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  1. Sorry, that was confusing, it is indeed the 6.2 that's having a majority of the issues, but the engine that was having issues outside of the bulletin range was a 5.3, so your like me just waiting for the spring to break. I have a 6.2 also. The second one has a bulletin and inspection procedure in it.
  2. In theory it was June ish till October 7th, but it seems that there are a few others that are not in that range that have had spring failures. I think it was a 5.3 not a 6.2 I am not sure any of them built since June are safe, sadly, including mine.
  3. Mine is a 8/20 build as well, 2300 miles, so I feel the same, I have towed my boat 4 hours at one time, and gone on some longer trips, but yea I bring an extra bottle of water with me just in case in stranded for hours. Sad we have to worry about these things just breaking down at a random time with no warning.
  4. I think that's the most miles I've seen on one with a failure. Maybe miles don't even matter, just a matter of time.... Whats your build date?
  5. Absolutely nuts, have them replace it? Mine leaks. but not that bad, just mainly down the widow and into where the seat bolts and jack are. I haven't even taken it in at all, for these reasons exactly...
  6. I would not accept that job. That's horrible.
  7. Let us know what they do, and if it indeed stops, a lot of aftermarket fixes by some of the guys here, some seem to work good, but like others have mentioned, we shouldn't have to stick towels, and things in a truck to keep water from seeping in lol
  8. Also for what its worth, my August 2020 build does not have the wing, but it does leak. Unless the actual frame itself is stronger or more reinforced, not sure really anything has changed with the part number change...
  9. It would be great to know, but yea the latest builds are still having these issues, I think there was a 2021 in here with a leaking rear. Had to be 9/20 build or later. Let us know if you chat with him again and can get any other information. Several months is a long time lol...
  10. Did you dealer service manager or parts manager know why the part numbers were changed? Any frame changes like mentioned above? I'm all for getting my leaker replaced with a new part if it indeed will fix this issue!
  11. Can someone from GM just please read this, this is too common with this attempted repair, and why people are frustrated!
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