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  1. Getting a new motor isn't the issue. Being torn down a thousand pieces installing it is. No way i'd pay a new truck price for that.
  2. I disconnected mine when I was having the lane change alert issue. It was only disconnected a couple minutes, but it held it's settings.
  3. Small air ratchet.... it'll slide right in there.
  4. Well, mines been behaving the last couple days..... I guess we'll see.
  5. Well.... these things seem to be buggy. Add another one to the list that has an issue. Mine causes the lane departure warning in my drivers side mirror to illuminate at random. If I drop the throttle setting back to 0, it'll turn off, but randomly turns itself back on. I tried disconnecting and plugging everything back in, but it still does it. I'll have to call Range the next day they're open.
  6. I'd say that spongy strip explains why long soaking rains are when most people notice leaks.
  7. Only if it weren't missing DFM and Auto start/stop disable. The only things this has over the Pulsar that I'd want are tap to pass count, window up, and maybe remote start run time.
  8. Thanks for the info, that will help. Around about how much did yours run?
  9. What can you tell me about ordering your topper? When looking on Leers website, it says 100XQ does not fit with multi pro tailgate.....
  10. I carry a lithium jump box because i've heard this before. I also carry jumper cables, for someone else to use, with someone else's car at their own risk.
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