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  1. Sounds like you already have a Garand, or more than one? If yes, I’d say go with the EVO. They look like fun, especially as your not neutered like we are up here for them.
  2. Got my letter last week, ill take it soon for oil and tire rotation and get that looked at. if all they are doing is pulling the fuse, no need to rush i guess.....
  3. Get decent soap like wolfgang coating with SiO2 will clean well and give a nice coating that beads the water off. two bucket method , micro fiber or sheep skin wash mitt and cloths to dry. Browse the forums at autogeekonline, there is a ton of good info on good products, simple washes and professional detailing.
  4. Downshift from 3rd to 2nd everything else is great, but damn that clunk makes me twitch every time
  5. UPR Catch Can installed today! now need to get some glass chips repaired...
  6. Installed my UPR single valve can today. Easy install, took me just over an hour, but folks with more time under the hood than me can do it in half the time. I PM’d Joe and he set me up with the kit deal for $219. Excellent deal, and the shipping was pretty quick, no duty was a bonus. Joe and the team at UPR were great to deal with. I’ve got a 2018 5.3 with 9K on it, there was no noticable oil in the OEM line. Interested to see how much is there after a couple of weeks.
  7. Those look really good. Katskins are on my list of upgrades for my SLE
  8. Lol, guess I’ll see how the red disco will look ordered the diablosport off a cdn dealer, should have it next week.
  9. Thanks for the info gents. I'll read a bit more on getting a tuner vs' a disabler before pulling the trigger. Also fwiw, I've read on another truck board that the Diablosport Sprint is actually a rebadged Range device - this info was from a Diablosport tech rep on that board. Cheers
  10. Hey guys, Looking into getting either a Diablosport Sprint or Range to disable AFM for my 2018 Sierra 5.3. Experiences or thoughts on either? I’m leaning towards the Sprint as looks I can get it easier up north (from tdotperformance.ca) and there’s been no battery drain reports. Thanks
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