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  1. Thanks for the pics. I'm having difficultly understanding why the shocks need to come off in order to be adjusted. I have a lot of experience with coilovers on cars, and the whole purpose is to be able to adjust height. In this case, I don't see why you couldn't jack up the truck, take the load off the side you are adjusting, and turn that collar up to the desired increase in height you're looking for....? You would still need an alignment, once you get your settled/desired height achieved, and IMO, it would be worth a shot before spending $475 to have someone else take them off, adjust, align, only to MAYBE get the height you want.
  2. Sorry for the late response. I ended up taking my truck to the dealer and they had to replace several parts within the fuel system. I don't have the paperwork in front of me, but it was pretty intensive from what I saw. I have since added a few thousand miles without hiccup.
  3. Anymore pics...that looks really good.
  4. I took my truck to get the reprogram done, and they didn't do it because they said their tech couldn't replicate the problem during his test drives. My stealership also sucks too....so just FYI. My clunky 8 speed seems to only happen on occasion, mostly during the first few shifts from a stop, but apparently wasn't enough for them to do the work.
  5. A little research shows that it could be a throttle issue; however, there have been other factors to cause it. Won't be able to get the truck to the stealer until Monday.
  6. I was about a mile away from my home and this came on along with the traction control light. Barely putted home. I turn the truck off, and now I just have a CEL but truck seems to rev fine with no REP warning. I know I’ll have to make a trip to the dealer but was just curious if you guys experienced this and what was the culprit? Truck is 2017 Sierra 1500 with 5.3 and 8 speed. 4500 miles. Thanks!
  7. Still not going to let us know the sizes of those tires?
  8. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Beautiful Truck...where do you buy those Volks? Would it be a sin to put Japanese wheels on an American truck made in Mexico?
  9. Very nice. I think the next time, I will attempt the install myself. I know I could have done just as good as the so called professional install I currently have the on the truck.
  10. When I was first shopping this year for a full size truck, I originally wanted a double cab as I liked the looks better, and the extra bed room was just an added bonus (but not completely necessary for my needs). Then I ended up with a crew cab and have no regrets....the added room for my family and inside storage was just what I needed. I say go crew cab if you are uncertain on which to go.

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