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  1. Nice, looks good. I changed my 3" to the King 2.5's last year. It's night and day difference, no more chatter on the road.
  2. I went with the Under Cover Ultra flex. Very low profile and has a 5 year warranty instead of 2-3 years like most others. I've had one issue and they shipped me out a new and had it within a week. Very good customer service.
  3. On this truck I was running a 3" level. Here's my current truck, I took the wheels and tires off when I traded it in and put them on my 2017
  4. Fuel Trophy's 18x9, tires- Nitto trail grappler 285/65/18
  5. Here's a pic of my old '15. Same color as yours. I went with Fuel trophy in gray with a black lip.
  6. Try emailing the pics to yourself, you can adjust the size that way. Are there any gaps in the flares against the fender?
  7. Looks good. Any other angles? I've been eyeing a set of fender flares like yours, I've been looking at the OE bushwacker flares.
  8. Everyday driving not much of a difference. I do feel less chatter and the truck feels a little more planted on the road. I did take it on some dirt roads this weekend and that'a where you really feel the difference.
  9. Went with the King 2.5's. Had them installed today. I will get some better pics up tomorrow.
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