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  1. Is there any difference in fuel mileage for a 2500HD 6.0 with a utility bed between two wheel drive and four wheel drive? How much additional cost for maintenance?
  2. Before taking it off, I would go back to the same location and try to get it to happen again with someone watching or recording it. I have a '19 Custom with 275/60/20's, tires are GoodYear Trailrunner AT. Haven't had a rub yet.
  3. I have an intermittent problem with the remote start on my '19 Custom. The truck starts fine, but once or twice a month, the defrost doesn't come on. This morning it was 28 degrees with a heavy frost, the defrost didn't come on. Since it's an intermittent problem, I'm sure it would work fine if I take it to the dealer. Anyone else having this issue, or know of a fix?
  4. The 8.1 was a 496. I love my '02 8.1, plan to keep it forever. The first new truck I bought was a '97 RCSB with the 350. I think '96 was the first year for the Vortec, power went from 235hp to 255hp. I order the truck with the Silverado package, Z71, trailer package, cassette AND CD lol, the only option I didn't add was leather seats. I even paid extra for two tone paint. Even with the top of the line Silverado package, steel wheels were standard, I had to pay extra for aluminum. I'll have to fine a picture.....
  5. It doesn't open, which is unbelievable in any vehicle regardless of price.
  6. The Custom doesn't have any center console storage, that is where I kept my sun glasses in my last truck. You have two center console storage compartments, the Custom has none. I guess i was starry eyed as well, I didn't notice that until it was too late. I wasn't the only one surprised by it, the salesman spent 10 minutes trying to figure out how to get it open. I guess mine was the first Custom they sold. We gripe and complain because there are some things that have been in vehicles so long, it's hard to imagine that GM could do away with it, especially when they add two storage compartments to higher level trims. It probably cost GM more to stock two separate fold down backrests than the $5.00 extra the one with a storage compartment could have cost. Other than that, I'm happy with the features the Custom has for being a low trim level. A back up camera and remote start are things my last ('02) LT didn't have.
  7. I never trusted it either unless it was calculated at fill up, but I've been impressed with this one. While I'm filling up, I will divide the miles driven by the average MPG shown to see how many gallons it should take to fill up. It's almost always within .1-.2 gallons, varies mostly if the fuel area isn't level.
  8. Lifetime average so far on my 4.3, 4x4 truck after 3,400 miles is 16.3 MPG. Mostly city driving. DIC is very accurate, usually within .1mpg.
  9. No issues with the rear door, just used that as an example of thing that you don't normally think about checking, you just assume it is there. You are correct, it's not worth a $5k upgrade for the console, but is is just aggravating enough to be a real downer when you get a new truck. Also the WT truck has a pocket on the back of the front seats that the Custom doesn't have, another thing that doesn't seem like the savings would be worth having two different seats in inventory.
  10. I might have ordered a higher trim level if I would have known the console had no storage, but it's not mentioned anywhere. I also didn't think to ask of the rear doors open, some things you just assume are going to be there. Mine was the first Custom the sales guy had seen, he spent 10 minutes trying to get it open. It probably costs Chevy more to produce two different consoles than to include what should have been there all along.
  11. Great looking truck, I like the black badges. Did you add black to the tailgate lettering?
  12. That is a great looking custom! I think that only the second nonTrailboss Custom pictured, my white Custom was the first. I really like the clean look of the grill compared to the rest of the line-up. Just wish Chevrolet could have added $5.00 worth of storage to the center console.
  13. Whats the problem with a whip antenna? All vehicles have had them for what, the last 80-90 years? The only reason I can see that it would be a problem is if you have a 7' garage door. Mine is 8', so no problem for me. I do have to ask though, does the stubby antenna have better reception that the whip? my '02 Silverado (with the whip) had better reception than my '19.
  14. Guess that's why we don't get things like auto close power windows, some people don't pay attention to what they're doing. If I lower my tailgate with my trailer attached, the trailer jack will bash the tailgate, but I'm not going to blame GM for that.
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