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  1. Probably running rich I the passenger side, dumping fuel on the cat and heating it up
  2. You'll need a better code reader to determine which cylinders are misfiring. If one or two, then injectors may be stuck open. If an whole side, then chase common items like wiring.
  3. May also be clogged exhaust , collapsed converter internals or muffler.
  4. You'll need an interface unit to connect to a bose system and retain all of your accessories. Look at crutchfield. You can verify head unit by bypassing the wiring and connect direct to a speaker.
  5. There is a data interface that provides ability to retain nav, steering wheel control, retained accessory, etc. One is the harnesses provides this interface that is party of the factory radio. You'll need an aftermarket box to provide these accessories. If you have bose system, you'll need and accessory box to change the power output to match the bose amplifier. Aftermarket boxes / wire harnesses can be at metraonline and others. Take a look at crutchfield to see what you might need. (EDITED , added bose )
  6. Did you buy the truck new and it just freaked out. Or used and it's been that way since purchase?
  7. I always double check. have replaced ~75 over the years and found 2-3 that were ofd.
  8. Go to 10-30. Might lose .5 mpg, but thicker When letting it sit for a long time, pull injector or ignition fuses and crankv a few times to pull it up. Put fuses back and start.
  9. Ditto on wobble Probably one of the best $4 addition to my sucker set up..
  10. On warm start, try key on for 5 seconds, then start. If better , fuel pump. Confirm with fuel pressure test If no change, then try cleaning throttle body and butterfly. Fuel is fine, air flow is restricted.
  11. Yes, get a set of a.c. Guages (not the cheap low side can adapter). Connect with system off. Hi and Lowell should match in the 50-100 range (depends on air temp). System on, lo 30-40 and hi 200-300.
  12. Rule out fuel - next time, turn key on for a few seconds and then start. If starts up immediately, then likely a fuel problem.
  13. You can run with the old computer, but will run lean. Should get a reprogram to match. Make sure you are swapping same gen / year range so items like crank sensors are reporting correctly.
  14. Probably lost the spring in the 3-2 downshift valve. Also, the pcm controls shifts based on speed, rpm, tps. If the throttle is sticking or tps erratic, the shifts could be delayed. Try cleaning the throttle. Use a meter to monitor tps angle while moving the throttle. Make sure it changes smoothly.
  15. Hmmm, something in the starting circuits is draining the battery? Probably need to solve the battery drain problem first. You'll need a meter that can read dc amp. Put the meter in between the positive battery cable and battery, with key out. Take a reading and report. Pull relays and fuses until the reading drops. Then chase the circuit related to the offending fuse or relay.
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