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  1. Undercover Ultra Flex, they give you a 5 year warranty instead of most 2-3 year.
  2. Thanks! It's actually a super easy process. Sand the cap to scuff them up 2 coats of primer Wet sand them 2 coats of color 2 coats of clear, let them sit of 24 hrs wet sanded them with 3000 grit and polished them out.
  3. I just installed Boost Auto paintable tow mirror caps. I went to my local body shop and they wanted $350, I thought that was a little pricey. I watched a videos on how to paint them myself. I ordered my paint kit from touchup direct, you put in your paint code, make, year, and model. I think the kit was $60 and that includes primer, color, and gloss. It actually came out really good.
  4. Boast Auto Parts make a great tow mirror. Fitment and quality are just like the factory tow mirrors.
  5. Painted mirror caps installed. I think they came out pretty decent for my first painting job.
  6. Haha. Good catch, yeah Fenix 3 sapphire....the 5X is a great watch
  7. Bought a set of paintable tow mirror caps. Just need to color sand and buff them out.
  8. Good to know, thanks for the info. Looks like I'll be placing a new order.
  9. Nasty, what issues have you seen with the cognitos? I am running them now and I'm debating on going with the Mazzulla uppers.
  10. thanks, yeah I prefer the level look. I just don't want any issues down the road.
  11. I am trying to decide between the Fox/King 2.5 coilovers or getting the 4.5" CST lift with coilovers. My current set up is just a 3" level with Cognito uppers and I'm wanting to correct all the suspension angles. I don't really off road much just the occasional fire road here and there. My main concern is correcting the angles and the best ride possible. Will the Fox/King coilovers give me the same angles as a standard level? I know the CST lift keeps everything symmetrical. I'd really like to just level my truck with the 2.5's, but if I have to lift it to correct everything then that's the route I'll go. Here is a pic of my CV's with a 3" level, can anyone chime in and let me know how bad they look or they look OK?
  12. How are you liking the Pedal Commander?
  13. Undercover came through. I received my warranty replacement Ultra Flex. They sent me to the new updated version that has an LED light built into the track system.
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