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  1. I pull a travel trailer so this piqued my interest. I have 2020 1500 LT with Max Trailering package. I put a 12v meter on my truck's 7 pin connector at ground & 12v+ charging. I, too, did not get any voltage with truck off, accessory mode, or running. However, I'm pretty confident my trailer is getting at least 12v from truck when traveling. I'm guessing there must be a condition that has to be met before truck sends 12v thru 7 pin connector. Such as, trailer plug connected and 12v from trailer is detected...just a wild guess. My 30 amp fuse at #63 (Trailer battery) looks good. I'll check
  2. Are you driving when hourglass appears? I have 2020 1500 and if I select a camera view (only have bed, rear & hitch cameras) while moving, a countdown circle will start for 8 (?) seconds before turning camera view off.
  3. Hopefully, a blown fuse. Check this post, it recommends checking Fuse 63, 30 amp is TRLR BATT in the underhood block (same fuse number on my 2020 1500.) https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/222819-activating-7-pin-plug-12v-power/
  4. This may not apply, but search for this bulletin: PIT5747 Diagnostic Tip - Trailer Lighting Complaints With Trailering App RPO U1D
  5. Sheet metal on cab roof is so thin it will actually wobble/bounce when you go thru air blower after car wash. Dealer service advisor told me to check with their body shop about it. Body shop said others with 2019-2020 Silverado have complained, but Chevy will not do anything about it.
  6. I have 2020 Silverado with Max Trailering package and Trailing App software. My Trailering App screen will be randomly blank with and without 7-pin travel trailer connected. The blank screen will usually clear and start working again if truck is off for a period of time, such as getting gas. But, may be blank again following next stop. Dealer tech told me TSB PIT5792 is out, but tech will not perform the "Return to Factory Defaults" in the radio Settings menu, as stated in TSB, because GM software engineering will not give him permission. Fortunately, dealer tech did open a service case with
  7. Did you find a solution? I put rear cam on trailer today and have same blank screen on 2020 Silverado 1500. I'm plugging in when truck is off. Found if I shut truck off, open & close driver's door, wait a few minutes, that display will work when I start truck again. However, this is not very practical. Also have the trailer TPMS installed.
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