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  1. No rubbing. I’m wondering if I could have actually fit a 35” ridge grappler.
  2. 285/55r22 Nitto Ridge Grapplers on OEM 22’s. Maxtrac 3.5” Lift with 1.5” rear blocks and Fox Shocks in the rear.
  3. I was thinking of going Icons for my truck. How is the ride? Many people love Icons but I’ve read others say they are way too stiff.
  4. I’ve been interested in the Icon Stage 1 or 2 kit. Let us know how it rides after you get it installed.
  5. Looks really good! Do you know if Baja Design has these lights in Amber also?
  6. I installed this one on my RST: https://www.amazon.com/AntennaMastsRus-Compatible-Chevrolet-Guaranteed-Engineered/dp/B01MY0NH60 I like it and I only listen to Sirius XM or Bluetooth anyways so the new antenna is purely cosmetic for me.
  7. This happens to me every now and then in my RST. I am due for my first service soon so I was going to just wait and address it then.
  8. Sounds good! Do you notice any difference in performance like quicker acceleration? This is probably my next mod for my RST.
  9. Thanks for the links to the CST Coilovers. I was interested in the Icon Stage 2 kit for my RST but I’ve read a lot of good things about CST. Anybody have any experience with CST vs Icon? I’ve also heard good things with Icon’s products but also that their customer service isn’t the greatest/friendliest.
  10. My RST came with the All Star leather and 22” rim package and has the one locking lug nut on each rim.
  11. Although I love the idea of the 2” GM kit not affecting the vehicles warranty, the more I research the more I’m really liking the Icon Stage 2 kit. For me I don’t need anything above the Stage 2. My truck is rarely going to see dirt. And I don’t want to go the route of a spacer kit. I’ve read great things on the Icon kits especially their performance on road. Their kits are obviously pricey but I think it would be very well worth it. Since my truck is only a 2WD I don’t want some crazy lift on it. Here’s the kit I had in mind: http://iconvehicledynamics.com/shop/complete-suspension-systems/1368-2019-up-gm-silverado-sierra-1500-15-35-suspension-system-stage2-tubular.html
  12. Does the 2” GM lift put the truck level or will their still be a slight rake with the front end lower?
  13. Sick! How is the fit when the seat is down? Also did you install it yourself?
  14. I ordered the lettering from BD Trims. In fact it will be delivered today. I have a white RST and went with the domed glossy black lettering. If I get them installed today I will be sure to post a picture. The posts I’ve seen with them installed look great.
  15. I have a 2wd RST and I plan to go with the 2-inch GM lift kit. I know 2 inches isn’t a huge lift though. I believe it’s the same lift kit that comes on the trail boss models. But I’m not personally looking to lift my truck very high either.
  16. I have heard good things about shop chevy parts . com, It’s where I plan to order from when I end up getting the GM cold air intake for my RST.
  17. Thanks for posting this. Puts my mind at ease that it’s normal and not our trucks having an issue.
  18. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one to notice this. I have a 2019 RST and I noticed this for the first few weeks I got the truck. If I don’t baby the throttle as well it doesn’t have the abrupt shift form 1-2 from a cold start. The first few times it happened I remember thinking I really hope my brand new truck doesn’t have a transmission problem.
  19. 2019 RST with All Star Edition 22” Wheels and Leather Package
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