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  1. Picked up my crew cab standard box RST on Thursday. Couldn't be happier. Love the shape of the hood from the driver's seat and just the overall styling and design of the exterior. And I actually like the layout of the interior, looks far better in person than in pictures. The truck is missing a few things that my 15 LTZ had, but I like the look and color far more. Woke up Friday morning and pulled it out of the garage just to stare at it in the sunlight. And also to let my 2 year old son play in the cab and bed, haha
  2. Just received word that my ordered RST is just days away from arriving at the dealership. Given that quarterly sales will be revealed at the end of the month, would it behoove me to wait to July to get better incentives? My dealer cuerently offers $1500 of their flex and bonus cash, plus gm allowances of 4700. Hoping incentives will be even better
  3. Thank you for the reply. You got a hell of deal with 18k off sticker. Thats awesome, hope you are enjoying the truck!
  4. My ordered RST truck is almost at my local dealer. Can someone confirm that both "Purchase Bonus Cash" of $2750 and "Package Cash Allowance" of 2k are only applicable if you finance with GM Financial? Ive already started the process of applying for a loan from my local credit union. But if I lose this $4750, I guess it's worth it to do the GM loan and just refinance shortly thereafter. I just didnt want to go through the hassle of refinancing. Was also wondering how some people were getting up to 12-13k off sticker (even top trims like AT4s)? My truck is currently listed with $9200 off. By ordering the truck, I dont really have room for much haggling/negotiation do I? Found it interesting too that my truck isnt scheduled to reach the dealer until late next week, yet the truck is listed for sale on their website. Thanks! Brian
  5. I've got that anxious feeling, as well. I compare it to being a kid and waiting on Christmas morning and summer vacation all mixed into one. Out of curiosity, who are you going to finance with? I think I am going to omit GM Financial and go with a local credit union
  6. Great way of putting it. Both of these comments thus far have definitely eased my mind, haha. And you are right, posts like these and articles like the one I posted definitely exacerbate the whole issue and make it seem like all the 8-speeds have issues. Appreciate your input. -Brian
  7. Thank you for the feedback. Had a '15 LTZ with the 6-spd and I probably would say the same. Was smooth, but probably not the smoothest.
  8. So I know that this topic has been covered elsewhere on the forum, but figured I would revisit the topic based on this GM Authority article that I read this morning. Back in May, I ordered a Crew Cab Standard Box RST, which I am still waiting for to get the dealer. Had the 6.2L 10 speed trans been available for 2019, I would have seriously contemplated upgrading to the 6.2. I test drove 2 LT's with the 5.3L 8-speed. One of the trucks downshifted or lurched as I approached a red light, which really had me scratching my head. Should I be nervous with this temperamental 8-speed tranny? I was hoping to get some more feedback from everyone about their 8, as well as 10-speed transmissions. I know some people with the 8-speed have said they've had no issues upon breaking in the vehicle, while others have complained about occasional downshifting and overall non-fluidity. I intend to break mine in the way that I plan to drive it. I know the manual says to keep under 55mph and to not drive at any one constant speed. Haven't heard many people complain about their 6.2 10-speed. After building my truck, MSRP came to around 56k. A 56k truck with a possibly unreliable trans makes me really uneasy. People put their hard earned money into these vehicles and any sort of issue is unacceptable. I will most definitely test drive the truck again once it gets to my dealer and I guess go from there. I am a loyal GM guy, but just seems that GM is always making their customers want a bit more. This 10-speed 6.2L should have been available from the get go. I can live with things with the truck, like a poor paint job susceptible to chips and minor things like no more adjustable pedals, sunglass holder, etc., but a faulty trans that could possibly be removed from GM's lineup altogether later down the road is not something I'm ready to fork over 50k for. Let me know everyone's thoughts again. Here is the article: http://gmauthority.com/blog/2019/06/the-gm-8-speed-transmission-just-needs-to-go-away-asap/
  9. I received word from my dealer just this past week that the order has been bayed and waiting on transportation. From anyone's personal experience, how much longer can I expect for the truck to get to the dealership? I placed my order on May 2nd. Based off what I've read, I'm guessing I am still weeks away. Any other ways to check the vehicle status? My apologies if this has already been covered earlier in this thread.
  10. Thinking about doing this for mine. Just wanted to check with to see that youve had no hyper flash or issues with these a few months later? Thanks
  11. Ill second that. Placed my order for a CC standard bed RST on 5/2. Salesman told me to check in with him weekly to see if we have a VIN and can then go from there. Still not sure how to track order even when I receive VIN Also, someone down the street from me has a Denali in Pacific Blue. Was so beautiful that I slowed down to eye it.
  12. I was actually wondering the same thing. Still waiting on my truck, but would hate for the tailgate to go down when in my garage. What about the button within the cab, does the ignition button need to be pressed once for the tailgate release button to work or will it release regardless?
  13. Finally went ahead and placed my order tonight for a Crew Cab Standard box RST in Northsky Blue. All star, Z71, convenience package I and II, safety package, 20s, black running boards. Let the waiting began. As if I havent been wanting the new generation model since it helicoptered in at the Texas Debut back in December '17. Hard to believe its been that long. Nonetheless, anticipation has begun and cant wait to get it. This site has been awesome for getting the latest news and updates.
  14. I want a crew cab with the standard bed, which are not as available as the short box. Most that are out there ride on 18s, as well. I want 20s, leather, and really specific to what packages I want. LTZ would make sense, but i just don't want chrome bumpers.
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