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  1. Try emailing the pics to yourself, you can adjust the size that way. Are there any gaps in the flares against the fender?
  2. Looks good. Any other angles? I've been eyeing a set of fender flares like yours, I've been looking at the OE bushwacker flares.
  3. Everyday driving not much of a difference. I do feel less chatter and the truck feels a little more planted on the road. I did take it on some dirt roads this weekend and that'a where you really feel the difference.
  4. Had my spacer level upgraded to the King 2.5’s.
  5. Went with the King 2.5's. Had them installed today. I will get some better pics up tomorrow.
  6. Thanks for the info. Yeah I know that it won't be a drastic change. I would like a more planted ride and looking for something to handle the occasional dips better. I grew up more of a car guy and always had coil overs on my cars for better handling. I guess I still have that same fame of mind. I've always looked at coil overs as the better option. I really do like your set-up, but I would rather stay with the level look....(easier for the wife and kids to get in and out). I am leaning more towards the CST coil overs, they're cheaper than the King and Fox and would be more than what I would use them for.
  7. Thanks for the info guy. How is the ride quality on the highway? I don't a whole lot of off-roading and I know the real difference is on the dirt. I have also been looking into the Fox 2.5 W/O the external resi @ $1300 and the CST 1-3" coilover @ just under $1100.
  8. I'm looking to get rid of my spacer level and order a set of coilovers but I'm not sure which ones to go with. I know either one will be fine, but want to get first hand feedback...............ride quality, Customer service........Thanks
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