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  1. i have extensive experience with ford and i will say this. I had a 17 XLT with pretty much all you could get on one. it cost me 40K. i bought a 19 Custom Trail Boss for about 37K. it is sorely lacking in HP compared to the coyote Ford motor and no way to upgrade it until maybe they get a tuner code breaker. in fairness an XLT should be compared to an LT but i am disappointed with GM for deleting a few conveniences like cup holders in the back, blue tooth dialing and center console storage. i like the styling of the TB and the lift. i think you can buy an XL with more options plus the coyote motor for about what i paid for the TB. if you have the budget get either the LT or the XLT. if not drive an XL and a Custom and look at the features before you decide. good luck.
  2. will do i got an email stating it was out of stock on backorder and would take 7-10 days. we will see.
  3. Ordered this will let you know if it works. one other issue with the GM trucks i failed to mention earlier is why did they take the voice dial feature off the phones? it seems much more dangerous to be scrolling through contacts on a screen than just using the voice.
  4. i tend to side with the OP with regards to SJW and the desire for everyone to look like a hero exposing someone on a FB page. I see it a lot. That said, there are still idiots leaving children in hot cars to die. to go that way is a horrible death and while i understand the parent already suffers the loss of their child(we give them the benefit of the doubt even though they caused the death) i believe they should receive lengthy prison time. most don't. killing a child in any manner is probably the worst thing a person can do. i would never leave my child in a locked car with it running to go in a store. there is nothing i need worth that. as for dogs, they are pets and owners have a responsibility but some regard the act of leaving a pet in a car equal to a child and that's insanity at its finest. i would personally not take a dog to a store or restaurant. IMHO the feature to start a car when youre not in it should be used only for warming or cooling it down. not for babysitting.
  5. i agree the center console is a stupid delete on GMs part. if they offered a replacement part that opens for a reasonable price that might make a lot of people happy. we will see if they do. my biggest complaint is no CD player. bought my wife a 19 Edge and ford has done the same thing. deleted the CD player. Now i'm older and i get it the younger crowd dictates what all the rest of us get to have in life but 50K plus vehicles are usually not in the reach of folks just starting out in life. Best Buy stopped selling CDs and told me that everyone streams music these days. Well i and about 50Million other baby boomers probably will never do that. i like my CDs and i liked 8 tracks and cassettes. i aint paying for sxm or onstar. i'll listen to talk radio i guess and be happily cantankerous, as long as the truck starts every day.
  6. it is my understanding the dealer has the software to adjust that for you. for a slight nominal fee of course
  7. i'm looking to add a 1 and 1/2 in lift to the front cause i tow. probably add extra leaf springs to the back. question. aside from the UCA and ball joints issues, would moving up to a 35 or 34 inch tire not require changing the gears in the transfer case and rear end to push those larger tires? not sure factory gears wont be sluggish. but that opens another can of worms. thanks for your help in advance.
  8. Can this be done on the 2019 custom TB? if so any reliable shops in the Midwest folks would recommend?
  9. anybody make custom fitted camo covers for the TB seats with no storage? i found some on cover craft but nearly 700 bucks!
  10. it rains enough that i can use that as an excuse Oct-June. July-Sept i wear sunglasses. problem solved.
  11. CUSTOM Trail Boss has the 5.3 AFM only. The OP says 2019 Chevy AFM 1500 Disable in his title. Why bring up other variants and cause confusion. The original question stands: is there a AFM disable that will work on the 19? with the understanding that they are working on getting access to the computers to make tuners, it is still not clear to me if a tuner off of a 2018 5.3 AFM will work or not. seems like it should since i doubt the technology was changed using a legacy engine. someone in the know please chime in. i have seen where you can change out hardware and remove the AFM and i have seen where you can add a kit to disable and leave it installed on previous models. would be nice to have this cleared up once and for all by a qualified source.
  12. i cut those stupid resonators off and put a flowmaster 50 on in place of the muffler. getting some sound but not too loud. cost about 400 bucks total. they put pipe in the place of the resonators. oh to clarify, i put the flowmaster on first and made ZERO diff. had to cut the resonators off to hear anything. guy at the muffler shop had never seen such insanity.
  13. So my custom trail boss is the 5.3 with the variable cylinder thing and the 6 speed. it is pretty weak for my taste. i know theres no tune available yet and i put a flowmaster on it. reading that the K&N doesn't do a lot. anybody done anything mod wise to increase HP? superchargers available yet? probably not due to the tuner issue. also i saw something about this engine/trans combo is similar to the 2018 and might be able to do a tune?
  14. has anyone put a different brand cap on with better results?
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