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  1. About 50/50 chance Trailering App will open or get black screen. Have had four service appointments at two dealerships, and, two Chevy Customer Service cases; last case advised that I go to another dealership. Only thing both dealerships have done is reload software in the infotainment system that did not cause any improvements. Only way I have found to make app start (usually, but not always) is shut off truck, open driver's door, and wait about 10 mins (fill with gas.) However, one service tech gave me a copy of a service bulletin and showed how to reset infotainment system to factory default in an attempt to get Trailering App to start -- of course, this causes ALL settings to reset.
  2. No solution either, for my 2020 Silverado. Trailering App randomly does not start (blank screen) whether connected to 7-pin travel trailer or 4-pin fishing boat. It's about a 50/50 chance it will work. Dealership asked me to bring truck and travel trailer in to check and reloaded some kind of software. But, just like you said, I started truck the next day with trailer connected and app screen was blank.
  3. I have the wired GM camera purchased at same time with my 2020 Silverado 1500. Don't recall the cable length, but I have a few feet coiled up with camera attached on back of a 31' total length travel trailer. Camera has a fisheye view and works great using the Camera App. But, the trailer camera icon inside the Trailering App does not function; says camera not connected when icon is touched - dealership says Chevy does not have a fix for this issue.
  4. Did you put truck in brake service mode before working on it? Try this to see if it will clear your brake service system notification and, hopefully, reset brake life monitor. 2019 -2020 Silverado turn on brake service mode to retract emergency brake piston/motors
  5. I have 2020 Silverado 1500 and my Trailering App is also intermittent. I've been to two dealerships, center display software has been reinstalled multiple times, I opened a customer service case and even had a tech service case opened that simply told tech to reset console to factory defaults. Unfortunately, nothing improved the App, it's hit or miss. I'm still under warranty and will be taking it back again soon. One tech told me it is a software anomaly that will probably never be resolved.
  6. My manual for 2020 Silverado 1500 says: One power outlet can be used with electrical equipment that uses a maximum of 400 watts. If both outlets are being used, 400 watts will be shared between the outlets. Ensure that all connected devices do not exceed 400 watts.
  7. I have same issue with the electric brakes notice on my 2020 Silverado 1500 if/when my Trailering App works (get a blank screen a lot) and I also bought the trailer camera. The electric brakes notification is on my list for dealership service, but your side effect with trailer camera has me concerned that it will also happen to me. I'll post after my repair. Good luck to you.
  8. Manual for my 2020 says the following, but dealership had no idea and never called me after they said they would look into it and let me know: "In the case of a dead battery, the tailgate can be opened manually. Contact your dealer or Roadside Assistance."
  9. I have a 2020 with bench and agree with lack of storage dividers, etc. I've been thinking about this from Amazon for upper compartment for $17.49 (cannot find one for lower area): Center Seat Console Organizer for Chevy Silverado 1500 (2019-2022) - Made in USA https://a.co/ibw2FmN
  10. On the radio display, go to settings, updates (I think), and then Return To Factory Settings. You will reset all truck settings, delete phones, and delete all programmed radio stations.
  11. I have 2020 Silverado with the trailering app and *exact* same thing is happening for me since delivery. When screen is blank, have to shut off truck, open driver's door, and leave truck off for 15+ mins to reset. There is a TSB out that says to reset Infotainment System to factory default, and show customer how to do this in case it happens again. I've had service 3 times for this where different software was reloaded, but no improvement. Dealership tech even opened a tech case with Chevy, but response was to reset to default. I opened a customer case and was told to try a different dealership, no improvement with their help either. Bottom line, I was told it is a software anomaly and there will probably never be a fix.
  12. Update: A reply in Google PlayStore told me to uninstall the MyChevrolet app and reinstall. This did correct my outrageously high MPG.
  13. Wish I had your truck's MPG! I don't have OnStar on my 2020 Silverado, but since the app update, my gas Equinox is getting 71 MPG. I reported this and the reply was: Glad you're enjoying the new app. Oh well, I tried.
  14. Check the pins in the trailer wire plug. They could be bent out too wide to make connection with truck. I use a small flat blade screwdriver to gently move/bend the connectors towards the center of opening.
  15. Try this YouTube video to manually put brakes in service mode: https://youtu.be/jU-iTCxl4L4
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