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  1. That wasn’t your truck in the picture so was I really being a dick? Grow a pair bro
  2. Rigid is far from the best but they’re for sure the most expensive. I’ve got a 40” inch light bar off of eBay on my SxS that I’ve had since 2014 that’s been hit, submerged etc and works great to the day. I think I paid $150 at the time. Get something that’s CREE and you’re good I agree behind the grill or on a bumper is best. Those sport bars are stupid looking.
  3. Huh? Stop typing while driving bro. You’re gonna kill someone
  4. You won’t have any problems. Get to it.
  5. It will do all that through a tune. You said you wanted to wait on a tune. If you’re going to tune the truck I suggest you stick with Lew. Bite the bullet and pay the fee. You won’t be disappointed
  6. They’re probably identical in function. I’m just cheap and look for the cheaper option. Either will do the job
  7. Forgot about the Range. That will get the afm turned off. The Hypertech isn’t the only option for tire size adjustment. Rough Country has a programmer that’s quite a bit cheaper.
  8. This is true and what you should have said to begin with. Just because you tune your truck doesn’t mean you have no chance of getting an engine related issue fixed under warranty. Youll find more more instances of people with tunes getting warranty work done then people with tunes and getting denied. It’s a fact. You have to tune the truck to turn off AFM.
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