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  1. GM Recalls Canadian Silverados and Sierras For Fire Risk

    I know it is the two prongs on the slider getting wet and shorting is the issue. I saw it and thought it was a stupid design. I guess use Canadian just keep opening the rear slider in rain and snow so we get the recall. lol
  2. Yes the fuel pumps building the pressure back up.
  3. Not sure what this part is for

    Yours looks broken to me though. the side looks like it snapped. Most likely why it fell out. Now I want to know what the heck does it do ha ha..
  4. I'd be looking into better tires is the rear end is to loose. I know the Stock SRA's were horrible on my 2014. Funny thing is have them on my 2018 and they are way better I suspect the made a compound change to them as they wear and have way better traction the the ones I had before.
  5. GM Recalls Canadian Silverados and Sierras For Fire Risk

    Really this is the solution they have? So they basically need more time to figure out a cheap fix. We all know they don't want to replace the windows with safe working ones. "Dealers will remove the fuse to the rear window defrost grid."
  6. GM Recalls Canadian Silverados and Sierras For Fire Risk

    Yes My other trucks never had a rear slider my 2018 does. The very first thing I noticed was the big Brass colored contact is has. One drop of water on that when the windows closes and I can see a fire arise. I make sure to only open it on dry sunny days.
  7. Use a can of CRC GDI the stumble will stop.
  8. They didn’t fight right on the 14 to 18 either.
  9. Max Tow with 22" wheels

    The lower the profile of the tire the higher the possibility of blowing the bead under load. Larger sidewalls IE 16,17,18 have way more flex. That's why you always see smaller sized wheels on the actual trailer. 20's and down still have a decent sidewall flex. I had 22's on my last truck it towed but you could see the pressure the wheels where under. It was enough I wanted to go back to 20's on my new truck.
  10. GM Stepping Up on Brake Issue

    The 2018 have Pump - 12669488 it replaces part numbers12654013, 12659655, 12660004, 12662552. I suspect they fixed whatever was causing the issue with the old pumps so the 2018 are not in the extended warranty.
  11. Disable auto stop

    Out of stock
  12. Well one thing is they have a the old model carried over selling it with the new 2019 I would not be surprised if those carryover trucks are out selling the new body. But they will most likely not let us know just call them all 2019 trucks. I just spent a $100 CND to fill up this morning. Gas here is on track to double in just a couple of months. I know it's going up in the US to so that is cooling people to trucks. Ford just canceled the third shift at the Windsor engine plant which build their F150 V8's. So suspect people are going with the EchoBoost over the V8 as panic sets in. lol
  13. Many people didn't like how hard the K2 seats were. I suspect they put softer foam in the new trucks and it may be giving more and now you feel the internal parts as it compresses. Just a theory
  14. Check the manufacture of your hitch. Allot of the time you can buy just a new shank that has more adjustment IE more adjusting holes and longer. I had to this once when I switched vehicles. Still cost a few dollars but was way cheaper then then replacing the entire unit.
  15. Try 1000 to 900 in Canada a month. The prices will go down once now one is buying them anymore. I traded a good 2016 for a 2018 just to avoid this new truck the auto on off and the price. This boy is out of the marker for a good while this time.

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