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  1. If they're able to add 1mpg to this truck with such noticeable size, power and capability increases they've done a phenomenal job in my book. The stats on the new 2500 make my 2016 look like a toy.
  2. The Longhorn interior is very nice and very impressive to sit in but it won't wear well. Ram if you turn your truck over frequently but GM if you're looking to keep it for the long term. GM has bland interior but it is very functional.
  3. Don't waste your time changing clean oil. Change oil when the monitor tells you. You can use the savings for fancy emblem trims lol
  4. The one option I really like is a power seat so it always limits me to mid-line and up. If I could get a 2020 Custom 6.6 gas with a power seat I'd have it today.
  5. I don't lift my truck or care about the lift lifestyle but I have several local dealers shoveling new ones out door with 35's and 6" to 9" lifts. They must be doing something to satisfy the speedo.
  6. There is definitely a trend of elite trying to rid the world of fuel. It's hard to take them seriously when you look at their lifestyles and carbon footprints. Didn't one of them make a comment about how plane fares should be increased to reduce flying, as in only the wealthy would be able to afford flight? They've been building electric vehicles for decades at this point and they've not caught on. They aren't realistic for the masses or cross country travel and flight. I think what is realistic are better hybrids including pickups. What will the cost and footprint be for every house to have a charge port or for charging stations equivalent to gas stations? Until you can charge a car/pickup battery in less than 5 minutes on the road and get 400miles of range these will remain a niche for those who do short trips in cities or for those who want them as second vehicles. Hybrids make much more sense for the average person on a day to day basis. Why don't the elite push for top notch hybrids to compliment gasoline engines instead of trying to totally turn the world upside down? This will come at our expense and not theirs.
  7. The infrastructure required to switch over from hydrocarbon is mind boggling. I'd prefer a Jetson's flying car myself.
  8. It's fascinating how guys will trade in perfectly good trucks for something they don't want. I'm pretty sure I saw a thread here the other day about somebody wondering if they can add the safety seat to a model that doesn't have it. I've also seen many times the same thing with tow mirrors, guy absolutely must have the truck right now and will pay an obscene amount to install the mirrors when they arrive later. To each their own but why not just wait until the right one arrives or simply order one to your liking? These things cost too much to compromise.
  9. https://www.capitalgmcbuick.ca/2020-Sierra-HD These aren't yet in inventory but they created a specific link for the 2020's they have on the way along with which ones are reserved. Each unit shows stock number, drive-line, color and main option packages. No pricing, though.
  10. The high end trims will be first off the line so you'll have to wait a bit.
  11. One thing I noticed is bucket seats are a stand alone option on the LT whereas there is no bucket seat option of the 1500 LT (aside from a TB), at least not on a 2019 1500.
  12. Just for reference, the K2's do have an issue with a rattle or click you experienced. There's a metal plate with 4 screws behind the hood latch and they have a tendency to come loose and cause a sound like you describe. It's easy to fix and lock tight solves it for good.
  13. I've said it before but they're doing everything in their power to make sure to send their loyal customers to the competition for a good look. The heated rear seats and vents have been standard fare on the competition for years. Imagine paying almost $90K for a 2020 Denali HD and with no adjustable pedals. Who are the yes men approving this strategy?
  14. They really should keep it as complimentary service. Nobody should have to mess around with an arbitrary point system to get the service, either. GM is their own worst enemy.
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