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  1. Chevy Walks the Walk On Silverado Advertising Plan

    They went from a utility vehicle to luxury basically. I found the paperwork in my first truck It cost $22,238 out the door. Fully loaded 2WD Reg Cab
  2. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Seriously you post this without a sound clip lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Boundary Layer Flow. Read up on it!!!!!
  4. I figured so these Radios are really hard to update. I saw the Tech doing one and it was just stupid. Turn this on, turn that off, change this setting. Miss one step and it's messed up.
  5. Chevy Walks the Walk On Silverado Advertising Plan

    The 2019 millage is no improvement. They don't have an interior any better then the current trucks, START STOP SUCKS !!!!!! that was a big one for me. The prices have increased at least they did in Canada. It is a fist year truck vs the 2018 being in the last year. So I basically bought a 2018 so I can ride out the new platform and see if they make it better. The 2018 trucks are miles better then the 2014 when they released. With any luck Start Stop will go back to being an option.
  6. Do they do nothing or is it turning over? I know when it does noting you may have a security module going bad.
  7. I had to get my 2016 updated twice to get the Android Auto to work. If they do the update procedure wrong it will not function correctly. Take it back and tell them update didn't work.. Have the tech that does the update verify Android Auto works after.
  8. That's not a huge deal. You may have the dealer just check the purge on they system in case you have a little air in it. I've seen my trucks up there on hot days and slow traffic.
  9. Chevy Walks the Walk On Silverado Advertising Plan

    It didn't work I still bought a 2018 over the 2019.
  10. Go into you settings -> apps -> and scroll till you find the app MyChevrolet or myGMC Make sure notification are allowed and location services are on and enabled. This app acts up if the location service is on. Data Usage allow Background data usage. Storage you can clear Cache. If you clear the Data you will have to login and set things up they way you want again. App version I have is 3.16.1 (2677) Now to be forceful about it. You can also do a force stop and uninstall from here I would cycle the Phone before a reinstall as you are having issues with this app. Also note that you can go into Setting -> Notifications -> MyChevrolet Even if it's enabled click on it and ensure it's enabled On , App Icon Badges on, MyChevrolet has a sound set Hope this helps it sound more like setting issue or a bad or corrupt install.
  11. Include what Phone you are using. I myself have the app in an Iphone8 plus, and on and Samsung s9 plus. Both Phones to the latest OS. I have never had any issues like you speak of with the App. It even works off of my iPad. So details on your Phone may help use help you.
  12. FYI 3 recalls on my truck

    I've seen people complain about the DIC going black so I assume one is to address that. I've also seen people getting service park assist for no reason so that is probably to deal with that issue. First model year my 2014 had a bunch of recall work done not to mention 5 updates to the radio.
  13. Thieving Ba$$tards!

    These only slow them down a bit they just cut the steering wheel and remove them.
  14. Is your truck leveled? My 2016 was leveled and the control arms could hit the spindles. I’ve had grinding and thumping. My 2014 never had an issues. So I just bought a 2018 and I’m m not leveling this truck.
  15. parasitic battery drain

    My 2014 did this once it wouldn’t turn the radio off. Try disconnecting the battery and let it sit and then see if the radio starts to turn off properly. That’s my only suggestion. There was allot of radio updates for this year.

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