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  1. Just managed a 50mpg average of 35.5mpg on my silverado z71 cc w/ 6.5ft bed cruising down I-75 in MI. That's absolutely insane.
  2. 2020 LT Z71 3.0L. Are there things I don't like? Sure, but are they deal breakers? No. Overall, do I like it better than my outgoing 2017 LT Z71 5.3? Absolutely. The funny party, and this has to be nostalgia, is that I almost miss the clunky 6-speed. It felt 'trucky' to me. The 10-spd with the 3.0L is incredibly smooth that it I don't even feel like I'm driving a truck at times!
  3. 3.0L owner (leaser, really) here. 2020 Silverado LT Z71 Crew Cab Standard Bed Absolutely love the motor and the transmission. It's so much nicer to drive than my '17 5.3 6spd. The non AT4 Sierra's and non Trail Boss Silverado's already sit 1" higher than the previous generation. I agree with sentiments above that a lifted truck would be a pain in the ass hauling around the wife and kids.
  4. Fair enough. Only way I could get Duramax around me was to get the standard bed ?
  5. Nice truck, but why did you go from standard bed to short bed?
  6. I have the LT Z71. Mine has the rear seat storage, dual exhaust and a tasteful amount of chrome (LTZ's have too much chrome). Only thing I wish it had were fog lights, but those can always be added later. De-chromed trucks used to be cool, until everyone jumped on the bandwagon ?
  7. Went from a 2017 5.3 Double Cab LT Z71 to a 2020 3.0L Crew Cab Standard Bed LT Z71. I sorely miss the USB ports on the insight of the bucket seat storage. I miss the sound of the 5.3.
  8. I actually really don't care for the all weather mats for this generation of trucks. They were great on my 2017 (except for the cutout under the gas pedal), but these ones miss the mark. I thought I was getting a good deal by getting 15% off from the GM Accessories website, but I promptly returned them. 1. The fit was extremely poor. The foot rest for the driver side had a comically large gap. And yes, I let them sit in the sun to warm up a bit before installing. 2. If you have the underseat storage box, you have to cut the mats to make them fit. This is by design. Really, GM? 3. Inadequate coverage. On my 2017 the mats covered the silver runner (I'm not sure what they're called), which was great as it prevented the carpet from getting dirty. I haven't tried the weathertechs, but I did order some MAXLINER mats and they are absolutely fantastic.
  9. Should we start a White Crew Cab Standard Bed Duramax club?
  10. I guess everyone's experiences are different. I just leased a Silverado CC Standard Bed eLT Z71 4x4 Duramax for much less than the Ford dealer (literally next door) could offer on an XLT CC Short-Bed 2.7L. Go figure.
  11. My turn. Too bad this angle doesn't show the Duramax logo though...
  12. Picking this up Monday. I've wanted a CC Standard Bed for years but could never afford one. Now I can. Aaaaaaand it's got the diesel too!
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