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  1. Just FYI, they are making a 6" set to replace my BDS block...should have them soon.
  2. This is from my AT4 4" lift, which I believe is 6" lift from non factory lifted trucks.
  3. I believe the leaf setup would be custom made for me vs them creating and releasing a product, I'm not sure though as I didn't get into the 2" details.
  4. Yes. Deaver said they have only done a 2" so far, but, it wont be an issue. Going to take about 4 weeks to build. I'm currently looking into adjustable rear shocks, too, although I may just do the deavers and see how I like it first.
  5. I started off with the original BDS lift kit and rear fox shocks, leaving the stock front Ranchos as the coilovers were not available. The overall ride quality of this setup was fine, but you could feel inadequacies of the front Ranchos. The rear fox setup was firmer, and it accentuated the 'squish'ness' of the Ranchos. Replacing the front stock setup with the Fox Coilovers is night and day better. I've set them full soft to full firm (LOW SPEED SETTING). Currently have them set 4 notches off of the firmest setting. Full soft is much more composed then the stock Ranchos. There is very little brake dive and sway, but still a very comfortable ride. Full firm is not overly aggressive, but will allow you to feel the road much more. For daily driving, it's a bit excessive, mainly because I felt the need to drive much faster then the law allows. 3 off of firm was fantastic, and I will probably switch back to it for daily use. It provides all the comfort you'd want, while leaning a bit more towards performance. 4 off of firm is also fantastic, putting the bias towards comfort vs. performance. However, the front is far outshining the rear setup at this point. The rear Fox shocks are a fantastic upgrade over the OEM (which I couldn't imaging having with the front coilover setup), but sitting on 5" of block is just not going to cut it. I would venture to say, if the rear lift was coil based, I'd probably stop, as the rear shocks are more than adequate. So, next up is a new leaf spring setup and adjustable rear shocks, still talking with my shop, so we'll see how it goes...
  6. BDS Setup with DSC. I can take more pics for tomorrow.
  7. I have BDS Coilovers (Fox 2.5 DSC) on the way. Hope to have them installed asap. I currently have BDS 4" lift on my AT4 with Fox in the back. Rides well, by you can really feel how squishy the stock ranchos are (front) compared to the rear fox setup.
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