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  1. I agree black being played out, that's why I went with gunmetal with a black lip. Hopefully my buddy willl buy them so I can go with the bronze. Those will look nice on a white truck.
  2. I have a buddy at work that wants to buy my wheels. I have been wanted to put a set of bronze wheels on my truck. What do you guys think, stay with what I have or sell them and put one of the two wheels below? I think a bronze wheel on the graphite color would look good together. Don't me wrong, I really like the way the truck looks now but after a while I like to change it up.
  3. I went with GoRhino RB20, bought them from CARID.com. Paid $330 for them. They're very solid with good traction.
  4. Yeah, I wanted to go with amp steps but couldn't see paying the 1500-2k for them.
  5. Thanks Crawl.........I bought them from CARID for $330. I'm super happy with them
  6. What bed lighting kit did you use? Looks great.....
  7. Damn, sorry to hear that. I will keep you update on the Ultra Flex. Fingers crossed it doesn't leak.....
  8. Thanks, I'm really liking them. In the rain they're great, lots of grip. I have a snow trip coming up in a few weeks, I let you know then.
  9. Wow, that's crazy. Did Undercover warranty it? Did they hassle you about the diffective cover?
  10. Here’s a few shots front and back. Hope this helps. I really wanted to go Amp but couldn’t see spending the 1500-2k for them. If you do end up going with the Go Rhino’s, get them from carid.com. They had the cheapest price. I got them for $350 with shipping. Also, the front of the running board is wider than the rear. I’m really happy with my decision.
  11. Where was yours leaking from? I will definitely keep an eye on it and let you know. I also installed a tailgate seal. Hopefully that helps.
  12. Installed the Undercover Ultra Flex, bedrug, and GoRhino RB20's...
  13. Damn...............just missed it. I just checked my order dat and it was 02/26.
  14. Installed the bedrug liner and Undercver Ultra Flex. Don't mind the little one and the screw drivers in the tie down anchors, he turns my bed into a fort once I installed everything. I ened up installing the LED light strip and tool bag, I can always pull them off if I don't like them...just wanted to try them out since it was included with the cover.

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