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  1. So, how about us 2019 and 2020 guys with the L84? Wait until the engine grenades? What's the estimated failure rate on the L84's anyhow?
  2. Or consider swapping to a larger tank, if you can. With a 1,000 gallon tank we only have to fill up once per year, we're in a mild northwest climate. At another property we only had a 500 gallon tank and propane service was kinda iffy sometimes. Having a 1k tank really reduces "tank anxiety"? Or, switch companies. Your driver is just a guy with a CDL and some company training. My guess is if someone paid him a buck more an hour he might have switched jobs.
  3. It should sound like this. Not my video but, this is what a stock 1500 sounds like If it's high pitched, then the low note might have failed and will need to replaced. Else, aftermarket. Fiamm is a maker of some very good horns.
  4. None of this is a trick or a secret. Buy low, sell high. Do it where rebates and incentives cover a good chunk of the initial depreciation to create a margin for yourself and flatten that curve. Trade something that dealers want. The way I do it, it ends up being significantly cheaper than leasing, and some new cars have cost me virtually nothing to own for a few years. My argument is that it can be done relatively cheaply--not that there isn't a value proposition in keeping a vehicle for a long time. Some people on here understand it. And if not, that's OK too. Keep doing what you're doing.
  5. Interesting. I didn't catch that "feature" in the owners manual, but there it is, "Extended Parking" with the timeouts listed. Good to know. I'm fairly certain I hate RKE/rfid fob stuff now. Gimme a dang key, and if I start the vehicle, I intend to leave it running until I shut it off! That's been the worst feature of this new truck.
  6. Grumpy doesn't buy/sell new vehicles, so he doesn't understand. Rambling about God and feet. Does anyone remember Crash Test Dummies? Now that song is stuck in my head. I bought the CD brand new when it came out in 1993. "Gaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhd shuffled his feet / And glanced a-round, at them....../ The peeeeeeeeeeopole cleared their throats / and stared right back, at him.... Again, I'm not arguing that keeping a vehicle for a long time isn't a way to save some money. What I said before, and someone else said too, you can turn over certain new vehicles for very little cost. Even if you do the work yourself on an older vehicle, I don't think these two ideas are world apart in terms of expenses even if done with just a little intelligence.
  7. But that's not the actual difference in cost, because they're paying off an asset that still has value at the end of the term. I'm not arguing keeping older vehicles isn't often cheaper, but at least make meaningful comparisons. The false sense of self-righteousness and frugal supremacy for having kept a vehicle until the wheels fall off, though, I'm not sure what reward these people are looking for. Congrats? You own an old vehicle?
  8. Now you've got me curious and I'll have to pay closer attention to my truck. I would *think* the easy fix would be to manually turn on the headlamps (turn switch from 'Auto' to the headlamp setting) so the dimmer switch becomes enabled.
  9. Personally, I enjoy variety, but I enjoy that in ways that are mindful of transaction costs and the value of the vehicles I'm buying/selling/trading. Just have to do it smartly, on the right vehicles, it can be done without losing or spending a lot of money, but it's still an expense. And so is hanging on to an older vehicle and driving the wheels off of it.
  10. Check and reset the setting, test again. If it still doesn't work, take it to the dealer...
  11. You can specify parameters for climate control when started remotely - it's in the vehicle settings menus accessed from the radio.
  12. I definitely feel like my 2014 was a higher quality truck than the 2020 I bought earlier this year. Silverado crew 4x4 LT w/ Z71 and All-Star, 5.3. Both trucks are of similar configuration, although my 2014 didn't have the Z71 package. The ride of the new truck is very different. It rides very softly. In fact, it floats. And when the bumps become too much, it just bounces and floats all over the place. The rear-end, especially, pogos. It reminds me of a 1970's Cadillac sedan on worn shocks. My 2014 was much firmer, and it rode harder. GM probably took feedback over a harsh ride in the previous generation, just a little too far. <2k miles on mine and there are a few rattles over pumps. One was the seat belt buckle knocking on the plastic door pillar trim. I haven't tracked down the other, yet, but it's coming from the back seat area. The software bugs are what are unnerving to me. Seems like every 30-60 days the radio is asking me to re-input my OnStar password. I don't even have Onstar, but I do have a mychevrolet account, and apparently it needs that, or else. The radio has forgotten its presets a few times. The battery has never been disconnected since buying it, and I do keep it charged. The automatic headlights have failed to come on twice now. The "fob left in vehicle" reminder is DISABLED. And yet I still get the triple-honk, randomly, sometimes when getting out and closing the door, and sometimes when getting in, and closing the door. Key in my left pocket always. This is a personal preference, but this truck makes me hate RFID keyfobs and keyless ignition. And the damn thing doesn't need to prime the fuel pump when I randomly walk up and open one of the non-driver doors, does it, really?
  13. A few nights ago, I took off in the truck at dusk. It wasn't dark out, but most vehicles had their headlights on, and a handful that didn't. Mine hadn't come on yet, so I just figured maybe it wasn't time yet. But then I started seeing other GM trucks with their headlights on. And when I looked at my headlamp switch, the little orange LED was dark, and it was set in the "auto" position. The switch functioned normally when I turned the headlights on, and the orange LED lit up in the headlamps on position, headlamps and running lamps all came on. The infotainment screen didn't dim, however. I drove like that to my destination, didn't want to be turning headlamps on/off while I was driving. Got in it the next day, and "auto" was working fine again. What the heck? Software bug? Headlamp module 2.0 didn't boot correctly? This truck is really starting to drive me crazy...it's like this stuff wasn't tested all the way before it was released!
  14. You may try having them professionally aimed. You came here to ask the question, so people are giving you answers. People are flashing you for a reason. They think your brights may be on, or your headlamps are not aimed safely. It's not offensive, unless they leave them on. If you're over 30, you'll understand that really bright lights from oncoming traffic are annoying, and can make for unsafe travel.
  15. It sounds like they're not aimed correctly. You might want to double check how you're aiming them. Probably not a great idea to flash back if your beams are already too high, plus you're adding fogs and mirror lights. It's not a war, and headlamps shouldn't be used offensively.
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