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  1. Apparently, GM has some sort of 'catch can' tech built into this engine, something they have a patent on. It would address the build up potential. I wish I had a link to provide but the info is definitely out there somewhere in the mass of media coverage.
  2. This. GM has awful stock photos. The trucks often look like they're squatting. Seeing many real life photos now and the truck gives me a much better impression than the initial GM photo did. I like the GMC more but in most cases I have liked the GMC more throughout the years anyway.
  3. I prefer a column shift and always will. I can deal with a console shift but I'm not big on the dial. I don't think a dial shift alone would prevent me from buying a Dodge but it's not something I'd consider a plus.
  4. The more I see it the more I like it. I feel the still shots they take don't flatter it but the live shots or driving shots it looks much better. I'll probably stick with a GMC, though.
  5. All Chevy/GMC 1500, 2500 and 3500's are column shift. The Canyon/Colorado have console shifters, though. EDIT: Should also add all Tahoe/Yukon/Escalade are column shift, too.
  6. 6.6 gas

    GM didn't need to reinvent the wheel with this engine. Ford made the 7.3 because they had to. If you're suggesting that the industry won't be chomping on the bit to get the stroked 6.6 into their builds I think you're completely wrong. Having said that, I like idea of the 7.3. I'll wait for some real empirical data from these trucks, though. Will a clean slate 7.3 perform/outperform enough against GM's minimal investment to make it worth it? What about fuel economy? Using more fuel for negligable real life performance is not going to get me into a big block. Within a couple years I'll be repacing mine and it's likely Ford or GM, not big the AFM 6.4 though the 8-speed is exactly what it needs. I'm glad us HD gas buyers have new options to stir it up a bit.
  7. 6.6 gas

    Great chart, thanks. They really beefed up the 2500's.
  8. Allison 10-speed

    The Mr. Truck video has more info. He didn't directly ask about AFM but this rundown on the new 6.6 is the most thorough one I've seen so far and there's been absolutely no mention of AFM including on their own official website. I was multitasking and didn't grab all the details but their built in "catch can" is interesting as is info that the 20%+ TQ increase is across the whole power band. E85 is not available on the 2020 were the reps words which leads me to believe it will offered gradually. I time stamped the video for the 6.6 segment but first part of the video is about the 10-speed which was also interesting.
  9. I had a 2015 and while it would run on regular octane it was immediately noticable in drivability and noticable later at the pump with reduced economy. If you're going to run a 6.2 on regular you might as well save the money and get the 5.3.
  10. There never was a 6.2 option. A few members saw a blurry picture of a fender badge yesterday and turned the 6.6 into a 6.2. One guy even called the 6.6 fake news even though news of the 6.6 option dropped a couple months ago. Thankfully, GM made it official today. Now they can go back to making fun of its appearance lol
  11. I think somebody here described how the 6.0 can easily turn into a durable 6.6 a few weeks back, too. GM is saving piles of money not reinventing the wheel and is probably an excellent strategy. Not using the 10-speed is a mystery although rushing a new piece of equipment like that into a bunch of new models can end up being a corporate nightmare as well. Looking forward to see how these Big 3 HD gassers compare.
  12. 6.6 gas

    There's only so much you can do with gears until you go with CVT. I also don't think it's complicated to push the up and down buttons on the colum shifter but you feel sliding a switch on the column shifter would make it less complex? I guess to each their own but I find my current truck simple to use.
  13. I like the GMC too but I don't hate the Chevy. The red LTZ looks great.
  14. 6.6 gas

    You should edit this again lol The 6.0 was almost 2 minutes quicker than Ram 6.4. They run them with no driver input to keep the test as consistent as possible but the reality is anybody doing that will shift to the gear that makes sense and hold it a reasonable RPM.

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