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  1. It’s a LT it didn’t come with chrome handles or window trim.
  2. Cold air inductions just released theirs https://www.coldairinductions.com/shop/cold-air-inductions-products/cold-air-intakes/chevrolet/silverado/2019-2029-silverado-and-sierra-1500-5-3l-truck-cold-air-intake-textured-black-512-0105-b/
  3. I don’t personally own one, but I looked on crutchfield and all the subwoofer only kits use a 15amp. Looks like it’s only 200 watts
  4. Looks good! Any chance you can post a pic of where you mounted your switch
  5. Thanks man. I see they make a wedge enclosure too that would be a little shorter. I can’t decide if I’m gonna do the 12tw3 or the 13tw5.
  6. Can you post a pic of it please. Wanting to see if it sticks out past the bottom of the seat.
  7. A loop back harness allows you to run the speaker outputs back from your amp to the front and rear speakers. The t harness just taps into your previous wiring to give you a line out for your amp. You would still have to run your own wires to the subs or speakers if you use a t harness.
  8. 4x4 LT 5.3 here with 6inch lift and 35’s. It will get better. I was getting 13-14 city and now with 4600 miles I’m seeing 16.8 around town.. highway I am getting 19-21 until I go over 70 then it gets worse than city 13-14.
  9. - Fuel Coupler 20x10 -18 offset - Nitto Trail Grapplers 35x12.5R20 - BDS 6 in lift no rubbing at all
  10. The dealer did it for $980. I wanted leather and the only black LT they had was cloth.
  11. Mine has just started doing this and I have the HD cam. It did not start until I did the update 2 weeks ago. It will automatically fix itself if you shift out of reverse and put it right back in. Hopefully they will address it in a new update.
  12. Well first, hello to everyone. Got this in May and it is my first Chevy I have ever owned. So far I’m really liking it. Added Bds 6in lift, fuel couplers with 35in Nittos, N-fab nerf bars, and Katzkin leather.
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