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  1. Got the front side windows tinted to match the rest, much better now.
  2. LOL, was backing into my garage when I got the truck home last night, made sure the sharkfin clears, then clunk goes the antenna. Sigh, shorty ordered on Amazon.
  3. Built the week of Thanksgiving in Mexico. Flew down and picked it up yesterday, was delivered to the dealership on 12/9. Nice 5 and a half hour drive home, the adaptive cruise works well for sure. I'm also very happy with the performance exhaust, sounds awesome to me, not too loud. ? Getting the front side windows tinted tomorrow to match the rest.
  4. New guy here, Ordered a 21 Sierra 1500 AT4 with standard bed, 6.2, and most of the goodies on 10/16, GMC chat tells me it's supposed to get built this week. Hopefully that means I'll have it mid-December. Can't wait!
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