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  1. Hey guys. I'm having an issue with my 6 speed Silverado I was hoping you all may be familiar with. Whenever I put the truck into reverse, there's almost a lag. It shifts, atleast, it sounds and feels like it does, but when I let my foot off the brake, it's like it just suddenly finds reverse and starts to backup. Just a sudden jump into reverse. I can't really find anything on this, so I was hoping I might be able to get some ideas from people smarter than myself about these things. Thanks!
  2. $44k on an SLT is pretty good. That extra $1800 they got you for would’ve been enough for me to walk out though. Nothing but off the top profit for them.
  3. Tennessee. I dunno. I guess all my AT4, LTZ, and High Country test drives spoiled me. I don't really want to be forced into an upgrade and cost increase for one of those trims just for the seats though. I could do without it, but there are other headaches with GM's trim and package options I've voiced in other posts. And like someone above said, somewhere on the Chevy site, it claimed "late availability".
  4. Yeah it's like that for me too. For some reason, the 1500 is called the Silverado LD, but it is the "new" one. It didn't open up any of the new options that were supposed to be coming. Incidentally, I just chatted with GM to ask when the 6.2L option would become available to select on the RST, and they told me it wasn't coming to the RST (as they have repeatedly). After I showed them the press release on the Chevy website, the rep told me "You can't believe everything you read on the internet". Swear to god. I've been looking for a new truck for 3 months. I've been trying to hold out to see if I'd be willing to sacrifice ventilated seats on a 6.2 RST. But it's stuff like this that's got me almost ready to jump on a Ram. It's ridiculous and my entire shopping experience has been incredibly frustrating.
  5. GM is so stupid. Release the tool without full functionality. Not only that, but so many choices are stupid when building. I can't add the trailering cameras or bed camera and keep the HD Rear Vision Camera. I can't get 3.42 gears without the Max Towing Package. I can't get ventilated seats on anything below LTZ, even though the RST Tahoe, which already had the 6.2, a platform which is nearly identical, gets them. But that doesn't even make sense in itself because the RST is a package on the high level Tahoe and not a trim level like on the Silverado. So many silly decisions going on at GM.
  6. Ya da man. But here’s a question: why is the 6.2 still not showing as an available option for the RST?
  7. Mind dropping a link? I’d like to take a look at the available options on an RST.
  8. I don’t know. I went today and compared a little closer at a different lot. An LT 4x4 with 20” wheels was a solid 2” lower than the Z71 RST with 20” wheels. next to it. Meanwhile, an RST with 18” wheels was taller than the High Country with the 22” wheels next to it. Next time I’ll take some pictures in case I’m losing it.
  9. In addition to the financing, they’re pretty much selling these vehicles at a loss in order to qualify for the kickbacks and bonuses they get from selling the vehicles. So if the dealership paid $45k for the vehicle and they sell it for $43k, at the end of the month, if they hit their quota, the dealership gets a huge incentive for selling the vehicle. So they can sell at a loss and operate that way and survive off of the incentives they get. Until the quota is too high for them to meet and they go under.
  10. Do you guys know if there are any ride height differences between the above trucks? I stopped by a dealership the other day and the RST Z71 appeared to be sitting higher than the LTZ by a couple inches, but they weren't side by side, so I couldn't tell for sure. I tried to do a little measurement on my arm for comparison, but it was a long walk. All the things I've found online show they're all the same height, but they sure didn't look like it. Thanks!
  11. I mean, maybe I’m in the minority, but yeah I want a truck-shaped car. Or atleast the option to have it. I can’t be the only person here that doesn’t pull many trailers or haul 10,000 pounds of cinder blocks. I pull the occasional trailer with a lawn mower on it or the yearly load of mulch or dirt in the bed. I’m not saying all trucks have to suffer to have a soft ride, but there’s no reason that the other manufacturers can offer the various options but GM can’t. Same as the fuel tank sizes. They’re so damn restricting.
  12. I have literally had to do exactly that every time I've contacted any dealership about a 2020 RST with a 6.2L.
  13. This is insane. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong. I called the same dealership and offered $51k for an AT4 priced at $61k and they flat out told me no, even after I bargained MYSELF at came up to $53k. For the record, I’ve been using the spreadsheet to get my numbers too. Did you go TO the lot, or do it all by phone?
  14. For what it’s worth, I’ve checked with four different dealers about ordering a 2020 RST with the 6.2L. After I have to read the press release to them when they tell me you can’t get that engine in the RST, the option is still greyed out for them.
  15. Man that High Country 22" wheel is awful though. It feels like GM phoned it in on this generation truck. The other manufacturers have much better options right now, as far as looks go.
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