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  1. Hopped onto GMparts to finally order the console and these bastards charge this for the shipping..... no thanks
  2. I have run mine through the car wash many times with no problems.....definitely waited a week until the first trip through.
  3. Thank you! I needed to make it different than the others out on the road. Rough country makes both the brackets and the recovery shackles. Let me know if you have any problems tracking them down. I had to do some digging for the shackles.
  4. Enjoying the progress of my 2020 Custom Trail Boss. Fog light install, level, and new shoes to follow.....
  5. Can’t thank you enough on the wiring pics! Looks sharp and has minimal noise on my 2020 Trail Boss.
  6. Grill inserts finally came in! Letters came in multiple pieces (16 total). Everything fit well. These are thin metal inserts. Finish face came with a protective white layer that you need to peel off. Backside had the 3 mm adhesive tape. Clean off where the inserts are being placed, then use a heat gun to warm up the glue and remove the plastic film. With the proper amount of heat, the red tape will begin to peel up on its own. Once that layer is peeled, apply and hold pressure. This is freshly installed and I have yet to put miles on it. We have had consistent 90° weather here in
  7. Awesome write up, thanks for posting. Highly recommend these guys (link) below. High quality work and they refund $50 back via PayPal when you send your stock bezels back. Spend the money, they are worth it! https://www.officialpowder.com/shop-online/2019-2020-silveradosierra-exhaust-bezels
  8. BDtrims matte black domed insert letters. Package doesn’t come with application directions, but be sure to use their website as a reference point.
  9. Been following this thread for some time. American Trucks just added grille inserts from Putco. They make them in Black and Chrome. Just ordered mine to see what I am dealing with. Enjoy https://www.americantrucks.com/silverado-parts-2019.html
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