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  1. Also On the Titan discloser it indicates the DIC will be inaccurate. I wonder if GM has come up with a reprogram solution like ford did
  2. I had a dealer order them saved on shipping had them in two days you might try gm accessories site as well
  3. The main difference is: stiffer frame, beefier rear differential, slightly heavier suspension, not just over loads, springs sway bars etc, and beefier brakes. i have a 2020 3500hd SRW and find the ride quality on an empty truck. Ive had several dualies and wont own another one and i tow 4 days a week, there great on the interstate with a heavy load. Their a pain in cities, also if you spend anytime on dirt, mud, wet surfaces, grass they have poor traction unless loaded up, and the ride is really stiff empty.
  4. Two months ago i purchased a 2020 3500 HD 4x4 diesel, i really like the simplicity of the WT, it does have the convince package, special tow mirrors and factory gooseneck hitch. I tow a 10k horse trailer 4-5 days a week plus a long haul monthly. The vinyl seats are decent and comfortable giving me reasonable seat time. The non opening ctr console is stupid and i plan to replace it.
  5. As mentioned previously give REDARC a look, sounds like the BCDC 2440 or 2450 would give you what you need with out adding a special alternator. These units are designed for modern variable voltage charging systems. So when your engine battery charge drops to a low voltage the bcdc keeps charging you Auxiliary batteries at A higher level to maintain a full charge, they also work with solar and shore power, and. An automatically switch and cover all battery types. You can mount the charger close to your li batteries and simply run a large gauge hot lead from your existing battery to the unit
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