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  1. Weight Distribution hitch or not?

    Travel Trailers are big Wind Sales do yourself a favor and use the WDH hitch with sway control as well. I have personally seen people not running one loose control and flip the truck and trailer. It's horrifying when it's your friends in the vehicle. Truck out front had one I had one out back. All three were all hit by the same side wind. Ruined the camping trip for everyone. You may only need it that one time but is your truck Family Friends worth it. I say yes.
  2. What did GM change?

    My 14, 16, 18 all sounded the same. The 18 engine noise is more muffed when the shutters are closed.
  3. I have had three and they all life time averaged at or around 18mpg We have mandated ethanol in all but some 91, and 93-94 octane gas has none. I can get higher millage on US gas. I dove the last truck form southern Ontario to central Florida on two tanks. The only difference is the 2018 Is most likely going to average 18.5 or 19 those silly active shutters are actually making a difference. Primarily on the -22 Degree Celsius days as the this tuck doesn't drop to 13 or 14 mpg in the cold like the 2014 and 2016 did so the only difference is the shutters keeping the engine warmer. As there is no way closing them and making the grill into a cup would help the millage. But the scan tool is showing the engine sitting at steady temp in this truck. My non shuttered trucks struggled in the cold to stay consistent.
  4. CRC GDI intake valve cleaner just before the oil change and it all goes away. Been using and all three GDI engine tucks I've had and now have and they all ran smooth. Others will say run a catch can but that still will not clean the valves just keeps them cleaner over time. Folks with catch cans should still clean the valves at least once a year.
  5. I assume you have tow haul on.. It sounds like you are hearing the V4 drone. I hear it with my smaller flatbed trailer on but the travel trailer is heavy so I only ever here it wend going down hill. The engine braking is much louder. Don't get an intake the drone is louder without the factory intake on. I have an intake so it just ignore It. You can get a range device to disable AFM.. don't need it on all of the time you can just put it on to tow.
  6. The 5.3 is GM's millage work horse engine. It tugs around my 6400lb camper and never bats and eye. One of my camping friends went up the a 2018 F250 diesel last year because pulling the same weight with the 2017 F150 with the larger Eco-boost engine over the same distance would turn the exhaust manifolds molten red. Then he would have to let it sit with the hood open to cool it down, All though, I think a ford V8 would have worked he over compensated little ha ha but it's a nice truck. This engine is what it is, a work horse not a race horse. The 5.3 gets up and still goes. They will out run most non-modded or boosted standard 4 and 6 cycle engine vehicles. So you can shake of the pesky slow cars at the lights ha ha... the fast cars are no issue they keep up and stay at speed
  7. I had both now have the shorter bed but it is not making much of a difference. Really no big deal if the tail gate is down. Anything bigger would be go on my trailer anyways. Just if you garage park make sure you check things Long box Crews are also longer. I had double Cabs and the crew cab short box now because they are basically the same frame and length. I coulsn't park the truck you are looking at in my garage it's actually 1 inch from fitting with the bumper touching the back wall lol. So as you can tell i brought one home and checked it out back in 2014 ha ha.
  8. Gee the 2019's 6 recalls are getting a jump on the 2014 16 recalls.
  9. I actually read Fiat has been doing this with the Ram as well. They carry over the old model with huge discounts. GM is basically copying them. It must be working Ram and GM are cutting into Fords F150 sales. However they both need to step back and understand people are swarming in on the lower price trucks.
  10. Clunk from rear of truck

    Like they said even a good wash will clean them enough they will probably stop. my 2014 was the worst for this I would spray Silicone spray into them every wash. The 2016 never had an issue and 2018 have been fine so far even in the massive amount of salt they have been using here.
  11. This is how you protect your sales numbers on 2019 new body style that is not selling as well as they would like. You keep running the old model into the next year. To catch sales from people like me who bought a 2018 because I didn't like the new ones. My dealer in Canada has them to all Double Cabs they also have 2019 Sierra's Limited double cabs.
  12. 1996 Chevy Silverado k1500 problems Help plz

    At that age, Fuel pump, ECU, as these parts wear. Like other said start by checking the fuel pressure. It that's good verify spark The ECU's have capacitors they have a life span of 10 years as they tend to dry out over time. Then go from there.
  13. I have had the Hard quad folding covers on different trucks I like them because of the snow reason you have. They all leaked to some degree. So this time I tried the Hard Rolling cover and it is not leaking and can handle the weight from the snow as well. I had foot and half on the back when i was up north.
  14. Growling in 4wd

    Yes you hear it for sure. At least it reminds me to turn off when I beck to the road lol.
  15. A Look Inside: 2020 Silverado Revealed In Flint

    It my look funny but it's going to be a beast for sure.

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