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  1. My Brand New 2022 did the same thing the dealer told me to give it two days and see if it cleared up. It disappeared and no issues. I suspect they disconnected something when they where prepping the truck and set the codes off. Or even ran the battery down low when putting the tint on the windows. Regardless the truck never through a code and the APP cleared and I've had no issues.
  2. Sounds more like it stalled. Did you buy some suspect gas from somewhere in your travels. I know with fuel prices people are hunting more for cheaper gas but not all stations are the same. IE bad gas or water. I bought budget gas once and my new truck at the time in 07 became a stall machine.. I treated the gas and drove it all out in a day and put better stuff in.
  3. It's the same part as the 1500 have they are on constraint. Probably a China part. My new 2022 1500 had them removed as well the best I can do is just to order them and wait. I think I'm just going to take this time and bed line the well wells for some rust protection and make them easier to clean. You can get the after market plastic ones still.
  4. The only pics so far will take more tonight after it's first wash...
  5. I would just install them then Relay them to come on with the low beams. About the simplest path.
  6. 4x4 Hi and Low work best in Drive going forward in straight line. . They will usually always in reverse especially if you are trying to maneuver. If want to use it get the boat set so you are at a straight run in or out. Then switch off before you drive away. AWD drive if you have it is a better choice for pulling the boat in and out as that used a clutch system and will not bind up. Also on dry paved or concrete surfaces I recommend never using the 4 high or low. You could actual break something.
  7. I have the final numbers negotiated over the Phone going in to sign papers tonight. I should get it some time next week.
  8. I ordered Feb 14 it just arrived at the dealer last weekend. No I'm waiting again because the dealership is backed up with orders arriving in large numbers IE all of the GM models.
  9. Do you have a sunroof? If so the drains can get plugged and leak inside. Check the Blower motor for the Heater that is another source of Leaks in GM's The outside seal leaks then it fills up with water.
  10. So I'm back to waiting again because my dealership has had so many orders come in at the same time they are overwhelmed and are falling behind on time to do the actual deals and deliveries. So literally have to wait for them to get to me. Crazy.
  11. It's at the dealer. Just need a day or two for them to get it into their inventory then going in to do the deal.
  12. My order showed up at the dealer. Just have to work out the deal still.
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