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  1. Debadged truck pic request

    Thanks, just a 3" level sitting on 18x9 Fuel wheels wrapped in Nitto trail grapplers 285/65/18
  2. I'm in the saem boat, my wife and our youngest have trouble. I really like the no running board look, but I had to get something and to me these are the best looking ones besides Amp.
  3. So far they're great. I had the RB10's and had the coating flake off so I went with the non rhino coat this time around. Glad I did, yes they are powder coated. As far as door protection, I think that all depends on the height of the car next to you. Seems like there is some protection. Here is a few pics from down the side of my truck.
  4. I have a 3" level. I have no problems with the road noise, they're not too loud but if I could I would go with the Ridge grapplers. I hear those are great tires, quite and you'll get more miles out of them. Here's a pic of the truck so you can get a better view of the level.
  5. Thanks, Nitto trail grapplers 285/65/18
  6. Congrats!! The GoRhino RB20's look great on the truck. I got them for $330 shipped from CARID.
  7. Plasti dipping parts on your Truck

    HAHA, thanks. Same to you... That was my old truck, this is my current one. I swapped over the wheels when I traded it in.
  8. Plasti dipping parts on your Truck

    I sprayed my old '15....
  9. Debadged truck pic request

    Just a 3" level on 285/65/18, wheels are 18x9
  10. Debadged truck pic request

    Debadged it was the first thing I did
  11. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Thanks, It's just a 3" maxtrac level sitting on Nitto Trail Grapplers 285/65/18. The wheels are Fuel trophy D552 18x9. The running boards are GoRhino RB20's. That's pretty much it. I would like to change out the wheels for bronze wheels, change out the exhaust, and hopefully the 4" BDS lift with fox coilovers.
  12. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Took off and sold the chrome tow mirrors.
  13. Here's my set up. Not all black but gunmetal with a black lip. All black will look good too.
  14. I think they'd be the same securing your items from theives. I went with the Undercover Ultra Flex mainly for the warranty. They offer a 5 year vs the 2 or 3 year other companies offer. I've had no issue with mine either.

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