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  1. I pulled the trigger on them. The factory lights are a vast difference coming from a 19 Texas edition to 14 high country
  2. Does it hurt not to get the aftermarket projectors? I'm looking to buy this setup https://www.fastheadlights.com/mobile/product.aspx?ProductCode=buy_hid_kit&404;http://www.fastheadlights.com:80/product-p/buy_hid_kit.htm= I just got a 2014 Silverado High Country that has factory projectors in it, but halogen lights are booboo.
  3. I've found that when I fill up on fuel the gas gauge is off. I've pumped gas until the pump clicks, waited a full minute, put more in as much as possible. The gas gauge never shows full tank. Does this have to do with me switching the "Best fuel economy" from the last 50 miles to the last 25 miles, or vise versa?
  4. I'm curious about this too, as I have no clue how to access this feature. It's annoying that such a useful feature is not detailed anywhere. I thought the LED light on the tailgate was a camera, but slowly figured out that it was a light that comes on with the cargo light/bed LEDs. For future reference, when you turn on the cargo lights they automatically go off when truck is put in drive but come on the next time truck is parked.
  5. 1. The remote start run time is exceeds 9 minutes, which was the run time on my old 14 Z71. Does anyone know how long this run time is? I've let it go up to 11 minutes before I've started the 19 LT Texas Edition. 2. NOT COOL FEATURE: AC dripping on exhaust sound. What's up with this? 3. Emergency brake turns on on its own sometimes when I park. Is this common to other 19 Silverado users? The push button E brake is cool.
  6. Slick, man! I had those on my 14 z. Those are the best steps in the angled look.
  7. After having the symptoms of bad torque converter and stalling tranny, I traded in the 14 Z71 last week on a 19 LT. The new whip is a lot smoother than the old one
  8. What's the cost on the torque converter change? I've got issues with 2014 Z71
  9. A big bottle and little bottle of refrigerant seems like a lot. I've replaced the condenser, compressor, and radiator and didn't use more than 2 small bottles of refrigerant, plus the compressor oil. How can I tell if I need more refrigerant (other than the AC not cooling)???
  10. Thanks for the quick response. I wasn't googling the right words lol. I'd never thought to Google the pic of motor. I fought with that all night!
  11. I've been working on my 14 Silverado the past couple weekends. I've replaced the ac condenser, the radiator, ac compressor and belt (belt was a btch!). I took the serpentine belt off to put the ac compressor belt on today and now I've got 3 or 4 inches of slack in the serp belt. I had to use a pry bar to move the belt tensioner to get the serp belt off, so I don't know if the tensioner is bad. It doesn't squeak or anything. I can't find the belt diagram for these newer models. I've found a spec for the serp belt for 72" length and I measured for the correct length. Any help is appreciated! I'v
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