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  1. RST front turn signal bulbs?

    Thinking about doing this for mine. Just wanted to check with to see that youve had no hyper flash or issues with these a few months later? Thanks
  2. Ill second that. Placed my order for a CC standard bed RST on 5/2. Salesman told me to check in with him weekly to see if we have a VIN and can then go from there. Still not sure how to track order even when I receive VIN Also, someone down the street from me has a Denali in Pacific Blue. Was so beautiful that I slowed down to eye it.
  3. I was actually wondering the same thing. Still waiting on my truck, but would hate for the tailgate to go down when in my garage. What about the button within the cab, does the ignition button need to be pressed once for the tailgate release button to work or will it release regardless?
  4. Finally went ahead and placed my order tonight for a Crew Cab Standard box RST in Northsky Blue. All star, Z71, convenience package I and II, safety package, 20s, black running boards. Let the waiting began. As if I havent been wanting the new generation model since it helicoptered in at the Texas Debut back in December '17. Hard to believe its been that long. Nonetheless, anticipation has begun and cant wait to get it. This site has been awesome for getting the latest news and updates.
  5. I want a crew cab with the standard bed, which are not as available as the short box. Most that are out there ride on 18s, as well. I want 20s, leather, and really specific to what packages I want. LTZ would make sense, but i just don't want chrome bumpers.
  6. Still considering ordering an RST crew cab standard bed. The thing that partially makes me reluctant is the build time and then mostly the incentives at the time. I figure that ordering one eliminates me from having any sort of negotiation when the truck comes in. Nowadays, is there really that much negotiation on the final price after all incentives? If I order now, the truck wont be in till July at the earliest. Feels like the dealer then has you by the seat of the pants. Salesman told me that it typically takes 6-8 weeks and requires a 1k deposit, which of course goes towards the price of the truck. I asked what if I decide not to purchase the truck, and he said the only way I don't get back the deposit is if he never sees me again. Also gave me the BS of having to wait 6 months to refinance if I go with GM Financial to get their $1500 incentive. Said they come after him if I refinance early. Ive gone through several of the pages on here, but wanted to get a general feel of everyones ordering process and experience. Hard to have the patience when it seems most people wait at minimum 10 weeks to get their truck. Incentives later this year cant get much worse I would think, right? Especially if GM keeps posting 3rd in the standings. Thanks in advance for everyones feedback.
  7. At least this seems correctable. Still amazing to me that you should have to do anything like this on a brand new truck.
  8. I apologize if this has been covered elsewhere. However, test drive 2 2019s last night, both 5.3s with the 8-speed. It was raining moderately last night in PA when I tested it out. It only happened once, but when at a low speed (5-10mph), the truck almost lurched forward/jerked shen1 approaching the light. I owned a '15 LTZ with the 6-speed and I remember this truck did this very sparingly when downshifting as it was searching for the right gear. I have been eyeing an RST for awhile now, but was really a bit concerned when this occurred. Only happened in the one truck (which I found odd), and it only happened that one time during a 5-10 minute test drive, but definitely wanted to get some feedback from those who own the 8-speed? I am looking at probably building one because I want an RST Crew Cab standard bed with very specific options and 20s. Would hate to have any tranny issues on almost a 60k truck. Any and all feedback is much appreciated. Hoping to hear from econometrics, as I know you wrote a detailed review on your RST. Should I be worried?
  9. I'll second that. Curious to know where this store is located?
  10. Ft. Wayne Assembly Factory Tour

    This was awesome. Would love to see this in person. The process is truly amazing. Makes me really want a truck built at Ft. Wayne rather than General Motors de Mexico.
  11. A $0.02 review of my 2019 RST

    Thanks for posting your review on the RST. I have been looking at pictures and reading posts on this site for years, but your review actually encouraged me to make an account and contribute a post. I have been looking for awhile now at the RST and while I love so many things on the RST (e.g. monochrome, wheels, dual exhaust, grille, body lines, etc) I also share some of the same feelings about the negatives on the truck. 1. While the interior is functional and still nice, I too would prefer a digital cluster that doesnt seem so dated. I had a '15 LTZ and that had the Z71 logo on the cluster which looked better. The RAM has their logo in the dash and REBEL with a red trim on that truck. The RAM has so many minor details in the interior which give it a more refined look. I definitely dont need the 12" screen and who knows how well those trucks are built, but it seems GM mailed it in on the new interior. With that said, I am waiting to see what the 2020 Suburban and Tahoe interior will look like. That may give at least some indication of where GM stands on interior improvements. They need to do something, bc the new Expedition interior looks nice, while the Navigator interior is unreal. Seems like a lacking interior has become standard across the board with Chevy, GMC, and even Cadillac. My fear is that they make a drastic improvement to the interior for 2020, as well as work as some of the minor kinks , such as the rear window leak 2. The lack of interior colors also befuddles me. Both Ford and Ram have GM beat there. I really like how the Ram and even some Fords have that elegant red stitching on the seats. Coming from a '15 LTZ, I think the layout is better, but I'm not sure the interior is all that upgraded, which is a disappointment especially considering I will be paying around the same amount for less options on an RST. The real question moving forward is whether GM will respond to all the criticism about the interior. Despite some backlash, I think they nailed the exterior. The RST looks sporty with the dual exhaust and painted grille, and I'll take the appearance of any GMC or Chevy over RAM and Ford. I think the 1st quarter numbers (with RAM outselling Chevy) should be digested with caution as RAM launched their trucks earlier and offer monster incentives. Did you have any reservations about purchasing a truck in the first model year? The only thing I am undecided about is the bed size. Seems like the short bed is best in class in terms of size, but for just $300 more or so, I would love to have the extra 10 inches for hauling lumber and materials. Great looking truck you have there!!

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