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  1. On the radio display, go to settings, updates (I think), and then Return To Factory Settings. You will reset all truck settings, delete phones, and delete all programmed radio stations.
  2. I have 2020 Silverado with the trailering app and *exact* same thing is happening for me since delivery. When screen is blank, have to shut off truck, open driver's door, and leave truck off for 15+ mins to reset. There is a TSB out that says to reset Infotainment System to factory default, and show customer how to do this in case it happens again. I've had service 3 times for this where different software was reloaded, but no improvement. Dealership tech even opened a tech case with Chevy, but response was to reset to default. I opened a customer case and was told to try a different dealership, no improvement with their help either. Bottom line, I was told it is a software anomaly and there will probably never be a fix.
  3. Update: A reply in Google PlayStore told me to uninstall the MyChevrolet app and reinstall. This did correct my outrageously high MPG.
  4. Wish I had your truck's MPG! I don't have OnStar on my 2020 Silverado, but since the app update, my gas Equinox is getting 71 MPG. I reported this and the reply was: Glad you're enjoying the new app. Oh well, I tried.
  5. Check the pins in the trailer wire plug. They could be bent out too wide to make connection with truck. I use a small flat blade screwdriver to gently move/bend the connectors towards the center of opening.
  6. Try this YouTube video to manually put brakes in service mode: https://youtu.be/jU-iTCxl4L4
  7. Truck does a self check of brakes and other systems several seconds after shut off. If you open/close driver's door and stay in truck, you'll hear the brake pedal rattle during this check.
  8. I have the ports at the 7-pin plug for the optional internal and/or rear trailer cameras on my 2020 Silverado 1500. Since the camera ports are part of a special trailering and camera software package, I don't think you will be able to install and integrate the camera you have into the Infotainment System. The OEM camera is like $500, nice gift for you!
  9. In the Instrument Panel Fuse Block Right (passenger side), move fuse F28 to F27 (note: center connector is common for both positions F27/F28.) F27 is Accessory power outlet/retained accessory power (RAP). All dash USB ports and 12v outlet will turn off when truck is shut off and driver's door is opened (or about 10 mins after truck is shut off if driver's door is not opened.)
  10. I hope you solved your issue by now. My fuse #63 in engine compartment for trailer battery looked fine, but still no 12v at 7-pin connector. I pulled fuse out, popped off it's cover and it is blown. Simply replacing the 30 amp fuse restored 12v at trailer connector, even when truck is off.
  11. Interesting, there is another forum discussing why 12v to trailer battery thru 7-pin connector does not work even when fuse for that circuit is fine. I'm going to follow this one too.
  12. My 2020 1500 LT with IOS Infotainment System received an OTA update to U157.3.1 on 4/4/2022; I'm still under warranty. Cannot find what tweaks this update did.
  13. Had the rear window w/slider water leak on 2020 Silverado 1500 just before one year after purchase. Dealership used outside glass company to replace entire window assembly at dealership...and it leaked more after replacement! It was sealed properly on second trip, tech for glass company said he was not aware on the TSB for replacement until the 2nd visit.
  14. My dealership (and others in the area) in central Illinois has online "specials" for full synthetic oil change, filter, top off fluids & tire rotation for $80 (8 quarts) and $60 (6 quarts.) Price has increased $20 over last year or so.
  15. Adapter plugs into the USB A on truck dash making Android Auto, from your phone, wireless Android Auto. It uses WiFi between phone & adapter rather than Bluetooth. USB C port is still available for phone charging, when needed.
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