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  1. It was the new version, non E-torque. Yeah I've seen plenty of complaints about the gigantic screen system freezing up. I'm not a fan of it anyway though. Next to impossible to hit a small button on a huge touchscreen without something to steady your hand on.
  2. I'm a 4th generation GM owner. I've always owned GM. My dad had always owned GM. His dad, and so on. I've been looking at getting a new truck for a couple months, as you've all seen by my posts lately. I love that 6.2L. Honestly though, I haven't been super impressed with this gen, as far as appearance goes, and even though I don't praise the other manufacturers for "superior interiors" like the media does, I can admit that I'm kind of tired of the simple, similar interior, since I'm coming from a 2014. Over the weekend, I test drove a Ram. I didn't want to. The dealership literally begged me to. I was circling through the lot and a salesman came out and before I could even say I was there for my wife to look at a Jeep, he was asking me what number it would take to get me in a Ram. My response: "A magical number." After handing me the keys to a beautiful blue truck, he said if I drove it, I would love it. I was skeptical, so I said sure. He was wrong. I didn't love it. But...I liked it alot. It was smooth and quiet. Power was good. Not 6.2L level, but good. Seats were very comfortable. So I decided to listen to their pitch. MSRP was $55,000. By the time they calculated my trade (good time to mention that they were offering me ALOT more for my truck than the GM lots I've been talking to), I was down to about $28,000, out the door, for a brand new truck. So I ask you all to talk me out of it. I admittedly don't know alot about the durability and reliability of these trucks as I've never had one. I liked that it had ventilated seats available on every trim level. Actually, more flexible options for every trim level in general. I didn't like that I couldn't get the surround camera system that GM offers. I also don't care for the gigantic screen option on the Ram, but I drove the 8.2" screen version, and enjoyed it. I keep hearing that the large screen has been having issues and can sometimes keep you from being able to even change the a/c settings when it crashes. I liked the wheel options on the Ram so much more than anything I've seen on the GM trucks. I honestly can't find a factory wheel on any trim level in any size on either truck that I like. I can't say the same for the Ram. I didn't like the lack of the 6.2. That's still my big kicker. I wish I could have a direct comparison between the two, as far as response and take off. I will say that if they offered the 6.4 Hemi in the 1500, I probably would've left the lot that day in a Ram. I also don't like the 8 speed trans in the Ram, but apparently it's not one of the big issues they've been having. To get into any GM truck with ventilated seats, my MSRP instantly rises to $60k. And of all the dealers I've talked to over the past two months or so, which is in the double digits by now, they don't seem motivated to sell. Local lots are only knocking off a couple grand off MSRP and will straight up deny they can go any lower when we sit down, so i leave. Online lots are showing some good prices, but no where near what the Ram can get down to. So talk me out of it. Or talk me into it. Or talk some sense into me. Give me some comparisons, things to look for, things I wouldn't be happy with. Let me know what you think of the 5.7 Hemi VS the 6.2.
  3. I've been looking at trucks with the 6.2L for about two months and can say it's going to be super difficult to find that anywhere for that price. The only 2019 trucks that have the 6.2 are the LTZ/High Country on the Chevy side and the SLT/AT4/Denali. Closest bet will be looking into an SLT. They're going for around $45k with a 6.2, maybe a touch cheaper. Like others have said, the incentives are trash this month.
  4. Interesting. There may be hope for my ventilated RST seats afterall....
  5. I had a text waiting for me this morning when I woke up. Unfortunately this happens to be the volume dealer that has a decent price on the truck but giving me next to nothing for my trade. I'm standing firm. Like you guys said, they need me, not the other way around. I actually had one salesman from a different dealer argue with me, straight up argue with me, about an offer another dealer gave me. When I sent him a screenshot of the email, he said it wasn't a similarly optioned truck. When I then sent him the VIN, he got aggressive. At that point, I told him I wouldn't buy a new vehicle from him if he sold it for $10k.
  6. I'd say a pretty good estimate for what the 2020 RST is going to be would be whatever the 2019 RST is going for at MSRP, plus the cost of the 6.2 option. Won't be many incentives for the first few months, but you might get the $3500 most dealers are doing, plus a little more wiggle room.
  7. Yeah, I definitely am not in a hurry. Glad to know I wasn't off much compared to yours. But yeah, these are all high volume dealers. If I could get down to $51k-$52k, I'd probably jump on it as fast as I could drive there. I was just reading a thread over on Reddit about how this is a slow month for dealerships in general for some reason. Maybe as we get closer to Friday or Saturday, they'll start emailing me back. Thanks for the feedback!
  8. Here's an example. MSRP is $65,195, which matches perfectly on the spreadsheet. $7,587 in incentives. Final price is coming up to $53,154. When I mention that price to that dealer, they refuse to go any lower than $56k. Maybe I'm either really bad at negotiating or maybe I'm really bad at this spreadsheet. It's even more laughable to them when I find one with like $11,000 in incentives.
  9. I'm getting a final price of ~$51,500, before TTL. I've had more than one dealership laugh at me over that number. I did have one offer of $52k though. Now I'm waiting on their trade in offer.
  10. How did you calculate in the dealer discounts on that spreadsheet? Put those up in the factory-to-dealer incentives spot? In my calculating, I'm finding AT4s in the $54k range after all their deals, but I'm not sure what I should do with this new info. I'm coming up with around $61k invoice price on that spreadsheet, just not sure if I can stack their own discounts on top of that.
  11. I found those in another post before I posted this one. So are those the complete list of changes? We shouldn't expect, say, the technology package to become available in the RST? That's the only thing preventing me from going ahead on the AT4.
  12. Most info I've gotten from here, the internet, and the dealership all seems to point to August sometime. Wanting to know if any of the available tech and safety options are opening up on the lower trim RST. Wish I could find out more so I know if I should jump on the AT4 or wait it out.
  13. New RST

    I really don't want the lift and tires that come along with the AT4. I'm not the type to offroad a $60k truck. I love the way it looks, but I feel I'd be wasting it.
  14. New RST

    I refuse to get anything with a sunroof. You'd be surprised how hard it is to find anything in the LTZ/HC/AT4 level that DOESN'T have a sunroof.
  15. New RST

    I agree, I just wish you could have the option if you hate the chrome but want a Chevy. I much prefer the appearance of the Chevy, but I want the accessories. I mean, I could probably forget about everything else, but c'mon, atleast gimme some ventilated seats!

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