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  1. Anyone have a pin stripe?

    Wow, you all just hijacked the sh*t out of this 'pinstripe' thread.
  2. After a month with this cover how do you feel about it? Also did you get any pictures with the cover on?
  3. In bumper exhaust tips

    I am having issues finding this set up without the angle on the outlet. Have you done it and do you have any links to the tips you used?
  4. Does anyone have experience with BBK Veritune Mufflers? It has a manual adjustment for sound, given a 8 db range.
  5. Holy Crap that truck is beautiful!!
  6. Thanks for the info gentlemen.
  7. I would like to get larger tires (offroad) but do not want to level or lift the truck. I have 20" wheels, how large of a tire can I go??
  8. Post Pictures Of Your Trucks

    That Riviera is beautiful!!
  9. new member to the family

    Beautiful car!!
  10. New to trucks....questions

    Thanks for the feedback guys, that is what I thought. How do you recalibrate the speedo?
  11. I just purchased my 'new to me' 2014 GMC Sierra SLT. I would like to put a more substantial tire on it as the stock 20" wheels and tires just seem to little. Would an All Terrain 33-12.5x20 work on my truck in stock form or will I have to level the front end first? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  12. IMG 3734

    Beautiful truck!
  13. New from St. Louis area

    Thanks for the welcome guys. I have always been a Ford guy but these new GM's are just the cats ass!
  14. Been lurking on here for a short while, just purchased my 'new to me' 2014 GMC Sierra SLT.

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