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  1. Quotes for exhaust

    I got the MBRP Installer series single exit behind the wheel and love it. Sounds great and drone isn’t bad at all Even though the tip is stainless I went to the beach and the saltwater put a hurtin on it quick and it rusted up. I ended up pulling it off and powder coating it black. Other than that the system has been great
  2. Battery life

    I have a 2017 with the oem battery and it feels weak to me. It’s starting to cool down here in TX and was in the low 40’s earlier this week. When I went to take the kids to school it was a real slow crank. Seems odd to me for a year old battery. I put it on a battery tender Wednesday morning and as of tonight it’s still charging. Thinking I may have a bad battery
  3. You’re supposed to check and re-torque your lug nuts after you get new tires or a rotation but chances are you don’t. Yeah RC sucks for wanting it’s customers to play it safe.
  4. I used my 4 wheel drive
  5. Diablew (not Diablo, google it) FTW
  6. Intune I3 with the canned 87 tune
  7. Audio install

    They aren’t cheap I’ll give you that.
  8. My custom Lew tune was night and day over the canned tune. Only thing I didn’t like was stock I had crappy mpgs then with the canned tune I gained back like 3 mpgs which was awesome and the truck ran a little better to. Then I got my Lew tune and lost those mpgs I gained but.... the truck runs great now so it’s a compromise I was willing to make.
  9. Audio install

    JL Audio 13TW5 is what I would go with. Had one in a 2009 Escalade I had then transferred it to a behind the seat custom box in an F250 I had. I’m looking at another one for my 17 Silverado. No problems fitting under the seat in a low profile box. Paired with an MX500/1 amp and the thing will rock.
  10. Which Airbag System??

  11. Installed my custom tune from Lew last night and holy crap what a difference!!! I had been running the canned 87 Diablo tune for a couple of weeks and thought it was pretty good over stock. I ran a log and sent it to Lew yesterday at 3:54pm. At 4:07 he sent me back his custom tune. I had to run to the store last night to get some meds for my son so I figured I'd install it real quick and run to the store. As soon as I pulled out of my alley I knew instantly it was better. Anyone on the fence about getting a Diablo tuner and a custom tune DO IT!!!! Lew is great to work with and apparently knows his shit.
  12. I only use satellite radio or my iPhone for music. Compared to satellite, when I Bluetooth through my phone the volume is significantly lower. If I use my phone for music when its plugged into the usb the volume is about the same as when im listening to satellite So yes same issue here
  13. None whatsoever I read multiple reviews on them and watched multiple youtube vids and out of hundreds of reviews I only found 2-3 bad reviews saying they made noise I was considering bags but I have a 7" lift so the install was going to require more parts and be harder. Seemed like a lot of extra effort and cost to achieve what I was going for. The springs provide 1500# of load leveling capacity which is more than I need. Bags would be sweet for sure but I think these are a nice economical alternative
  14. Installed some SuperSprings. Was getting a lot of sag especially with my toy hauler hitched up. Even with the WDH setup right it was still more sag than I liked. Installed these and re did my WDH and now the truck is pretty much leveled. Pretty impressed with these springs. Didn't change the ride when unloaded which was my biggest concern. Highly recommend these
  15. 1500 pulling a travel trailer

    The GVWR on these trucks is a ball park. Its simply there to classify the trucks as 1/2, 3/4 and 1 ton. Tow ratings are usually conservative. You can go to youtube and watch vid after vid of people doing tests to see how much a particular truck can tow and usually its several thousand pounds over its capacity. If you go a few hundred lbs over the gvwr you're not gonna blow out your tires or snap an axle. Again I think you're over thinking it.

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