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  1. I have the same lift, same tires and stock 22" wheels...when I punch it(floor it) I do have a Whipple , as it accelerates quickly, it sways back and forth at speeds over 70mph..like the ARC is confused...gradual increases in speed do not give me the back and forth swaying...it is borderline scary
  2. Are you using the whipple canned tune?..and how did you dyno it, with out it wanting to up and down shift? Would love to try more boost, and maybe some more aftermarket goodies
  3. Did the peddle monster, nice and peppy response...but I am ready for the next step...anybody tuning these? like to add a little more boost...
  4. I had a performance shop that normally does whipples on NSXs, do mine.. Took 2 days to install the whipple, 10 days to dealing with swapping/programming the ECU.. I was on vacation, so I didn't worry about having the truck down
  5. Had mine installed last week...so much more fun than stock.. With Borla ATAK 20210611_190246_Trim.mp4
  6. 6" BDS ARC lift with Ridge Grapplers 35x12.50x22s on stock wheels
  7. Just did these on my 2020 Denali carbon pro...I took my time and it was less then 2 hours...
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