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  1. It appears GMC Service Bulletin 16-NA-175 for the transmission shake / shimmy / rumble / shudder is only for the 8 speed transmissions. I have the 6-speed. Does anyone have experience with the 6-speed? Does the tranny flush help?
  2. Mine just started... There is a GM Service Bulletin on how the dealers are suppose diagnose/trouble shoot the issues. Several fixes, just depends on what vibration is occurring. I did do a search on "rumble" on the thread and some lucky persons corrected the issue with transmission flush. Still doing research...
  3. Add me to the list. Right before Hurricane Irma the A/C starting getting warm and struggling. Not ideal in Florida late August / early September. I'm a few hundred miles over warranty. I didn't read this thread or know of the issue prior to taking it to GMC dealer yesterday. They called back after diagnose and are going to cover half of the repair. They know it's a known issue, but getting it done for ~$400. Sounds like I'm covering the labor to install. Should have it back later today.
  4. Selling my 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 All Terrain. Fab-Tech 6" Lift, 20" ProComp Rims, 35" Nitro's, Bushwacker Fender Flares, Extang Solid Fold Tonneua Cover. Extended Cab, all windows tinted, grey interior, 5.3L V8, 4WD, Truck needs nothing, shows like new. ~20,000 miles, daily driver, non-smoker, no towing, no off-road. Please contact me through Craiglist, here is the link: http://orlando.craigslist.org/cto/5584464037.html
  5. What boost are you running? Can you increase boost? Does the bypass come with the standard kit?
  6. Bring it back, demand they fix everything, but on the off-chance be prepared to negotiate the next best thing you want. If neither side side is willing to give in, there will be no agreement. Pick you battles, but also play the safety card on the tire. Good luck!
  7. That really sucks, hope they catch tbe dickheads that did it. She'll be looking good again really soon!
  8. Lots of good information under the engine forum. Here's a good one to review... http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/158551-2014-engine-transmission-tuning/
  9. Hunko, Did you look for updates prior to using? Don't know if that will help. Yea, mine frooze up too. Under "advanced tune" then select "standard tune" is where the flex tune should be. You let the tuner walk through the tuning process, it will show you % of progress while Installing then it will indicate when it is complete. You can unplug once complete.
  10. I had to do mine twice. The first attempt the screen locked up. You should also see the "flex" tune? That's for performance. You can also select different parameters afterwards. After that it shows status and building the tune and installing.
  11. I don't have mine yet, but did you select a specific tune for yours?
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