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  1. Had some free time this weekend so I decided to change my wheel color to bronze. It's just temporary, but wanted to see what bronze would look like my truck.
  2. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    It wouldn't hurt to have. Mine handled great in 4 high too.
  3. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    HAHA, I hear ya, my 2015 was a 2wd. I traded it in for a 4x4 '17. If you do head up, put some weight in the bed and grab some chains.
  4. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    In Big Bear before one of the storms..... After......
  5. A very slight rub when I'm reversing and have the wheels cracked all the way to the left
  6. Thank you.......Fuel trophy's D552 18x9, nitto trail grapplers 285/65/18, 3" level, cognito upper control arms.
  7. Installed and wired up my Boost Auto tow mirrors
  8. Running Board Pics

    Go Rhino RB20's
  9. Awesome, thanks for the feedback. Yeah I don't really like how the blinkers stick out on the 1A Autos either. Looks like I'll go with the Boost..............Thanks
  10. How are you liking the Boost Auto mirrors? Thinking about getting the Boost or 1A Auto mirrors.
  11. I've been looking at the same grill for a while now. Looks good. How's the quality?
  12. ReadyLift UCA's

    If you wait you can get them on ebay with the 10-15% off discount codes. I think it's around $450 with the discount.
  13. Go with a bronze color wheel.........

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