died on min at about 35K. It had a dead spot so if it ended up there same issue.
  3. My refresh is just about to hit 2500 miles and the forward Collision light is on and the Lane keep is dead. going into the dealer Wednesday. Also found there is a two inch hole in the passenger side wheel well.. It looks like a defect.
  4. Also for with the WDH I'm only getting around a 1 inch drop from the top of the wheel well to the ground.
  5. I'm pulling a 2021 287BHSS towed it with the 2018 and now the 2022 refresh and no issues with just a weight distribution hitch. They are a must with the bigger campers but I simply stat they are a must. Apex Specs Length 32 ft 5 in Ext Width 8 ft Ext Height 10 ft 6 in Hitch Weight 792 lbs Gross Weight 7600 lbs Dry Weight 5946 lbs Cargo Weight 1654 lbs
  6. They need way more range towing over 7000lbs way more range. Plus virtually no charging stations accommodate for trailers being attached. So if you use a truck like a car then buy it.
  7. Well I messed with the Compatibility setting and the truck now sees my IPhone. But I have confirmed Hey Google and advanced Map features will only run off of the truck data plan. It actually bring up a message stating this. So the only thing I've gained is google maps basic operation. The truck will not even pass the speed limit over to the dash from maps.
  8. My 3.0 Durmax is kicking everyone's butt...... At the gas pump lol. Yes it is slower then my 5.3 was though. now my Motorcycle is the fast ride lol
  9. First off the truck is a data hog. I picked it up May 4th and by May 17th the data was gone. The weather was nice so I was riding my motorcycle and I had only actually drove the truck 4 times maybe. I tried to hot spot it to my iPhone the truck will not even see the hot spot. If you use offline maps they expire after 1 day and then vanish. It's looking like it's all setup to force you to buy data. If anyone hot spotted an iPhone to the thing Please let me know what you did to make it work. I even tried to manually enter the hotspot name/password and nothing. Makes me mad I have unlimited data on my phone.
  10. I also suspect this all new digital Dash is probably running on less voltage more like 5 to 7 and probably way more sensitive power spikes and interference which given what type of device one plugs into 12V adapters may have been a concern as well. speculating but with working with computerized electronics for 3 Plus years that's my theory.
  11. They are getting us ready for future electric vehicles. Most likely not going to run 12V anywhere in them. So get everyone onto the 120V AC kick. I just bought an adapter so I can use my 12V air pump.
  12. My Brand New 2022 did the same thing the dealer told me to give it two days and see if it cleared up. It disappeared and no issues. I suspect they disconnected something when they where prepping the truck and set the codes off. Or even ran the battery down low when putting the tint on the windows. Regardless the truck never through a code and the APP cleared and I've had no issues.
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