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  1. I'm looking to get rid of my spacer level and order a set of coilovers but I'm not sure which ones to go with. I know either one will be fine, but want to get first hand feedback...............ride quality, Customer service........Thanks
  2. Roger that, I will keep you posted if it sells. I have it on Craigslist too
  3. Selling my Undercover Ultra flex. Wanting to go with an A.R.E. or Leer bed cap instead. Asking $500, I paid just over $900 for it. Cover is still in great shape, like new condition. Looking for local pick-up. I am in Valencia California. Will fit 2014-2018 short bed.
  4. Yeah it will. Just make sure you have the paintable tow caps. I have the boost auto mirrors and they offer the paintable caps.
  5. I color matched my tow mirrors. I went through touchupdirect.com, they make kits where you put your paint code in there system and they send you a kit, paint, primer, and clear coat. If you prep right it actually comes out really good.
  6. Thanks. Wheels are Fuel Trophy D552 18x9, and the tires are Nitto Trail Grapplers 285/65/18
  7. I looked at so many running boards before I made my decision on the Go Rhino’s. My first choice was Amp but couldn’t see myself paying $1300+ for running boards. They’re a very solid running board and I like how tight they fit against the cab.
  8. Thanks, they’re the Go Rhino RB20’s Here’s. Few more angle for you.
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