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  1. Factory tires are often made to specs set by the manufacturer that have softer rubber to provide a smoother ride for the test driving consumer and provide better gasoline mileage for the EPA folks that do not equate with better treadwear
  2. After reading this I looked and my 2021 delivered in late March has the issue on the drivers side light too so its still out there.
  3. Interesting to say the least. Has anyone else tried this?
  4. I was wondering if there is a logical reason my 2021 Sierra 1500 does not have a hood insulation pad but the Silverados do? I do note that the firewall now has an aluminized pad that my previous Sierra didn't. Would it hurt anything to order a Silverado pad and put it on my Sierra? They are relatively inexpensive and I assume add a bit of protection/longevity to the exterior hood paint but wouldn't want to overheat anything or cause any other problems. Thanks in advance for any advice on this matter.
  5. Mine came with a package so I got it like it or not. I do plan on using it to power one of my Dewalt battery tool chargers at the job sites where there are times an electrical outlet is either unavailable or difficult to get to. Other than that I figure it is pretty much useless and would prefer an extra usb port instead.
  6. The truck came from Silao, GJ Mexico with a 6 speed automatic. It stickered at 37,665 and I paid around 34,300 which is probably too much based upon my lackadaisical car buying skills but I did talk to another dealer that wanted about $2,000 over sticker to order it. I bought it for the new safety features thinking my driving skills were not as sharp as they were 50 years ago. I had a 2012 Sierra with 50,000 miles on it without even a ding on it that I was really happy with. Gave it to one of my children with the thought that if the new features saved me one accidental situation the new truck was worth its cost no matter what the cost was. Note that the 5.3 had the AFM chip mentioned. On the build and price page I think the AFM chip is a $50 option now.
  7. I ordered a Sierra last December and it just got here a week ago which was supposed to be in around 6 to 8 weeks. I was looking at the build and price page and the AFM chip is now an extra cost option at an insignificant cost that I assume GM is using as a marketing tool to sell vehicles without the AFM chip in them. Locally there is a large parking lot full of vehicles awaiting chips for final assembly. I wonder if it is possible for the manufacturer's to designate these as 2022 models when the chips do finally arrive in view of it getting close to model year change? My guess would be that if the vehicles have to remain as 2021 models there may be some serious bargains this fall unless it would be possible to market them as a "2022 Classic" model.
  8. I sprayed a small bit of silicon lubricant on the back tonneau seal on my truck and that fixed the issue right off. I assume that mine, being it is brand new, will loosen up as time goes on.
  9. I ordered my Sierra in early January and it just got here a week ago so for me it was like 12 weeks. Mine did come with the AFM chip because, according to the salesperson, the order was placed before a certain date. I note that on the build and price page today that the AFM chip is an extra cost option.
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