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  1. 2019 External Antenna?

    Off topic, but that's the first picture of a new truck I've seen in a long time with white letter tires. Call me an old school redneck, but I've put them on everything I've owned since my '70 Monte Carlo. My company has a white '19 custom on order for me, wasn't sure what it would look like with white letters.
  2. Brake Pull

    UPDATE The hose was the problem. I replaced it with the hose from Amazon in the link above (thanks Chris), and bled the brakes, now it tracks perfectly straight under hard braking. The only thing that could have been a problem, I should have topped off the master cylinder before I finished bleeding the brakes. It took more fluid to fill it when I was finished than I expected, would have been bad if I would have sucked air at the master cylinder. In hindsight I wasted money replacing the calipers without correcting the problem, but now I know that everything is new in the front, ready for the next 200,000 miles. The money I spent was still less than half of a new car payment. The old Tahoe is in pretty good shape for 18 yrs old. Thanks to everyone that offered suggestions and advice, that is what makes forums like this great!
  3. Brake Pull

    Thanks for the replies. The hose was my next guess, but I've never had a problem with a hose before. I have no problem bleeding the brakes, especially if it's only at one wheel. I'll let you know how it goes.
  4. I have an '01 Tahoe that has a pull to the right when the brakes are applied. The mechanic said the right caliper was hanging up, and they disassembled and lubed everything and they said it fixed it. It might have helped a little for a short time, but didn't last long. Last weekend I replaced both front calipers and put new pads on both sides, and the problem is still there. What is the next thing to check?
  5. The V6 will absolutely do what I need, but the V8 will do what I want. Sometimes extra power is nice when you are trying to merge in traffic. The listed fuel mileage is the same with both engines.
  6. Those are excellent points, as much time as we spend in out vehicles, 5K isn't that much to make the time more enjoyable. But....this truck is being paid for by my employer. I can see why they don't want to pay for the LT package for all of their trucks. I'm fortunate they let me make any changes. They were going for the work truck package, and let me make a few changes that added maybe $1,500.00. I could have paid the difference to go to the LT, but don't really want to pay 5k for a truck that isn't mine. This brings me to another problem with the way the packages are set up. The first step is to configure the drive-train. The 4.3 V6 was around 3k less than the 5.3 V8, so i knew I was stuck with the V6. It has basically the same power as my 2002 5.3 Silverado, so I wasn't too worried about it. I was playing with the build page after the truck was ordered and found that because of other options that I had selected (trailer package, locking rear, etc.), the 5.3 would have added less that $1,400.00. I would have paid out of pocket for the V8 if I had known it was only $1,400.00.
  7. Any idea of build dates of trucks with leaks? Has GM resolved this, or could current production trucks still have a problem?
  8. Finally seeing T1's !

    I've seen one Silverado on the road, haven't seen a '19 Sierra in person. The local dealer has half a dozen on the lot. I thought they were hideous when I saw the first pics, but now I like it better than the previous model.
  9. The custom was ordered Friday, I'll be sure to post pic's in the other thread when it arrives.
  10. MSRP around $40k, but with new fleet pricing I think it will be in the $34k range. Here are my two choices from an appearance standpoint. I'm not a fan of the all black grill, and the 20's on the Custom look a little better than the 17's on the WT.
  11. Thanks for all of the replies. The truck is a fleet order, didn't know that would make a difference. I did go to the dealer yesterday and sit in a truck with the 4 way seat, I think it will be fine. It just gets frustrating the way some of the package items work. I can get the Z71 trim in the work truck, and it would include the trailer package and locking rear, but that would delete the aluminum wheels from the WT appearance package. The Z71 package isn't even available in the Custom trim package. Thanks again for the suggestions.
  12. My employer is getting me a new 2019 Silverado Double cab truck. They showed me the truck they priced, The work truck package with several options. I can make some changes if it stays in the same price range, so I priced a Custom package with the same basic options because in my opinion it is a nicer looking truck. The Custom comes with color matched bumpers and grill bar, and 20" wheels. The work truck is quoted with chrome bumpers, and the nicer 17" steel wheels. It gets complicated with the packages. Here are the two biggest issues with the truck I want. The work truck they had priced included the 10 way power seat, the four way manual seat is the only option in the Custom package. Remote start is available on the Custom Package, but not the work truck. I could add an aftermarket remote start, but I would be stuck with the seat. Any opinions on the best way to go?
  13. Bad A/C Noise

    Sorry about that, think it's fixed. I forgot to mention that i replaced the idler pulley soon after the noise started, and nothing changed.
  14. I have an '02 Tahoe, and the A/C is making an intermittent noise. The AC belt broke, and I assumed it was because the compressor locked up and took it to the mechanic. He found the compressor wasn't locked up, charged it some and put on a new belt. It still cools, and sometimes it will go all day with out the noise. It seems like the noise is more likely under acceleration. If I turn the A/C off, the noise goes away. Could it be a clutch problem, or is it the compressor, or something else? I recorded a video, nothing to see, but you can hear the racket it's making.
  15. I have an '01 Tahoe and an '02 Sierra, and they both have the same problem. The cupholder in the rear of the center console will not latch closed. It gets in the way at times, and if I fold the rear seat forward it hits the cupholder. Is there a replacement spring or latch available, and how hard is it to fix?

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