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  1. You will need to get the codes read off and see what it complained about. Most likely a miss fire. The V4 will disable if your have cylinders reporting a miss fire. My 2016 did the same thing when I had CEL but it was caused from washing the top end with GDI intake cleaner. The truck didn't go back to V4 until after I cleared the codes. I'm not sure if it will reset after a certain amount of time on it's own.
  2. This was the first time this truck pulled my 33 Ft trailer for our October outting. This is the overflow parking lot at Grog's pub and grill. I backed it in from the almost full main parking lot into the small overflow lot. It looks like I have allot of room but the only way in is to back through the single lane entry way around all of the cars. LOL
  3. Search cam phaser failure Ford or Ram. The governments want fuel efficient engines. This is just how it is. They use high tech solutions this adds parts and increase the potential for issue.
  4. The sound varies as well if the truck is on slops. The click or even a slight clunk. When you getting loud clunks and jerking then it's time to start checking things out.
  5. These radio's are all still fussy. I use both Android Auto and Apple Carplay. There's just moments the radio wants noting to do with the phones. re-booting the phones while connected fixes them some times. I have pulled the battery connector a few times to just reset it all.
  6. Yes one of the motors went or a door broke and is now stuck.
  7. I've seen engines that have blown fire the oil off to everywhere else in the engine. Cooling system and filling up the exhaust. Plus just blowing it out the side of the block. So for them giving me that excuse it wouldn't fly.
  8. I really just wash them off once or twice a year and spray some silicone spray between the leafs and the shackles and have never had a problem on any truck I've owned. I also do the same to my trailers so I'm not the squeaky trailer coming into the RV park.
  9. The tool. I've been using it for years basically on tire rotation you do yourself pays for it.
  10. If your on your original battery I would get that tested before I started swapping out parts. The starter is the single highest power draw on a battery. If the battery is starting to go that could be your issue as well.. Just getting a simple load test done will tell you.
  11. Loaded question. As others it should be around 10mpg but I've seen it drop to 8mpg with bad head winds. So many factors to deal with when towing for sure.
  12. According to the manual the heated seats fuse panel is on the passenger side dash panel fuses 43 and 44. The rear window defrost is under the hood fuse 10. Not sure if that under hood panel is powering anything in that aux panel or not. Would need a wiring diagram to know for sure. Or pull 43 and 44 and see if they have power. Pulling the fuse is no fix I will not even let them pull it. This whole overheating issue will only occur if the contacts for the rear slider get wet. then they overheat the feeding circuit. I'll just use discretion as to how wet the back windows is.
  13. This is life they basically electrostatic paint all cars so they can put the paint on a thin as possible. The paint chips on my truck just from bug hits.
  14. Yes sounds like your camper is sucking all it's power from the truck. Check your camper battery.
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