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  1. And most likely the majority of those errors are improper surface prep.
  2. Removed mine too, so i could put the Tuffy steel storage box in that i had in my 18. Had to modify the brackets that hold it in, but it saved $500 not having to buy a new one.
  3. Rain-sensing wiper, eh, maybe. But you can't see the tailgate in your rear view mirror?
  4. I have a leather wheel from a 2018. Took it off when I swapped to a heated wheel. Message me if interested.
  5. On a more productive note. Anyone here have access to the specs for the OEM springs?
  6. No reason to think it was going off topic. We're talking springs, not cams. Comp cams is a brand. Comp springs isn't. Someone with your extensive racing background should have instantly known. But it's ok. Really is.
  7. I was really hoping they'd start preemptive replacement. I'm waiting on a AT4 that should be here this week, turns out it was built 8/22.
  8. Hell, I'd be happy if she'd quit using numbers and single letters in place of actual words.
  9. The Leer on my 18 had some minor leaks around the windows. The Leer on '19's and 20's from comments that I've seen doesn't match the roof line well and has wind noise at certain speeds. I'm going to look at ARE this time.
  10. If they have the in dash 110 plug, they already have the inverter.
  11. I'm guessing you don't work in manufacturing. Timelines for backorders aren't difficult and doesn't require predicting the future. If you know how many you can make In a day, and how many outstanding orders you have, then you know how long it will take to fill those orders. No psychics are needed.
  12. With such a warm welcome, it's no wonder he hasn't posted again.
  13. I have to say. This is a case of sorry, not sorry. Sorry for your damage. Not sorry to see a coyote snuffed.
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