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  1. My 2020 Denali pulled the same trick while driving down the road, when I stopped the engine and started it again the problem no longer existed. I had GM run a diagnostic and it came back all ok. Take your truck to a dealer and have them run a diagnostic of the infotainment center.
  2. Jlong, I bought a 2019 Jeep Cherokee....It did not have a key plus other electronic items to relieve me of having to use my brain. The worst were the stupid no key system and the other was having to press a button after every start to keep the engine from shutting off every time the Jeep came to a stop....I hated these additions to what was an otherwise smooth ,quiet and fun vehicle...I sold it!
  3. I can truly say I am glad I bought my 2020 Canyon rather than wait for a front end rework that would give me nightmares...sorry but the photos would send me home from the dealership with designs on keeping the current truck a lot longer. There I gave my opinion without ever using the word “hideous”.
  4. My trucks have been red the last five purchases because of the beautiful paints now being used. My favorite color is white normally but the metallic reds that glow day and night have taken control , my Canyon Denali has such a rich look to it white is totally overshadowed by comparison. Maybe next year I can go back to white....
  5. Back to the strike issue, I am happy my new GMC was built on July 18 before the negotiations bogged down and the strike was called. I should think the vehicles assembled in those last few days will be something I would not want to purchase. I have seen strikes where the strikers destroyed property and threatened non union workers with injury, then the day the strike ends those same workers expect to have all sins forgiven. The health care issue is very similar. Now that is a mentality I cannot understand
  6. The UAW (currently having top echelon arrested for corruption) is now the employer of all striking persons so why should they not pay any needed benefits including health care. If an individual chooses not to work why should that same person expect the former employer, who is suffering the effects of shuttered plants, to owe them any allegiance? It will be interesting to see how workers respond post strike if not totally satisfied with a contract. We the consumer will probably feel the effects of a disgruntled employee when the next auto is purchased.
  7. Maybe you should quit backing into people Seriously replacing the factory bumper will be expensive, the trailer hitch for one thing is part of the bumper and it’s mounting and strength. A painted bumper will cost to match your vehicle so maybe the chrome one would be cheaper, just a guess but i’ll bet it has a price tag closing on a grand plus installation. I cannot imagine driving with the bumper bent for too long, I would bite the bullet and have it replaced.
  8. I checked and my truck does not have a gas cap locking or otherwise so I do the next best thing and simply lock my truck in the garage when not in use.
  9. TXGREEK, I am one who over services his vehicles, until five or six years ago I did most of the work myself because the dealer did not do as nice a job as I. Now that I am a senior ( politically correct for “ old as dirt” it is hard to get up and down or lay on my back under the vehicle. I purchase from a “hometown” dealer and they are very friendly to my Westie and me. GM recommends Mobil One and being a creature of habit once I started using it some years ago I probably will not change short of a world wide shortage, my vehicles run super fine on Mobil One consequently I am quite content, price being of no consequence. I am currently on my fifth Canyon pick up and have yet to seek out the service department for anything but recalls and service leaving me to believe my maintenance schedule is in fact working. A friend of mine long ago began using Amsoil and a toilet paper filter on his Dodge pick up, after many many miles he would change the oil and filter. Amsoil and his TP only lasted for 260,000 miles when the transmission and rear end finally gave up and the truck went off to the Great wrecking yard, the engine he boasted had never been touched internally and was still going strong when the rest of the truck died ( he used Amsoil in the transmission and rear end also. So no disparaging comments on Amsoil here I just like the warm fuzzys Mobil One gives me. Oh, I also have the dealership trained to wipe off any residue they put on my engine or undercarriage, taking the truck back and having it done over one time convinced them to do the job right the first time.....that was five years ago and I still check but find they are doing everything expected.
  10. I always change oil near 1000 miles for the first time, just took delivery on my 2020 Denali and have made an appointment for the service next week. I have only 500 miles now and expect a few hundred more by change time then the changes will be every 3000 thereafter. GM now puts synthetic in their vehicles and I have always used Mobil 1 having all services done at the dealership.
  11. Find a nice community where the liberals predominate, they will take your guns and teach you and your family to hide in a closet while the undesirables ( with guns) relieve you of your possessions and haul them away in your truck.
  12. I have always changed oil in a new vehicle around 1000 and every 3000 thereafter, use Mobil 1 for every change. I have never had to return to a dealer with engine problems, I like to think my over maintenance is partially to blame.
  13. I have never had the gas pump light come on I choose to refuel at half a tank or better, weather conditions in the winter pretty much demand a full tank if you are going any where the snow might cause problems. I just carry that attitude through the summer months.
  14. All of the oil life gadgets are fine for those who push the envelope on maximum time/ miles they can get on a change, I simply change my Mobil one each 3000 miles and do not worry about engine failure because of contaminates in the oil and filter. Yes I over service my vehicles and usually get a new one before 25,000 miles. One of my acquaintances informed me he never changes the oil in the Chevy pick up he bought from me but he does change the filter every 7000 miles and dumps oil on top to bring the dip stick level up to full. He is also one who never washes the vehicle, piles Mc Donald’s crap knee deep inside, and has the gas pump light on for a day or two before refueling. It had 18,000 when I sold it to him, at 40,00 if I remember correctly I saw the truck at a friends garage where it was receiving a complete new engine, the mechanic directed me to the old block with black crap a half inch deep covering everything. He laughed about driving several hundred miles to tow the truck to his garage, the tow and the cost of a new engine was very profitable for him. Shortly after the truck was back on the road a uninsured, no license or green card gentleman ran into it and totaled the truck. Some folks will never learn however and i’ll bet my friend is swimming in hamburger wrappers and slowly cooking another engine today.
  15. Yes Doug, GM is remiss in not calling you for technical correction of their transmission woes...better yet why don’t you call them they will be anxiously waiting. I wish someone would help them out before next week when they install an eight speed in my new build. This will be my second Denali with the eight speed, the 2017 ran like a top rarely letting me know it was shifting. I read here that others have had different experiences, hopefully the flush will correct any difficulties they may have encountered. GM has built hundreds of thousands of the eight speed I would like to know what portion of those required maintenance, mine surely did not and I know of several other folks who are quite happy with the transmission.
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