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  1. Don't get confused between 4Auto and 4 hi and lo. 4Auto uses slip clutches to function so they will never bind up. 4 hi and 4 low can always bind up an click given the right conditions. I only use 4 hi and low if I'm on a surface that can slide the tires if not it's auto.
  2. Try switching the coil pack and see if the misfire moves to that cylinder.. You are at the mileage when thy can start to go. Actually that would have been the first thing I checked for a miss fire.
  3. I would do a quick check and make sure something didn't get messed up when the work was done. Check the O2 Sensors make sure a wire didn't get caught or something. Especially if it went on an doff the lift. Getting the code read might narrow things down as well..
  4. The manufactures simply do not want you adding fluid. It's their opinion they've had to change transmissions under warranty from incorrect fluids or destructive additives. That's it in a nut shell. Of course all manufactures dream is to have everyone 100% dependant on them for service so this is another reason. Thus the total lockout on all the new Control modules coming out.
  5. The entire thing is a joke. They are just shifting one problem from now to a new type of future problem. Plus unless someone comes up with some better idea's in the future they do NOT have enough natural resources for everything to go electric. They will simply not be able to supply enough batteries for millions and millions of vehicles. They already all know this to but they all push ahead. Hydrogen was the smart bet but honestly I think they can make more $$$$ from electric.
  6. From a safety prospective 6 ton jack stands. It's better to over do it. From a practical approach the 6 ton jack stands are bigger and reach up higher so they are better for lifting a 4x4 with the off road package. For oil changes or general things I put the fronts up on on 12,000lbs wide ramps then the 6 ton under the rear axles. The truck is as stable in this configuration as it is sitting on the ground.
  7. There is one bad part to the Range device. When you use then it prevents the AFM from working so the lifters never change their state. So now they my be stiff and not fully functioning. Try changing the oil and going for good long ride and see if it clears up. The issue is when they fail the computers keep working as if it's in V4 mode so it may be dumping fuel into the cylinder but not sending the spark so the fuel now blows past the sensors and triggers a Cell. This may be why it goes back to working normal when the Range is back in. These AFM Lifters eith
  8. What others said check and or replace the ground wires. I may also be time for a battery the computers in all of the newer cars just go crazy if they are not getting blasted with power all of the time.
  9. I'm betting it's a wireless programming interface they use in the factory on the assembly line and someone forgot to pull it.
  10. My 2016 did it from time to time. Unplugging the battery so it reset seemed to be the only thing to keep if from happening. I would do that and it would be fine for months and months.
  11. Check the Fin antenna for the Sat. It may be running down the headliner and pillar.
  12. If you want moderate towing ability and a bit better fuel mileage the 2.7 is fine. But it’s of no use to people who need their trucks to pull.heavy trailers. This is especially crucial with how expensive HD are now.
  13. A boomer who built a 2002 GTP coup out to 450 hp. So i know BOOST. I would not call the 2.7 a gimmick if it towed what the V8 is pulling. Ford did it.. GM dropped the ball...
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