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  1. i cut those stupid resonators off and put a flowmaster 50 on in place of the muffler. getting some sound but not too loud. cost about 400 bucks total. they put pipe in the place of the resonators. oh to clarify, i put the flowmaster on first and made ZERO diff. had to cut the resonators off to hear anything. guy at the muffler shop had never seen such insanity.
  2. So my custom trail boss is the 5.3 with the variable cylinder thing and the 6 speed. it is pretty weak for my taste. i know theres no tune available yet and i put a flowmaster on it. reading that the K&N doesn't do a lot. anybody done anything mod wise to increase HP? superchargers available yet? probably not due to the tuner issue. also i saw something about this engine/trans combo is similar to the 2018 and might be able to do a tune?
  3. Leer 100XL Cap Trail Boss Installed

    has anyone put a different brand cap on with better results?
  4. Supercharger?

    hopefully someone will make a supercharger for the 5.3 its underpowered imho.
  5. 5.3L Exhaust thread

    yes it would probably meet your requirements stated here
  6. 5.3L Exhaust thread

    theres no drone in the cab. because of the adjustable engine it really only is loud at acceleration and cold start. i read that they brought in Cadillac engineers to give the new trucks sound proofing. if i had known this i woulda used a 40 instead of a 50. i like it a little louder.
  7. Handling issues? mine is a bit squirrely so i thought it was just the lift and the off road tires. was there something else you encountered? basically i bought a poor man's raptor so i expect some differences from my Ford.
  8. I've had my custom TB a week now and my observations are these coming from a 2017 XLT 5.0 6 speed FX4. The power difference is noticeable. 5.3 is not in the same class as the coyote. hoping that mods are available soon. my XLT had a lot of conveniences that i may miss but i don't mind a more basic truck. its a glorified W/T and i new that goin in. never had a problem with my ford nor the 4 before it. hoping that chevy can deliver the same quality or it will be back to Ford.
  9. just talked to my service advisor and told him about the issue. asked if maybe we could put clamps on to re-inforce. he said and i quote: if it crimps the connector GM could void the warranty if your engine blows. wow. so a 50 dollar fix to save GM THOUSANDS would give them an out. everyone should call GM and report the issue so they pay attention. i can tell you if that happened where i work it would be all hands on deck. the fix for all of the lines would be less than replacing a handful of engines. not to mention bad press.
  10. ya i'm thinking old school metal clamp at the crimp if that will re-inforce it. i'm gonna call my service guy this morning and pay for that if i have to. if it will work. 150 miles and now i have to sweat every mile after reading this thread. good grief. i been driving f150s for 20 years maybe shoulda stuck with them. i love the new TB look, its underpowered but that can be adjusted. was looking to keep this one a long time.
  11. 5.3L Exhaust thread

    so i left the flowmaster on and cut the two pipes with the screens out. the guy at the muffler shop thought i was crazy till we fired it up and the sound was there. he'd never seen such a thing. so if you want the sound, put on a flowmaster and cut those stupid baffles off and you'll get the sound.
  12. 5.3L Exhaust thread

    ya i just dropped 250 for a flowmaster 50 and got little to no sound improvement. are you saying just cut the muffler out altogether? will that be too loud to hear the radio? i do have a whine that i think is tires starts about 20 MPH. id like to drown that out with exhaust

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