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  1. GM's stock photos in general leave a lot to be desired. I agree the real time shots of the truck are much better than what GM provides the media.
  2. 6.6 gas

    I'd guess that the 10-speed is max 2 years away or possibly 2021. Either case, 3.73 should be more than fine. The dyno curve on this engine really puts the L96 in it's place. I'll drive one before I pass judgment but on paper it obliterates the outgoing engine.
  3. I wouldn't accept it. Make them build you a different one.
  4. A little I6 info “Video”

    They're using the current but modified 6-speed for the 2020 6.6 gas but I think it's safe to assume it'll go 10-speed for 2021. The 10-speed makes gas engines much more attractive.
  5. I'd be hesitant to abuse the Denali shocks. I'd also go with a max tow truck instead of the Denali.
  6. I live in the Devon area, very familiar with where you're talking about. Spent many hours in those yards when I was young and poor haha I'm no engine builder but I definitely unberstand the reasons why this thing will be fun to play with. A 2021 L8T will likely be my next unit. My trucks stay stock due to use and abuse but it doesn't stop me from living vicariously through everyone elses builds
  7. This is getting to be a common theme. The performance shops are chomping on the bit to get their hands on these. The new 6.6 is one of the things GM has got right lately, at least on paper.
  8. No argument there and I believe the 2021 upgrade will be more in reply to what's gone on with the 2019. They need to do something, you're right about that. Their competition is leaving them behind. If I had to buy a 1500 today it likely wouldn't be a GM for various reasons ie. small fuel tank is a huge issue for me.
  9. If you go back over a year when the T1's were introduced they eluded to the 6.2 TB at some point in interviews becaue everybody was asking. It's not a hail Mary but it still doesn't explain why they insisted in one of the lamest roll outs in recent memory.
  10. I agree with the 5.7. It respectable and available across their line. I'd be fine with it, too.
  11. GM Authority has an article. I think Andre missed some of the info as he was writing it down. It would be bizarre even for GM to offer the 6.2 in the Custom TB and not the LT TB. http://gmauthority.com/blog/2019/05/2020-chevrolet-silverado-gets-expanded-6-2l-v8-and-10-speed-transmission-availability/
  12. I remember growing up in the 80's and being blown away by a Mustang GT auto doing 0-60 in the low 7 second range. Every brand of crewcab 4x4 can be optioned to be in this range or faster now. We've been spoiled with the ridiculous power of modern pickups. At some point this will all collapse but it's sure fun in the mean time.
  13. The 2020 GMC's will have the 10-speed behind the 5.3 on SLE's and up according to GM Authority. Just food for thought if you don't want the premium fuel requirement with the 6.2. There's no word if this is going to be the case with the 2020 Silverado 5.3 yet.
  14. I drove Tundra's from 2007-2010 with the company I worked with during that time. They were very reliable and stout but they were expensive to service. I didn't enjoy driving them although the 5.7/6-speed was top notch at the time, well, still is good but the power race is leaving it behind. Efficiency, a bit better than my 2016 2500 6.0. In Canada they've started discounting them and I'd call it the best bang for the buck by a long shot. If you can live with a prehistoric truck with a respectable and proven drive line, go for it. I personally wouldn't because I hate driving the Tundra but I certainly can't call it a bad truck. It's probably the most truck-like truck on the market and it will stay reliable with pretty much any type of lift and tire combo.
  15. In Alberta, Canada you're required to remove your mount. I'm not sure if this is law in every Canadian province but it's a good law even though it's probably seldom enforced especially in the redneck regions. Still, I'll go with the regular tailgate when the time comes.

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