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  1. Video in Dash?

    It’s probably a Lockpick or something similar
  2. Ugh!!! You sound like a guy that just got his first iPhone and are trying to convince the rest of us that have owned them since day one how badass they are. “Ford nailed it with this one”. Really!!! The Raptor has been out for almost a decade and they nailed it when the very first 2010 came out. Your comparisons are apples and oranges. The raptor can’t be compared to anything because it’s in a class of its own. It can’t even be compared to its brother the F150. We get it you like your new Raptor. Why? Because it’s a better truck then any other 1500 on the road. No argument there. But starting a thread on a GM forum about how much you love your new Ford and how munch better it is then GM makes you look bad. Go join the Raptor forums as it’s time for you to move on from here. Buh bye!
  3. Mobil 1 Truck & SUV

    That’s not true
  4. Mobil 1 Truck & SUV

    You guys tripping out about the lack of Dexos certification are funny. If something catastrophic was to happen to your engine there is no possible way GM could determine the oil you were using was Dexos approved or not. Absolutely none you guys are paying a premium for a stamp on a bottle meanwhile the oil you’re using is no different from an identical oil without the stamp.
  5. Fuel question

    Yes all of the them. Todays synthetics API-SN or better are designed to be used with Ethanol fuels (they even say that on the bottle, I wonder why???) But they'll still break down faster than if you were running gasoline exclusively. Straight from Mobil1 website when asked if compatible with Ethanol "Mobil 1™ oils are compatible with most fuels; however, excess fuel dilution may require more frequent changes and used oil analysis for quality monitoring." If you plan to run E85 full time I'd stick to 3000 mile oil changes even with a top tier synthetic oil. No more than 5000 miles for sure. A Blackstone analysis is always a good thing to get periodically just to know how things are going. With that said though Id bet money that if you did an oil analysis running gas for 3000 miles then ran E85 for 3k miles on fresh oil the wear metals would come back higher.
  6. Fuel question

    Since you're an environmentalist I wont argue the fact that it burns cleaner as I agree with you that it does. As far as cost that's debatable simply depending on where one lives. As far as youre oil staying cleaner longer I question that. Ethanol dissolves oil and it is widely known around many automotive circles that when running E85 exclusively or even a 50/50 mixture like you run that ethanol kills the lubricity of oil a LOT faster than gasoline and oil change intervals should be shortened. I would be curious to see one of these oil change analysis's you have and see how high the metals are. But with the age of your truck I suspect it would be hard to differentiate wear from age versus wear from diluted oil. Either way you keep doing you and all will be fine with the world
  7. Fuel question

    Your coworker is a moron. If your truck is flex fuel capable then there won’t be any long term negative effects. You can’t let E85 sit for to long like gas. If your truck is going to sit for any length of time then I’d run a stabilizer for ethanol in it or run some gas through it. My ctsv runs E85 exclusively but it’s my weekend car so I run Lucas ethanol treatment in it every tank and once every couple of months I’ll run a tank of 93 through it to kinda wash everything out. But don’t worry you’ll be fine If your truck is not flex fuel capable then you are receiving no benefit from the ethanol except maybe some money savings because E is cheaper than gas. But then again your hurting your fuel mileage so the savings is pretty much a wash. The throttle improvement is merely in your head.
  8. If it’s a 3rd party warranty then you did waste your money. They’ll do everything in their power to deny a claim. No matter who you got it through, it’s no good. Consumer Reports ranks 3rd party warranties as some of the biggest scams ever. But.... if it’s a warranty you got through the dealer or GM then chances are it will be ok.
  9. Like I said out of the ones the OP posted Id go with the Odyssey But with that said you really cant go wrong with any auto parts store brand of AGM. Looking at the big 3 parts stores near me an AGM with identical warranties all run around $199 for my 17 1500. Advance Auto would probably win out because of the 25% off though.
  10. I’d get the Odyssey. It’s cheaper than the Optima, has better specs and it’s a direct fit. Optimas are only good in custom applications like boats, hot rods, etc. that’s even how they advertise their product. There is a reason the Odyssey is number one on that list and the yellow top is number 6
  11. Congrats on the new truck. The Raptors are badass no doubt. I do find it odd that up until now you’ve owned all these GM trucks and as soon as you buy a new Ford your opinion of GM turns to them being shit.
  12. 10k miles on my 7” RC lift and no issues whatsoever. Rides like a caddy. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to give them my money.
  13. This was funny. A second faster is no big deal lol. A 1 second lower et on a drag strip is HUGE. The amount of power it takes to go 1 second faster is big.
  14. Nice spreadsheet I for one though am against running an 80psi tire at half its recommended pressure Tire pressures are like oil. Everyone has an opinion
  15. Funny because I live in Dallas and my rear window has been frosted over every morning so far this week. Sure glad I had my auto defrost

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