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  1. I fact, as I think about it, I may just cut out a big squarish section I can pop in and out. That way a fiver hitch would be directly against the bed and I would only have one piece to deal with instead of 5 small pieces.
  2. I had a full bedrug in my last truck. I loved it, and that truck didn’t have a 5th wheel prep. This truck does, and I didn’t think the full sides were necessary so I got a bedrug bed mat. I plan to just cut holes where the holes are in the bed, then I can just pop them in and out. The bedrug is made out of fake carpet and foam. It’s incredibly nice on your knees if you climb around in the truck bed at all, soft for pets, comfortable for drive in movies, and keeps things from sliding around in the bed.
  3. I’m at almost 5k miles and I’ve been recently hearing some suspension creaking/popping. Mine sounds like it’s coming from the driver/front suspension. Mostly in reverse making a hard left. I was going to grease everything next chance I get and see if it goes away. I had a serious squeak all the time when I first bought the truck and pinned it down to dry door hinges/latches. I just wonder if they went a little light on the lube all around.
  4. I’ll try disconnecting and reconnecting to see what happens. Overall I think GM just put out a buggy system and they need to do a little better job of getting on top of it. It seems there have been issues in the 1500’s since the ‘19s came out and they haven’t resolved those either. Honestly it makes me nervous they are never going to fix it and will just replace it in a year or 2 with the new system that’s going into the new tahoe/yukon. ”Thanks for your 80k, Go away now...”
  5. I think the seats are a little firmer than the seats were in my ‘15 2500. I don’t mind it, it’s not uncomfortable for me at all. I also think there’s 2 ways to think about it, comfort vs durability. The seats in my ‘15 were breaking down a little after 100k miles. I think the seats in this truck will last longer, so I like that for sure. I think you just need to test drive and see whether you like it or not.
  6. I’m curious about this new update. I haven’t been prompted for it yet either. Do you have a version number? This is the most temperamental infotainment system I’ve ever had. Half the time it doesn’t recognize that my phone is connected even when it shows it is. I try to make a call and it acts like there is no phone connected. So I place the call on the phone and it comes on over the hands free system.... it also is still very annoying that it cuts the ringer volume on my phone way down every time it connects...
  7. If I didn’t tow a 35 foot travel trailer I’d have a hard time justifying the HD. It definitely doesn’t ride as smooth. It’s more expensive. It’s a pain to park sometimes. But when you tow something big, these inconveniences get justified really quickly the first time you tow with one. If I wasn’t towing anything big I’d probably go back to a 1500. But, I definitely love the reliability I’ve enjoyed with diesel, I also love the torque and that would be hard to give up too. Fortunately there are diesel options in the 1500s now. I would definitely go test drive one. It may give you what you’re looking for without buying too much truck for too much money.
  8. I have this too. There’s a ton of room to use the tailgate, works great. Unfortunately it does help me when I use the WD hitch for my travel trailer. I can remember it. But my wife, son, other family member, friend, etc... won’t. So I definitely see the appeal to this solution. I wonder if the manual switch version could be wired up to an upfitter switch.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I am inclined to order one and see what I think, but I think I may wait and see some more reviews on it before I do. I am kind of surprised that banks hasn't released any media on the 2020 release. It's almost as if they aren't as excited about this one as they were about the one for the '17-'19's. Not sure. I'm definitely interested to see how the pedal monster interacts with the derringer. And somewhat interested to see if the pedal monster does enough on it's own without the derringer, meaning giving a little more power down low where I think most of us want to see it. One thing is for sure, I like the new transmission so far, but I think it could definitely use a little polishing as far as gear selection, etc.. I think it's the only thing we're overcoming here when we talk about pedal lag, etc...
  10. Where did you get this schematic? I’d lovevto get schematics like this for the whole truck.
  11. This might be the first time I've ever been sad to have a diesel. Well, not really, but I really want do that battery box mod. That's some crafty stuff. Unfortunately, I have a battery there, lol.
  12. Definitely getting a set of these this year.
  13. I'm pretty disappointed in the results people are experiencing. I was hoping for something a little more dramatic. I feel like 140 ft lbs is a pretty big increase for people to be wondering whether or not they can tell a difference. I was really looking forward to getting a derringer for this truck too... Does anyone feel like the transmission may be what's limiting the truck? Stock, my truck seems to have a lot more lag than my '15 did. From a stop it's pretty powerful. Pulling hills, same. I experience a ton of lag though if I slowly roll a stop sign, or barely come to stop, then a light turns green etc... I feel like the transmission hasn't fully made it down to first gear or something, then I try to go and there's a good second or 2 of lag. I was really hoping for some improvement in this with the derringer. Anybody notice an improvement in this?
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