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  1. Just my opinion

    OP youre a snowflake. Embarrassed to own a truck because of something that happened a decade ago you gotta be kidding me. Grow a sack dude Its the current economy that's going to hurt sales not plant closures or 10yr old bailouts. The markets are correcting, interest rates are still going up, etc etc. Oh and Id drive the shit out of the new HD. That truck is gonna sell like hot cakes
  2. If you don't need a truck then get rid of it and buy what you want. So many people especially men these days feel they have to drive a truck even though they don't need one. Its become more evident with diesel trucks especially. Owning a diesel these days has become more of a cool factor then a necessity. If you're second guessing owning your truck then get rid of it I had an F250 and thought I needed an SUV because of my growing family so I traded it for a 17 Expedition EL. I needed something that I could still tow with and it fit the bill. It was a great family hauler and the Ecoboost is an awesome engine (better than the GM 5.3 and as good if not better than the 6.2) but I found myself constantly needing to carry things that wouldn't always fit in the back. After 2yrs I decided I had to get back into a truck. We have multiple dirt bikes, atv's and a SxS and having a bed to put stuff in when the trailer is loaded to the max is great. Do I miss the SUV absolutely especially that engine. Do I regret getting back into a truck. Hell no because I use it constantly. Im a truck guy so I doubt I'll ever be without one
  3. Probably never had a speck of mud on either of those trucks
  4. I have a 7” RC lift and have had no issues at all. It was on the truck when I bought it so didn’t have a choice. It’s clear this is a CST sales thread so I’ll move along
  5. Overloaded

    OP you’re fine. Just make sure your trailer brakes are in good shape and working good and be on your way. Ignore the weight police
  6. Just run a can of Seafoam through the tank every now and then and you’re good
  7. Performance upgrade

    Throttle body spacers are garbage. Get a tune
  8. Quotes for exhaust

    I got the MBRP Installer series single exit behind the wheel and love it. Sounds great and drone isn’t bad at all Even though the tip is stainless I went to the beach and the saltwater put a hurtin on it quick and it rusted up. I ended up pulling it off and powder coating it black. Other than that the system has been great
  9. Battery life

    I have a 2017 with the oem battery and it feels weak to me. It’s starting to cool down here in TX and was in the low 40’s earlier this week. When I went to take the kids to school it was a real slow crank. Seems odd to me for a year old battery. I put it on a battery tender Wednesday morning and as of tonight it’s still charging. Thinking I may have a bad battery
  10. You’re supposed to check and re-torque your lug nuts after you get new tires or a rotation but chances are you don’t. Yeah RC sucks for wanting it’s customers to play it safe.
  11. I used my 4 wheel drive
  12. Diablew (not Diablo, google it) FTW
  13. Intune I3 with the canned 87 tune

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