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  1. According to the manual the heated seats fuse panel is on the passenger side dash panel fuses 43 and 44. The rear window defrost is under the hood fuse 10. Not sure if that under hood panel is powering anything in that aux panel or not. Would need a wiring diagram to know for sure. Or pull 43 and 44 and see if they have power. Pulling the fuse is no fix I will not even let them pull it. This whole overheating issue will only occur if the contacts for the rear slider get wet. then they overheat the feeding circuit. I'll just use discretion as to how wet the back windows is.
  2. This is life they basically electrostatic paint all cars so they can put the paint on a thin as possible. The paint chips on my truck just from bug hits.
  3. Yes sounds like your camper is sucking all it's power from the truck. Check your camper battery.
  4. I'll take the push rod V8 over the Cam Phaser Engines all day long. When I have friends who are mechanics and they will not buy anything with those engines what does that tell you. They pay for their houses fixing them though. Competitors had to go to turbo engines to meet CAFE but GM and others are doing the same and we don't have to compromise the reliability of the engine and still get the fuel millage out of them. If it isn't broke don't fix it.
  5. The leak may only occur under heavy load that's all I'm saying.. When the system is under higher pressure. It's worth a check.
  6. Check the Turbo plumbing for an air leak. Do you feel like it has lost power and is revving higher to do the same job. I assume there are no abnormal weather conditions involved it's amazing how bad your millage can drop just from added wind drag.
  7. As long as you follow the manual you should be fine. I picked up my one truck a week before a big camping trip it was funny I kept driving home the long way so my normal 45 minute drive was taking 2 1/2 hours lol.. Just to get enough on it ha ha.
  8. My 2014 did that and so did my 2016 .. I found it would happen every time shut the truck off then start it right back up. I had them update it over and over every time a new version was released it never fixed it. My 2018 is staying on the last screen and only changes when I change it.
  9. My 1991 Standard Cab fully loaded Silverado new $18,850 taxes included. The new one TOO MUCH!!!!!!!
  10. Three times back to the dealer sorry I would be barking at them to replace the whole transmission by now. Funny how dealers are my dealer would have probably went after GM to replace is on tear down # 2.
  11. I'd prefer them dumb the trucks down as they are not luxury cars and lower the prices. The prices are getting to high and 70K is hard to swallow. 80K or 90 K. Nope this boys out or will just buy used.
  12. I know it increases the transmission line pressure and changes the shift points. The grade braking is enabled. I would use it towing that weight however running on flat level roads you can get away with not using it.
  13. Of course you paint the calipers when you service the brakes.
  14. Yes mines not going in anytime soon if they pull the fuse I will put it back... They need to come up with a real fix. Here is the thread on it ..
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