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  1. Well I spoke to soon. Even after clearing codes my cruise still isn’t working right
  2. Cora’s is just notoriously loud. I have a corsa sport on my ctsv with long tubes and it’ll shake the whole house on a cold start. I don’t think it would be much different on a truck. But once it warms up and the idle comes down it’s not bad at all as far as best exhaust goes..... the most free flowing you can get will be the best
  3. Scanned for codes and the abs code was still there. Cleared it and all is good now
  4. That would affect speed limit no matter what, not just when cruise control is activated. But no I checked and it’s turned off I had an ABS light and service stabilitrac light the other day but it was because I had a bad right front wheel speed sensor. I replaced that a couple of days ago and the faults went away. Maybe a good idea to scan for codes and see if they’re still in there and if so clear em. I’ll give that a try today.
  5. Where does the separated oil go? its gotta get routed back through the engine some how
  6. I can activate my cruise control at 62mph and under. Anything above that and it wont activate. Whats weird is if I activate it at 62mph I can raise my speed using the Res button but only to 68mph then it turns off. The cruise icon is still on the dash but it stops maintaining speed. Ive got 35's and had my gearing changed but I got everything dialed in with my tuner and speedo matches GPS to +/- 1mph Not sure where to begin with this problem
  7. The Odyssey runs around $259. The Interstate is $194. At least where I’m located that’s what they cost
  8. Tuners

    I’d say 90% of the people on these Silverado/Sierra forums with tuned trucks have first hand experience with Diablew. You’ll be hard pressed to find a negative review of his tuning and his customer service is second to none. He’ll send you a tuner with the regular Diablo sport canned tunes. You pick the one you want to run usually 87 or 93. Upload it and drive it for 150 miles or so that way the truck learns the new tune and shifting. Then you’ll do a data log and send him that and the tune files. He’ll adjust the engine tune and trans tune based on your log and send you the custom tune. Upload that and enjoy.
  9. I wont knock ya at all. I think Odyssey batteries are the best you can get if you want to spend the money. With that said I run a Duralast Platinum AGM in my CTSV and it hasn't given me a bit of trouble going on two years now. Its not a daily driver and will sometimes sit for 2-3 weeks between starts. Fires up every time. I had the cheap Duralast in my wifes MDX for maybe a year and last year we had a couple of really cold days/nights and every morning it would be dead. Autozone took it back under warranty and replaced it with a Duralast Platinum and it hasn't given me a bit of trouble even over this past winter when we got into the teens a few times. The AC Delco was in my V for 5yrs before I replaced it and it was still good at the time. I just replaced it to be proactive
  10. Oil Pressure

    My 2012 CTS V with LSA specs 5w-30 as do the new ones with LT's. Truck specs OW-20. I believe it to is for fuel efficiency. As said earlier my hot idle pressures are around 38psi and on the gas upper 40's. With that kind of psi I don't see a need to change from whats spec'd so i'll probably keep running 0W-20. If I had low psi like Ive seen in here I would consider going up in weight
  11. Towing comparisons

    The 6.2 will pull better than the 5.3 due to it simply having more power. While the 5.3 and 6.0 are nearly identical engine wise the 2500 will handle the trailer weight a lot better and will pull better because of the gearing. Either truck will be better than your current.
  12. Just replaced my right front wheel speed sensor so I could get all the lights on my dash to turn off lol! What a PIA that was but its done and everything is good now.
  13. Trip to your local muffler shop will produce exactly what you want

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