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  1. I don’t drive my truck often. 2-3 days a week max. This is over a few months. I’m floored at how much oil I pulled from the can. I mean holy hell
  2. Yeah I have a port below my TB which is back to the center line and the other port is where I’m pointing. I’m hoping that the can wasn’t tight and that threw the code
  3. No on my 5'3 the throttle body barb is underneath the throttle body this vide is identical to what I had before I swtiched, you will see he installed the center of the can line to the TB amd the non center to the side of the motor
  4. on my 5'3 the throttle body bard is below. this video right here is my exact truck and he installs the center line of his can to the throttle body and the non-center to the side of the motor . which was how I originally did it and now its opposite
  5. Copy that so on my 5.3. The center line now goes to the side of the motor and the non center line goes to my throttle body. I appreciate the swift reply
  6. 5:20 of this video says center line goes to throttle bottle and the one next to it goes to side of motor. My center line is going to throttle body
  7. No check valve, just 2 connections, the center of the can is hooked to the PCV barb by the throttle body, the plug next to it is hooked to the barb on the side of the motor driver side rear checked can. It appears the bottom of the Can was barely screwed on I should have checked it. Would that have caused a leak? I don’t think I hear any hissing now. Just the belt noise
  8. Just installed my E2 catch can on my 2017 silverado, within 10 min I have a CEL service emmissions system alert from On star didnt have this happen on my 2014 any ideas?
  9. 7100 on mine, just noticed it have an appt today, turned hard over left hand loud clunk
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