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  1. Catch Can

    Elite. CLean side separator isn’t needed http://www.eliteengineeringusa.com/catch-cans/
  2. What kind of oil

    I swapped over to Rotella Gas Truck 5w-30 a couple of weeks back and immediately went on a 600 mile trip pulling my toy hauler to the beach. So far I like it over the 0w-20 I was using. Engine was quieter and oil temps were lower than before in identical conditions. I was one of those whatever is on sale I use type of guys but I think I'll stick with the Rotella for now.
  3. Towing MPG

    I think its that cat back you installed
  4. LED DRL’s

    Yeah I haven't really noticed. I like the DRL's on my 17 Silverado because theyre stupid bright. The ones on the New Yukons look cool
  5. What kind of oil

    Im in before this gets way out of hand Use whatever you want. I would recommend a good synthetic though. Don't take the bait either, Amsoil is not the end all be all of synthetic oil. Tons of other equally good options out there. As far as weight goes, that's up to you. Your truck specs 0W-20 so use that if you want. The debates in here get hot and heavy over weight. Unless you live in a really cold climate I don't see the need for that thin of an oil. Im in TX and even though my truck specs 0W-20 I use 5w-30 because it gets real hot down here.
  6. Not judging. Im just dumbfounded by the lack of common sense. Will a cat back exhaust hurt my mpg's? Oh yeah Ive only ever driven Camaros and Corvettes by the way. Not sure what that has to do with anything??? Then you go off and some how try to make the ridiculous comparison of your trucks mpgs to a race car that you autocross. An exhaust system isn't causing your car to use an entire tank of gas more than before, its your right foot. Or hell maybe it is the cause, maybe the tune on your car is shit because the addition of the exhaust. Maybe you didn't install the exhaust right and have an exhaust leak somewhere. WHO KNOWS!!!!!!! Gas mileage averages are scientific and can change from day to day with the weather, amount of traffic, destination routes, added weight being carried, driving habits etc etc etc. It all boils down to your right foot. Like everyone else has said chances are your mileage may go down and that's simply because everyone who puts an aftermarket exhaust on likes the sound of it so they get into the throttle more than before. Stay out of the gas and your mileage can increase by quite a bit. Get on the gas more and watch it go down. Simple as that. A muffler isn't going to change any of that
  7. They say there is no such thing as a dumb question. I beg to differ
  8. You went to the dealer for this?
  9. AFM

    This^^^^ Chances are your truck is probably running worse now than before. With a lift and 35's you need a tune or it will be a total dog. Plus with a truck setup like yours you'd never see V4 mode anyways unless you were driving down hill using no throttle.
  10. What kind of Antenna???

    I put a stubby on mine and live in the heart of Dallas and lost a ton of volume on radio stations. Not really a big deal for me as I only listen to satellite. I did it mainly for looks
  11. Ugh!!!! You again Dude a 6.2l chevy truck with 150k miles on it will eat your Raptor for lunch. Go away already
  12. I had to mount my RC Vertex shocks the opposite way of oem
  13. A 2” rough country spacer won’t change the ride quality over stock. It just won’t.
  14. 5100s are stiff and your ride will change. Spacers won’t change your ride at all.

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