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  1. Grab a set of truck nuts while you're at it. It'll complete the ensemble.
  2. That's interesting. I wonder why there's been no mention of this? GM was up front with the 87 requirement from the outset. Why build a big bruiser push rod for an HD application that recommends a higher grade fuel? For my money, I'd go with a F350 6.2/10-speed anyway.
  3. I believe it was just an early build, first model year quirk on the production line. I'd be willing to bet there were a bunch of 88's that came off the line with mixed up badges. I miss that truck ?
  4. Does it really matter though? But it's your ride, not mine. Years ago I bought a 1988 GMC 1500 regular cab short box with a cab emblem that had 'Sierra' on the passenger side and a 'Silverado' emblem on the driver side and found it bothersome so I can empathize with you lol Felt like the truck was incomplete.
  5. Not ragging on your choice, either. The 6.6 is a nice upgrade over the 6.0's I'm used to driving and I'm still fine driving mine today. In the end, it needs to be reliable before winning a race.
  6. The 10-speed is a must for the 6.6 to be performance competitive. I expect the Ram 6.4 8-speed to beat the 6.6, not as dominant as the 7.3, but the extra gears on the gas engines make them work better. It is what it is. The fact that the 7.3 is achieving 15mpg in real testing makes it the one to beat although it is an extra cost option. I'd like to see the F350 6.2 10-speed compared to the the 6.6. I bet it beats it. I don't tow 16K up the Ike but it's a pure torture test that exposes strength and weakness. I'm sure the added gears are not far off from GM but this was a sound thumping.
  7. At the price point and with the competition offering it it should be there. The adaptive part can be shut off and used as normal cruise. It's inexcusable not having it available on a $80K truck.
  8. I got hooked on reading through this entire thread and the fact that the problem has carried over into some 2020's makes me thing twice about dropping money on one of these new gen trucks in a year or two. No matter how much they test this stuff still happens. Leaky window is never acceptable no matter the price point of a vehicle.
  9. If they're able to add 1mpg to this truck with such noticeable size, power and capability increases they've done a phenomenal job in my book. The stats on the new 2500 make my 2016 look like a toy.
  10. The Longhorn interior is very nice and very impressive to sit in but it won't wear well. Ram if you turn your truck over frequently but GM if you're looking to keep it for the long term. GM has bland interior but it is very functional.
  11. Don't waste your time changing clean oil. Change oil when the monitor tells you. You can use the savings for fancy emblem trims lol
  12. The one option I really like is a power seat so it always limits me to mid-line and up. If I could get a 2020 Custom 6.6 gas with a power seat I'd have it today.
  13. I don't lift my truck or care about the lift lifestyle but I have several local dealers shoveling new ones out door with 35's and 6" to 9" lifts. They must be doing something to satisfy the speedo.
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