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  1. 2.7 Turbo 4 Fan Club

    I've never driven one and probably never will but the power curve is impressive. I don't get the hate for it. They aren't marketing it as a V8 replacement and TFL showed it performed really well under hard use. For light use and around town it seems like a very good option.
  2. 2.7 Turbo 4 Fan Club

    The 2.7 is not for me but TFL had really good results in their loop at altitude. Real world reports of 2019 GM performance and mpg in general have been good overall. GM's problem is that the roll out and packaging of these new pickups is too dull and incomplete. Why not a 6.2/10-speed in a LT or RST? Why not have a couple more interior color combinations? I think their lack of doing anything exciting with this roll out helps diminish any type of of buzz the 2.7 probably deserves.
  3. Drove in 4x4

    You're truck is fine. Don't worry about it.
  4. Yup. They've done some odd things but the lack of standard low range is weird even for them. At least they aren't doing this in the HD's. I still see some really good things in the new GM's but I think they'll lose market share with this generation.
  5. I read this thread then read the article. Outside of complaints on the basic interior he had plenty good to say about the drive line and general usefulness for it's intended purpose. The review didn't seem as bad as this thread is making it out to be, IMO. I'm not at all shocked at his take on the WT interior. I don't like it, either.
  6. One of the earlier pictures of that brown High Country at GM grounds had an interior photo from the outside looking in that seemed like it had a much larger screen but I'm not conspiracy guy. There's been nothing announced at this point. Looks like an improved 8" is what they get for the time being.
  7. Unsettling Experience

    It floated on wet gravel by the sounds of it.
  8. Picked up 19 GMC AT4

    My 2016 Bose system does leave a lot to be desired. It's good enough for my 45 year old ears today but I'm pretty sure my 2003 Cummins Ram with the factory Infinity was better. I seem to remember it having a lot more punch. I haven't heard a 2019 GM but my assumption is that Ram slaughters it in the sound department and likely every truck manufacturer for that matter.
  9. RST?

    Not offering at least a mid-line 6.2 version is just another questionable move by GM. I can understand why they don't stuff an LT4 into a regular cab but how difficult is it to give budget buyers a 6.2 in a basic package?
  10. A lot of online people will be dissapointed when they find out it's nowhere near 500HP and 600TQ. It's the optional motor and will likely be a niche. The current 6.2 is a strong performer and standard fare. I still have to try a 7.3, though. Yeah, the 'I can drive this far with my truck' mileage calculator isn't as accurate as the volume vs. distance calculator. Unbelievable how few understand mileage today but whatever helps them sleep well
  11. I think the interior is fine. It's very usable and durable. The GM is also mostly soft touch even though it's very understated. I had a 2014 Longhorn and I agree that visually the interior was head and shoulders better than any truck on the market (let alone the even better 19's) but in the end it did nothing for reliability or for for my overall enjoyment being in it day after day. A comfortable seat is a comfortable seat and the wing dings become pedestrian. Using mine for work (80,000-100,000km's/year at the time) showed how quickly the Ram's lost it's luster (I had a 2012 prior). My two GM's since then, as 'dull' as they are, held up much better and my current truck looks like new today. I know everybody's definition of quality will differ but for me it has less to do with how visually stimulating it is and more on how well it actually works and wears. Having said that, I can't say how well a 19'GM or a 19' Ram will wear but I wouldn't be surprised to see my 16' 6.0 in somebody's driveway 20+ years from now with the original drive line and interior.
  12. The L8T will be a noticeable improvement. It'll be making more than 75lb/ft off idle than my L96. I agree that a 4.10 should be an option but I can't see how the 2020 won't smoke an L96 even with a standard 3.73 especially if they make the same driveability improvements as they have with the 1500's. As far as the trans is concerned it is bulletproof and the gears are perfectly spaced. Of course GM is behind as usual by not using the 10-speed but if I'm happy with with how my L96 works with the same trans why wouldn't I be just a happy with a more powerful engine? I will be taking a good look a the 7.3 Ford gas, though.
  13. Cummins 6.7 to GM 6.0

    Enjoy many years from a truck that needs next to no maintenance. I'm a big fan of these reliable gas guzzlers.
  14. WHY? 4-6-8

    Your wording was not at all obvious with it's intent but no, I wasn't planning to get the RCMP involved. They're probably doing something else tonight, anyway lol Probably a good time to bury the hatchet and move on, I think.
  15. WHY? 4-6-8

    What does this even mean? Are you making a threat? Sure sounds like it.

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