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  1. The picture you posted doesn't look bad to me. Looks like a Ford, but not BAD. But this picture looks teeeeeeeerrible. Might just be the angle, but this looks WAY off, proportionally. Short, stubby, low front end with a giant cab and long(ish) bed. No sir. Don't like it one bit.
  2. Asking because I'm looking to buy, but I'd like to wait to see what the changes for the 2021 will be before I do. I'd hate to buy a new truck and it be out of date a year (or less) later. If there aren't big changes, I'd go ahead and make the jump. I'm not a big fan of the "let's just sit an iPad on the dash" interiors, so if the Silverado gets the SUV interior, I'd go ahead and purchase.
  3. I believe he's probably talking about the color matched surround. I'm curious about the same thing. I don't really need an AT4 when I can get everything I want in the SLT, but man I hate all that chrome.
  4. I've been looking at getting into a new truck for a few months. I'm leaning toward the AT4 for the 6.2 (LTZ and HC are also on the list, but I THINK I like the Sierra better). For all this time, lane-keep assist, the 3D surround cameras, digital cluster, HUD, etc have been on my must have list. But those packages are adding quite a lot of cash to the price. Do you guys think they're worth it? To be honest, I've tried LKA on a few of the test drives I've taken, and I either didn't trust it enough or it just flat didn't work for me. That's sort of what made me start thinking about it today. I do love the cameras, but honestly, how often would I use all of those things? The aerial view is nice, but do I care that much? The HUD seemed to be a distraction, but I'm sure I'd get used to it. Seems it'd be especially useful with navigation. Thanks!
  5. I agree completely. When I started seeing them pop up in crew cab, I was really hoping they'd put the 6.2 and ventilated seats in it. Nope. It's basically a base model. More great decision making by GM.
  6. Possibly the Elevation as well. They’re offering crew cab in the 2020.
  7. Nobody will know until sometime tomorrow. Includes the dealers. I’m hoping the slightly dipping sales and the strike will pump them up a notch.
  8. Best I’ve found is 16% off on a 2019 AT4 and around 13% off on a 2020. But that dealership will absolutely not budge anywhere else. No negotiations and the trade in value is low - one of the lowest offers I’ve had on trade in since I’ve been looking, so it’s working out pretty similar to everywhere else. Heads up, if anybody is super serious about getting something, go this month. Incentives haven’t changed in a while and will probably remain the same next month, even with the strike. Plus, September has apparently been an AWFUL month for car sales, and these guys are desperate to hit their numbers. My local-ish dealer has been begging me to come in to get an AT4. My wife and I looked at a new Blazer today and, no joke, they were begging us to take it home. They had us with 20% off of MSRP, and it would’ve been $2000 more if she qualified for the trade in allowance. Even ended up adding 38% on top of what the trade in was to get us to bite.
  9. What kind of prices are you guys paying for your AT4s? I’m not seeing huge discounts, only around 10-15% off, but I’d love 20% off. I know demand is high for these things though. Also, when do you think the 2020s will be seeing some price drops? I know they’re brand new, but I’ve only seen $5k off on them. I heard the suspension had been retuned slightly and, of course, the adaptive cruise control is supposed to be in them.
  10. Hey guys. I'm having an issue with my 6 speed Silverado I was hoping you all may be familiar with. Whenever I put the truck into reverse, there's almost a lag. It shifts, atleast, it sounds and feels like it does, but when I let my foot off the brake, it's like it just suddenly finds reverse and starts to backup. Just a sudden jump into reverse. I can't really find anything on this, so I was hoping I might be able to get some ideas from people smarter than myself about these things. Thanks!
  11. $44k on an SLT is pretty good. That extra $1800 they got you for would’ve been enough for me to walk out though. Nothing but off the top profit for them.
  12. Tennessee. I dunno. I guess all my AT4, LTZ, and High Country test drives spoiled me. I don't really want to be forced into an upgrade and cost increase for one of those trims just for the seats though. I could do without it, but there are other headaches with GM's trim and package options I've voiced in other posts. And like someone above said, somewhere on the Chevy site, it claimed "late availability".
  13. Yeah it's like that for me too. For some reason, the 1500 is called the Silverado LD, but it is the "new" one. It didn't open up any of the new options that were supposed to be coming. Incidentally, I just chatted with GM to ask when the 6.2L option would become available to select on the RST, and they told me it wasn't coming to the RST (as they have repeatedly). After I showed them the press release on the Chevy website, the rep told me "You can't believe everything you read on the internet". Swear to god. I've been looking for a new truck for 3 months. I've been trying to hold out to see if I'd be willing to sacrifice ventilated seats on a 6.2 RST. But it's stuff like this that's got me almost ready to jump on a Ram. It's ridiculous and my entire shopping experience has been incredibly frustrating.
  14. GM is so stupid. Release the tool without full functionality. Not only that, but so many choices are stupid when building. I can't add the trailering cameras or bed camera and keep the HD Rear Vision Camera. I can't get 3.42 gears without the Max Towing Package. I can't get ventilated seats on anything below LTZ, even though the RST Tahoe, which already had the 6.2, a platform which is nearly identical, gets them. But that doesn't even make sense in itself because the RST is a package on the high level Tahoe and not a trim level like on the Silverado. So many silly decisions going on at GM.
  15. Ya da man. But here’s a question: why is the 6.2 still not showing as an available option for the RST?
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