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  1. Instead of replacing the starters maybe they should figure what's shorting them out. What happens when you hit water and splash it up under there... I've had my truck in water right to the base of the floor... because I get out and make sure I will not sink my truck ha ha..
  2. They simply do not have enough range pulling heavy loads. They may say 400 miles but pulling will be way less. Get my trailer half way up north for a camping trip stop and take however long it will be to re-charge, really a 8 hour trip now takes all day and I get there in the Dark. GM has a hydrogen pickup right now that's not available to the public. It's so silly everyone humping electric. Especially when I live in the Province in Canada with the highest hydro rates in the entire world.
  3. My 2016/2018 5.3 6 speed 3:42 pull this beast wit zero issues. You will have no issues. I've also pulled few cars on my friends trailer no issues. So the newer tucks should be as good if not a bit better.
  4. I only run my DruaTrac's in the fall and winter. I run standard tires the rest of the time. They are only going to get louder but they are great when I have the truck up north in the fall what we drive on at the end of our hunting trip are only called roads ha ha.
  5. You guys may need to tell phones to forget the device and remove the device from the radio. Then re-add/connect..
  6. The rear springs can make some noise. Give them a good wash and shoot some silicone spray on them and see if it goes away. My not be the fix but will let you know. My 2014 would squeak every time they got muddy.
  7. It sounds more like you have fuel pressure issue.
  8. You have no idea what the previous owner did to it that's the issue when buying used. They could have ran 87 gas in it the whole time. They may have slacked on the service so it's causing things to wear out. OR it may just be a faulty injector. So hopefully no issues. I run CRC GDI intake valve cleaner through my trucks just before I do and oil change. I've had a 2014,2016 and now a 2018 and I never have a rough idle in any of them. If the idle starts to feel rough it's also ready for an oil change.
  9. The GM lift kit includes lots of parts to lift these trucks correctly plus re calibrations to the steering and camera's. It's not a simple block style lift. From what I've heard there is zero clearance issues, no popping or knuckle rubbing. If it was my truck I would do the dealer over the others. I just had a dealer installed leveling kit on my 2016 and hated it. All of the above issues plus they truck was all over the place in a panic stop.
  10. Of course this recall has been in Canada for awhile now and I've seen two people report the rear window exploded even after the fix was done.
  11. Report it to the dealer and see of they have an update available to fix this. They had this same issue on the 2014 1500's It took a flash to correct it.
  12. They keep trying but I've managed to stop duck and avoid them so far this year ... But seriously it could have been allot worse. The two pickups I've seen hit deer's this year lost the whole nose.
  13. The entire GM product line has been known to have premature water pump failures. So check the things above first but it could still be a pump. Allot of pumps usually have a weep hole though start to leak when they fail. So this may be your leak like I said they weep so not allot comes out but the pump is compromised. The simple thing is to test the cool-lent. Modern engines actually rely on it to run cooler.
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