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  1. Lots of possibilities. If you have the repair history, check to see if they did any work on that she is the truck. - door hinge per prior post - door weather stripping - weather seal inside the door - grommets on the firewall - windshield air intake has a drain that could be plugged - windshield leak
  2. When the boys were learning, ran Michelin LTX's. Absolutely great in rain, ice and snow. Many a story of them pulling cars out of ditches. Once the boys moved on, switched to Cooper's htp for 60-70% of the cost. Only issue is with light rain on oil slicked roads. ABS has kIcked in a few times. Works great in light rain, snow.
  3. Had the same problem with my 04. Chased wires, relays, battery, ignition module etc. Eventually replaced the starter. Next time it acts up, Turn ignition to run, in park. Use a large gauge piece of wire and jump the starter from using the wire to connect the battery cable to solonoid wire. If it sheets and runs, then work backwards. If not, new starter.
  4. Have dropped in many a rebuild myself. Check your wiring and ground points. Air,fuel,spark. Check spark with a timing light. Check fuel pressure on key on. On initial start, you should disconnect the spark igniter harnesses so the engine cranks at very low speed in order to allow oil to flow though out. You can verify some flow by checking oil filter to see if it is full. Ps. Remove your phone number. Ask people to pm you and you can exchange phone numbers.
  5. Shift lever moves the parking pawl. The valves are controlled electronically with a default setting of 3rd gear. Neutral Safety Switch (NSS) confirms that car is in park or neutral before allowing a start. Some NSS will provide feedback to console on which gear was selected and will tell the computer. Computer controls the resulting gear based on input from nss, speed, rpm, tps. Car off. Climb underneath and see if the lever, driver side of tranny, moves. If so, cable is broken. You can remove the connecting nut, the lever, and see if the cable pulls out (it shouldn't).
  6. What year model.? If level is high at idle and you have not added oil, then the pump has failed or the electronic signals are not reaching the transmission. If the pump is working, the tranny should default into 3rd if it does not receive electronic signals The shift lender mechanically controls the parking pawl.
  7. Does it start?, then nss is giving the go ahead signal. Does it have fluid? Did the fluid level change when idling? If not, then tran pump may have failed.
  8. Check your warranty, some builders will spec which fluid to use to honor a warranty. (Mine had spec'd VI in the past)
  9. Some of the sensors require run time, while others require start/stop cycles. Yes, use a scanner to see if ready.
  10. Sounds like/possible: - broken shift cable. You can see the cable where it connects to the transmission on the driver side. Shift into 1 and confirm that the cable pulls the lever on the transmision backward - NSS may have failed or wiring to it.
  11. The cheap refill systems are known to be error prone, use a full manifold to check both high and low. Any codes? Does the blower fan work with AC turned off? Do the controls properly change direction and temp? Does the pipe in the engine area (passenger side, near firewall/fender) feel cold just part the orifice and before out enters the firewall? What are high and low pressures?
  12. At ambient temp? Do you mean when car is off, pressure stabilized, the low side is higher than the high side? Or, under normal operation? If so, then compressor is probably on the way out (eg, add more than spec amount of Freon to compensate for weak compressor)
  13. Check your primary cables at battery and starter.
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