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  1. Chasing P0101

    MAF sensor. Try some MAF cleaner.
  2. 04 Sierra ext cab with bose system. Has no amplifier
  3. Random oil pressure fluctuation

    Of running a thickening agent, then the pickup vacuum is unable to feed enough oil to raise pressure. Once the oil ages, pcks up moisture and thins out, the oil pressure will rise and the idle oil pressure problems come about. The AFM needs 22+lbs to operate correctly
  4. Idle, fuel problems can cause misfires. Fix the known fuel pressure problems. Then check if the misfire returns.
  5. When diagnosing, should use a full set of guages to evaluate hi and lo pressures when monitoring the clutch. That'll provide info as to whether hi lo pressure sensors are sitting the system down or not. On the shim clutch discussion, new systems are often assembled with 1-2 shims to push the clutch as com the pulley. As the clutch wears down, shims need to be removed. If you are removing them, get ready to put in a new clutch, bearing and shims.
  6. A/C Problem HELP!!

    Check your ground points. Loose ground could leading to arcing and power spikes shorting out the module.
  7. 2005 Silverado 4x4 1500 Tires?

    I run Cooper Discoverer HTP on my Sierra and 4x4 Suburban
  8. A/C Problem HELP!!

    Throwing parts at it without diagnosis? Shame on you. - did the fan motor/blows work fine without ac or with great heat on? Did it work when you pulled out from the housing? Did you check housing, air intake, evap coils when the motor was pulled? - did you bypass the control module and bring the compressor on yourself (supply 12 v to the compressor via the relay). Did you check the ac high and low pressures?
  9. Pulley and bearing are always spinning. Clutch gets pulled against the pulley when engaged.
  10. Still misfiring

    Had same symptoms on 01 burb. When idle becomes too low or erratic this can cause misfires. Tried a lot of things, but eventually found it was the isc.
  11. Mfg set tuning curves per usage, buyer, intent. So, staying at the peak of the curve (ie 87-89) allows for max mpg. But when you get away from the peak, things can get iffy and requires manual adjustments or parts upgrade. On my Cadillacs, we ran a number of long term tests at various octanes with and without simple adjustments (ie timing). But in the end, the best $/mile was the spec of mfg. (Ie spec at 91, but 89 or 87 would have a mpg drop that cost more than the savings on price per gallon.
  12. transmission controls

    01 blurb in dfw. We leave it in 2wd. We tried auto but figured out a top end set of rain capable tires was better for the light rain. 4wd for ice and snow (boys have made a good amount of money pulling people back onto the road) and for camping/hunting trips.
  13. They probably disconnected/reconnected a lot of pigtails to do the evap replacement. Take the glove Box out and reseat all the pigtails. Also, check your grounds. Window motor and ac blower/controls may share a ground.
  14. 2004 Sierra 4.8 SLE Been having a am radio problem that is slowly getting worse. Decided to focus on symptoms a couple of weeks ago to rule out causes ( I have background in electronics and mechanical work and have installed a few radios over the years so figured it was time to solve this) OEM stock radio with BOSE option Symptoms -FM fine -AM short distance only - engine noise is coming thru on AM only (low static) - operating passenger window sends aoad whine through the System rhyme the driver window buzz is faint. - have installed a couple of accessory USB ports. No change when they are uninstalled (they are wired to the rear cigarette lighter) Figure there is a common ground between the window and radio. May have to put a power filter in. Anyone else run into this?
  15. 2005 GMC Sierra 1500


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