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  1. 6.6L GAS for 2010HD?

    This the first tidbit of info seen on a new HD gasser. It will be interesting how the Big 3 match up with their new options. Attach an 87 octane 6.6 to the rumored 9-speed Allison and we have a winner in my world.
  2. HC pearl

    This generation is the first Chevy truck that I've liked more than a GMC since the late 80's. I'm also a fan of the two-tone interior. Good call on not ordering black.
  3. It took me years to start trusting a backup camera but I'm used to it now. I find I still don't use it much, though. Must be an old guy thing.
  4. If I needed a half ton I'd be all over those leftovers.
  5. I think way too much is being made of sales numbers. Here's one dealer in my area trying unload new 2017 Ram's let alone a pile of 18's and 19's. Of course, not every dealer has this many 17's but it's not the only dealer doing this. This is one is the best example because it's clearly showing the discounts. At some point, the dealer has to sell these trucks to real people. Dealer sold isn't the same as customer sold. https://www.derrickdodge.com/new-vehicles/ram-1500/#action=im_ajax_call&perform=get_results&year[]=2017&page=2&make[]=RAM
  6. What could go wrong with a truck that tries to steer itself while towing?
  7. GM is said to be adding 'Super Cruise' to the lineup for 2020 which is supposedly beyond current adaptive systems. It's available to Cadillac now and will be filtering down. Obviously, it should've been ready for the 2019 truck rollout but it is what it is. Maybe a smaller twin turbo will V8 will make its way to the truck lineup, too.
  8. I don't get why they didn't incorporate the 2.7 with the new 10-speed. Just having the 10-speed across the line would be a major boost to this fairly dull rollout. The only real highlite to me is the Trailboss. They seem to be riding the fence between Toyota and the other Big 2, more change than Toyota but much less than the Ford and Dodge. This is probably good for profit and future health but not so great in generating excitement for current owners and potential new buyers. Maybe a building a more truck-like truck will be a great move in the future but they'll have to overcome the new wave of buyers that want feature over function.
  9. Not that I'm a fan of this engine it does produce it's peak 348lb/ft at 1500 RPM through 4000 RPM. It should cruise reasonably effortless minus some top end passing power. It's highway rating of 23mpg seems pretty low to me but as you say around town could become a favorite with municipal or other needs to run around the city but I was expecting this thing to turn fuel economy in trucks upside down. I guess we'll see the real results over the next year.
  10. One thing I've noticed is that there are a few Ram dealers in my metro who have a lot of 2017's left in addition to a lot 18's and 19's. Canadian prices are higher but you can get a 17' for well over $20K off right now. I don't really care for the sales figure wars but it's obvious Ram dealers dealers bought a lot of trucks that still need to be sold to individuals. The same thing happened here when the Titan XD came out. Some dealers were still trying to get rid of them when the 3rd year models were on the lots.
  11. Ford has registered 'FX4 Max' as a trademark http://fordauthority.com/2018/10/trademark-filing-signals-new-ford-fx4-max-package/ There is no other information but it's presumed it's in response to the Trailboss and AT4. WIth Ford's ability to offer multiple driveline configurations it's pretty much a given it'll either include aggresive gearing or at least the choice to configure your gearing. It also wouldn't be a surprise if they allow engine choice with a premium automatic like they do on almost all of their models. GM may be doing well on transaction price but is going to have a tough time maintaining market share.
  12. I had a 2015 Denali 6.2/speed and the difference between 87 and 91 was noticable. Throttle response was immediately noticable and then gradually the mileage would be noticed. I've been hand calculating for years and saw a best of 23.6mpg with the 6.2 but that was optimum on a good long commute to the oilfield in perfect weather and crusie set at around 100kph. Under normal circumstances I could get 19-21 with regular driving on summer fuel.
  13. One thing that often gets overlooked is the 6.2 requires premium fuel to get the performance and economy. Until they can figure this out it can never be a volume engine because the only way they can justify it right now is by limiting it to higher and top end units. How many people will pay the premium to buy a WT or base LT that needs princess fuel? I don't think many but I do agree they need to step it up and at the very minimum allow the buyer to choose some gearing options on their driveline.
  14. Mom and dad are finally getting rid of the house and building a condo. Dad no longer needs the truck. In fact, he's barely used it the last 10 years. Truck has only 142,000km's. It's white with blue colth buckets and has a 305 Vortec. Other than garage dust the thing is in showroom condition. Put a new battery in it yesterday and fired up with no knocks, ticks or sounds. He meticulously maintained it. It's not worth a lot but it's too good of shape to sell for what it is worth. Even though it won't be much use to me day to day it'll sit all winter and get some use in the summer. I don't know if this generation will ever have the panache of the 67-72's but they have aged well. It will be garage kept and I don't plan on getting rid of it. I don't have any big plans for it other than keeping it original. I think it will be a blast to drive this truck around 20 years from now.
  15. I've interpreted it as the initial 7x will be mass produced for SD use and gradually other versions will appear like a hopped up Raptor and maybe a Platinum F150 version. Regardless, I'm anxious to see the numbers from 7x and of course what GM has up their sleave for the 2020 HD gas engine.

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