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  1. The 2002 never had good millage even new. Still back in the 4 speed era. But they had better millage then mu 1991 ha ha. They burned so much fuel GM put 35 Gallon fuel tanks in them.
  2. Gm has been locating the fuel tanks away from the drivers area now for years..
  3. All I know if you remove the speed limiter then around 115MPH the driveshafts blow apart.
  4. I had this happen on my 2014 Sierra it was a defective upper control arm. It would squeak every time you rocked the front end.
  5. The make lift assist running boards. Way better then changing the truck over.
  6. This is to funny thread after tread on how crappy the 14/15 lights where and now it at the other end of the scale lol. Better to be to bright the like the crappy ones on the 14/15 there literally was times I couldn't see ha ha.
  7. I just replaced a year old battery in the wife's escape no issues when testing the battery but the Escape kept going into low power mode and sure enough a new battery and it all went away. I would make them change the battery just to make sure it's not the issue.
  8. I was going to put it all on my 2018 then saw the new wireless pump so put it all on hold ha ha.. All though I may do what Ezekiel2517 has done and just wait out the pump.
  9. GM's normal is to grab any fire vehicle and replace it so they don't have to report the fire. I'm actually surprised they haven't done this already.
  10. You better get out on the nose and look over when you are at speed..lol. I fairly sure they only close at speed.
  11. Yes they messed it up for sure.. Now they are trying to hide that fact thus no contact with you..
  12. These engines hate winter gas additives. My truck drops from 18 MPG combined to 14 just with the gas change. The 2019 and ups gained zero if not lost millage. They simply are bigger and higher up in the air. So the changes to the engines from 18 to 19 only made up for the body change and basically maintained the current millage. All though the people I know are getting slightly worse. I will say if your truck is new these engines actually get a little better mileage when they brake in like 8000 miles
  13. It really doesn't take to much to bind up the 4x4 in hi or low. It was just most likely the locked front wheels putting to much pressure on the backs. You probably physically pushed one of the rear tires around because it was locked.
  14. 20's would have never done this. Destroyed two that cost 3K to replace on my 16 Sierra I'm getting new summer rims for my 2018 Silverodo but staying with the stock rim size. The 20's ride better and I don't have to worry about the curbs. Like other stated way more tire choices. You can buy top of the line tires for the 20's for less then anything that fits the 22 inch rims.
  15. Check the engine and battery Grounds.
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