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  1. That’s exactly what I used em for. I filled it with all my tie downs and jumper cables and still got room left. They run about $179 per side.
  2. Installed one of my swing cases. Waiting on the other one to be delivered. Damn I love these things.
  3. Gearing is going to depend on your tire size. With stock tire size going from a 3.42 to 4.10 would be like running a true 4.10. Going from a 3.42 to 4.10 and you got 35’s would be like running a true 3.42. There are calculators on this site and on the web that will give you an idea of what gearing you need for your setup. With 33’s a 4.10 would probably be just right for you. I have 35’s and a 7” lift so I went 4.56 and it’s great. Takes a lot of gear to spin those big heavy tires. Your rpms are going to go up but depending on how fast you cruise on the hwy it might not be that big of a deal. At 75mph I’m running about 2200rpm. With 4.10 and 33’s like you have. Rpms would probably be around 1800-2000. yes since it’s 4wd you would need both ends regeared. if you still plan to add boost I would probably not regear. Boost and talk gears would make it a horrible daily driver as far as shops go. I would look for a dedicated off road shop, preferably one that does a lot of jeeps. My first instinct was to contact a “rear end place” or a transmission shop. I told them what I wanted to do and they acted like I was speaking a foreign language to them. One place even wanted to charge me $6k to do a gear swap because he hadn’t done a truck as new as mine and wasn’t sure what all was involved. He actually wanted me to pay him to experiment on my truck. Anyways I found a place that only worked on 4x4s called Dallas Off-road and on their site one of their services was gear installs. I called the guy told him what I had and he quoted me $2250 and said they would need the truck for 2 days and would provide a lifetime warranty on parts and service. The rest is history. Also if you have a 4wheel Parts location near you, they do gear swaps to. I was going to use them but their price was a little higher and only provided a 1yr warranty.
  4. Check my facts??? There has been test after test after test done on numerous dirty valves with carbon cleaners. Tons of which can be found on YouTube. While there is evidence of cleaning going on none of them have shown the results posted above. I have no problem stating I believe that’s a little false advertising on the manufacturers part. the key to these cleaners is making them apart of your routine maintenance intervals. This is simple common sense. You change your oil regularly because one of its functions is keeping the engine clean. Imagine not changing your oil for 100k miles. You think a fresh oil change is magically gonna clean that engine.
  5. Yes that’s what I mean. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for adding boost when you can. I own a CTSV and more boost is key lol. with our trucks it’s not the motor or lack of power that’s the problem. It’s the low gearing. A swap to a taller gear will not only keep your motor in the power band more often but it will ease the stress on the trans which is key for these trucks. A gear swap will make it feel like you gained a ton of hp and tq and be more efficient. Your mpgs will go up and towing will be a breeze. Strap on a blower and get to towing and you’ll be in the boost pretty much the entire time and your mpgs will go straight to shit all the while your stressing the shit out of the motor. And a gear swap will be waaayyyyy cheaper then your stage 1 and 2 by thousands of dollars. Just food for thought. Either way you can’t go wrong with either option. They each have their benefits over one another. Good luck with the truck. Be sure to post up when you get to modding.
  6. Stop talking shit bro. You thought you were proving a point and it backfired on you. Let it go and move on.
  7. you should be concerned about the money you wasted on this pointless experiment lol!!!
  8. I don’t like how far the oil has to travel uphill to the can. The mounting location is to high up. Whereas the Elite is mounted closer to and level with the intake. Probably not a big deal just me being picky.
  9. My only issue with the JLT is the mounting location. I have a Mighty Mouse on my CTSV. Nice product
  10. I’ll continue with my routine valve cleanings every oil change. Your little experiment proves nothing. The key is to do these cleanings from the get go, not 50, 75 or 100k miles in. This stuff isn’t going to magically clean valves that are already coked up. Everybody knows that. It’s meant to be a preventative measure. thanks for the good laugh. I needed it. I had a crappy day at work.
  11. Elite and the separator is overkill and not needed. But if u want it get it.
  12. If you’re gonna put a blower on it and try to run straight E then you’ll definitely need to upgrade the fuel system. You might be able to get away with mixing with 93 to bring the alcohol content down but even then I doubt it. you should just gear it and call it a day
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