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  1. Those lines are just manufacture marks and usually wear off pretty quickly. I have red and green indicators on all four which feel like some sort of hard plastic.
  2. See mine look like they have plenty of tread left and could easily get to 40k miles, until you notice the red and green tread indicators. I'm planning to switch to either the Nitto Terra Grapplers, or Ridge Grapplers.
  3. Yeah I've been noticing the tires don't grip very well on wet roads lately either. I was planning to switch to a bigger tire anyways but was planning on waiting until the spring. It's pretty ridiculous to not even get close to 40,000 miles out of these.
  4. Just wondering what kind of mileage you guys are seeing on Bridgestone Dueler AT tires? I have the 22" wheel version and already have both the green and red tread indicators showing up on all four tires. I only have just over 24,000 miles and would expect them to last at least twice as long. I've also have had tire rotations at the recommended intervals as well. Based on the reviews of this tire it looks like this may be somewhat common. What kind of mileage are you guys getting on these tires before having to replace?
  5. Could someone with a 2.5" lift and the 285/55/22 setup take a height measurement from the ground to the top of the XM antenna please? I'm ready to switch to the bigger tires and lift but am not sure If I will fit in my garage. I don't really want to give up parking inside especially with winter coming soon. Or if you have a 2.5" level and the 285/55/22, are you able to fit in a standard 7ft garage opening?
  6. The 285/55/22 tire looks awesome! Now I'm researching what it takes to get them added to my truck. After a lot of reading, I may end up going with Bilstein 5100s and a small spacer instead of a 2.5" leveling kit (had decided on motofab). Anyone know what spacer is best for use with the Bilstein 5100 in order to get around 2.5" lift/level to fit the 285/55/22 tires?
  7. I'm looking for the 22" style of the RST wheel but without the black paint. On the Tahoe they are optioned as 22" ultra bright machined aluminum wheels but I can not figure out what the part number is. For instance there are a ton of GM wheels that are "CK" followed by numbers to identify the wheel. Does anyone know what style of wheels these are? I'm looking for my dad since he has some pretty bad scrapes on two of his wheels and he's looking for some replacements. Figured we'd search online first before going to the dealership. Thanks.
  8. I bought the Bakflip MX4 purely for it's look over the other covers. I knew going in it wouldn't be completely waterproof with the design of the cover not sitting on top of the bed caps. After installing it, I noticed some water was getting in mostly from the tailgate area and over the wheel wells. After making some adjustments, I was able to reduce the amount that was coming in from the tailgate but I ended up buying a "Trail Seal Kit" from auto anything for about $30 and that helped tremendously. Now I only get a couple of drops of water coming into the bed and that's only after going through a car wash or after heavy rainfall. Normal rain and it stays completely dry now.
  9. Would this work with a 2017 Tahoe Premier gauge cluster to swap to a Silverado? The Tahoe Premier cluster looks the same as the Denali cluster.
  10. Thanks! Nope, just me and my wife for now. I like the look more of the crew cab short box vs double cab. Also, more interior room was more important to me than having a longer bed since I will most likely not be using the bed a ton.
  11. Ordered a 2017 LTZ crew cab back in the first week of December and picked it up last Friday. This is the first time I have ever owned a truck and I'm loving it so far! I'm coming from a supercharged G8 GT so of course I had do opt for the 6.2L. I bought the Bakflip MX4 tonneau cover a few weeks ago and got it installed over the weekend.
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