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  1. Probably a really dumb question...We had the lifter issues with our 6.2...towed in and all the good stuff associated with it lol. We also have a 2021 Canyon built 2/21 with the 3.6 V-6 which also has the AFM...does the 3.6 with AFM use the same problematic/bad batch of lifters as the V-8s? I can't seem to find the answer online. Just kind of want to know if we could potentially have this issue with the V-6 as well. The Canyon only has 2500 miles on it.
  2. This is going to be no help at all, but all our vehicles are doing this right now, and the newest one, the '21 Colorado built 2/21 with V808 is doing it. Nothing seems to fix or relieve it. I was told buy the service folks that it seems like all cars are doing it more than ever...she said Toyota too is having the problem....its for sure annoying to always get that message and have to clear it all the time, and know that nav doesn't work. Personally I think its more of a phone issue that causes this GM software to not work correctly.
  3. Can relate to most of these same issues... 1. The ride is very bouncy, especially compared to my 2018. If your traveling around a corner, hit a bump, you can definitely feel the truck shift and bounce. Could be the cheap shocks, I think I read that someone upgraded shocks and it made a lot of difference? 2. The brakes are for sure different with the electric booster, as mentioned in the previous post. They click and make some odd noises too from time to time after you shut the truck off. 3. The paint is a lot more thin than years past 14-18, it scratches very easily. I've got two nice ones from the tailgate, accidently lowering it with the hitch receiver on.. The surrounds around the fog lights chip and peel too over time. Also the paint on the lower door/sill area will wear out from getting in and out of the truck...shoes, boots, sand etc. 4. The bracket on the passenger door is white, when the rest of the truck is black, an ooopss at the factory. 5. These engines make a lot of noises, yea the lifter and valve spring thing doesn't help ease your mind at all lol 6. The rear power windows leak, and I'm not sure if there has been a design change yet...or if there even can be one? 7. SD card reader issues randomly, it might have something to do with plugging in phones etc. 8. I think the back seat rattle could be the headrest in back. 9. The chrome on the HVAC switches looks and feels so cheap, the older ones were rubber and just had a higher quality look and feel. Like above poster said, just a lot of noises, creaks, rattles....not sure if it should be acceptable but it is what it is I guess...they seem to be made lighter and thus feel cheaper IMO.
  4. Oh man, that's not good, I've heard of a couple guys here where I live too that have had issues with the lifters. I was really hoping the older AFM lifter issues might have been resolved with this new DFM, but obviously not. Its crazy this fuel management stuff has been around since like 2010 or something like that....you would think in a decade things can be improved to work without failure, especially early failure. Your right, it really isn't acceptable.
  5. 4000 miles here, 8/20 build, no issues with the engine yet, leaky rear window is an entire other story... as a side note....It does seem like the lifters in these new dynamic fuel management V-8s are failing early in life cycles..
  6. 4000 miles here, 8/20 build, no issues with the engine yet, leaky rear window is an entire other story... as a side note....It does seem like the lifters in these new dynamic fuel management V-8s are failing early in life cycles..
  7. Sorry, that was confusing, it is indeed the 6.2 that's having a majority of the issues, but the engine that was having issues outside of the bulletin range was a 5.3, so your like me just waiting for the spring to break. I have a 6.2 also. The second one has a bulletin and inspection procedure in it.
  8. In theory it was June ish till October 7th, but it seems that there are a few others that are not in that range that have had spring failures. I think it was a 5.3 not a 6.2 I am not sure any of them built since June are safe, sadly, including mine.
  9. Mine is a 8/20 build as well, 2300 miles, so I feel the same, I have towed my boat 4 hours at one time, and gone on some longer trips, but yea I bring an extra bottle of water with me just in case in stranded for hours. Sad we have to worry about these things just breaking down at a random time with no warning.
  10. I think that's the most miles I've seen on one with a failure. Maybe miles don't even matter, just a matter of time.... Whats your build date?
  11. Absolutely nuts, have them replace it? Mine leaks. but not that bad, just mainly down the widow and into where the seat bolts and jack are. I haven't even taken it in at all, for these reasons exactly...
  12. I would not accept that job. That's horrible.
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