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  1. Those look really good. Katskins are on my list of upgrades for my SLE
  2. Lol, guess I’ll see how the red disco will look ordered the diablosport off a cdn dealer, should have it next week.
  3. Thanks for the info gents. I'll read a bit more on getting a tuner vs' a disabler before pulling the trigger. Also fwiw, I've read on another truck board that the Diablosport Sprint is actually a rebadged Range device - this info was from a Diablosport tech rep on that board. Cheers
  4. Wow, that really sucks. Scum bags
  5. Hey guys, Looking into getting either a Diablosport Sprint or Range to disable AFM for my 2018 Sierra 5.3. Experiences or thoughts on either? I’m leaning towards the Sprint as looks I can get it easier up north (from tdotperformance.ca) and there’s been no battery drain reports. Thanks

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