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  1. Check fuses, check 12v presence on harness. Short may have taken out the control module or the Bruinrs wire.
  2. Put car in neutral or park. Use a piece of large guage short wire and jump the starter solenoid from the primary wire. If it cranks, then back trace starter circuit (relay, nss, security, etc). If it doesn't crank, verify 12v in primary at starter and if present, replace starter.
  3. Short somewhere. If OEM, On the wheel to Column interface or the harness. If aftermarket, check the interface module installation.
  4. Vehicle should run fine. You might lose navigation, cell phone interface depending on the model
  5. Did you replace the tank cap? Tank should be half full at cold. What are the temps at idle and driving? Did you run the coolant pressure test with motor running? Did you use the blue fluid test for hydrocarbons? You must follow the directions perfectly as the hydrocarbons burn ofj quickly. Check that the hoses to the surge tank are clear and not clogged.
  6. Use a meter to measure the resistance on the monitor circuit on the airbag or self. Obtain a resistor that matches the impedance, install the resistor into the harness side of the circuit. You'll need a FSM to determine circuit and harness layout
  7. Make sure you have the aftermarket interface modules installed for the bose and steering wheel systems. You can check Crutchfield for requirements. Once confirmed, check wiring connections. Finally, if all correct, you steering wheel components may need cleaning.
  8. Fuel, air, spark 1) confirm fuel pressure 2) confirm air sensors via scanner 3) check fuses etc. Did you check each plug wire? The ignition module in the steering column could be failing. The start circuit and run circuit are separated inside the module.
  9. $180/HR - I know what I want to be when I grow up Problems at startup that go away when warm start , sounds like wiring problem (short/ground) that goes away when moisture is burned/shaken off. Transmission shifting. When you say manually shifted, do you mean you are moving up thru the gear shift lever , 1,2,3,D or other. What are rpms when shifts hit? The ecu uses inputs from vss, tps, current gear and possibly abs to instruct tranny to shift and when. A good tranny shop should be able to tap the harness to confirm a) gears shift on command b) proper signals from the ecu.
  10. Hhmm, interesting problem, going backward. Do you have a FSM? In theory, you would be dumping the signals for the interior and exterior temp sensors so the wire harness plug at the CU might be different - FSM check. Do an parts lookup and check if the part #'s are the same, items to check: - blower - blower module - compressor - a.c. Programmer (not sure if there is one) - mode/blend motors
  11. The led bulb has to matched with the proper dimmer switch. Truck dimmer is typically analog which reduces current/voltage to the bulb. Since the led is a computer, the computer requires some minimal power to operate correctLy. Without, the light output color can change. Most basic led bulbs require PWM (pulse width modulation) for proper dimming without color degradation. The leds in radios and IP are installed on computer boards that have circuits that convert the analog signal to a pwm. (This is how many of the new house bulbs can now claim that they are dimmable, an additional circuitry was added inside the bulb to do this conversion)
  12. Diagnostic procedures: Split the circuit and test each separately (Boolean algorithm) 1) provide independent power to the seat to confirm operation 2) probe the harness to see if power exists at the proper points (My guess , ground is bad)
  13. Drive by wire, transfer your throttle to the replacement. Send the ecu out for programming for something like an 04 which was wire and pre AFM and VVT
  14. Was it a bose system originally? Does it have steering wheel music control? Who did the upgrade, pro or self/prior owner? Have you chased all the wires and the grounds points?
  15. Yes. I have done it before. And in fact, have changed most of them to clamps. These get brittle with age and constant hot water. By converting to clamps, and keeping a knife and screw driver in the truck, I can do emergency repairs to the cooling system by looping the hose when the hoses give way (Have had to do emergency on 01 Burb and 04 Sierra
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