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  1. I bought an '02 with 202,000 miles two weeks ago, after looking at a lot of trucks. If maintenance has been done, rust is the biggest killer of these trucks. almost all of the trucks i looked at has holes in the rocker panels, rust around the rear wheel openings, and some had holes through the frame. The one I bought was a locally owned two owner truck that was traded in twice to the same dealer it was purchased from new. It had excellent service records, the interior looked brand new, and the only rust was the paint on the rocker panels was starting to blister. The frame was perfectly clean. It also had almost new Michelin tires, it seems like you only see those on better maintained vehicles. I felt much better about this truck than some with 125,000 miles due to the service history and amount of rust on most of them. I'm hoping to get at least another 100,000 miles out of it, but it definitely is a roll of the dice. The amount of trucks that I saw for sale with over 300,000 miles makes me feel good about my chances.
  2. Custom or RST

    I have a 4.3 custom (work truck purchased by my employer). It's one step up from the work truck, but still a big step up from my previous truck. It has manual cloth seats, they fit me well and are comfortable. It has the features I wanted, remote start, power everything in the cab, floor carpet instead of vinyl, and the assisted tailgate with remote open is nice. Personally I prefer the looks of the custom grill, it has a nice, clean look. The biggest complaint by far is the lack of interior storage. It doesn't even have the pockets on the back of the front seats that the work truck has. No center console storage seems like a major "up yours" from Chevrolet. There is no excuse for such a waste of space. That is the only reason I would avoid the Custom package. It's a great looking truck, I've had a lot of comments since I got it. Several people have said they like the looks better than the bosses '18 LTZ.
  3. Guess that's one advantage of my wimpy 4.3, no auto shut off.
  4. Mine does the same thing if I open the rear door to get something out of the back. I'm guessing its the fuel pump, but it seems unnecessary when opening the back door.
  5. Looks like it is built tough enough to double as a wheel chock if you need it...lol. Nice job.
  6. In the article they say the truck is AWD instead of 4WD because it doesn’t have a two speed transfer case. I always thought AWD meant you couldn’t select 2WD. What is the correct definition of AWD?
  7. Wow, fit and finish on mine is top notch, I haven't found the first body defect. I agree with the BS meter being pegged.......
  8. You don't think the description of the interior as "a rolling OSHA violation" is a little over the top for an unbiased review? Or this; "Actual park benches would make more comfortable seats than the benches Chevrolet installed in this truck". Really?????? Sounds unbiased to me.
  9. One of the biggest complaints is is the drivers seat. I'm 6'1", 195 and it fits me just fine.
  10. https://www.motortrend.com/cars/chevrolet/silverado-1500/2019/2019-chevrolet-silverado-1500-work-truck-first-test-review/ No love shown by Motor Trend for the Work Truck. I took delivery of my Custom last week which is basically a WT with 20" wheels. Other than the lack of interior storage, I'm happy with it. My old truck was an '02 Silverado LT, so it may be different compared the the Ford and Ram.
  11. Custom Trail Boss Console Upgrade?

    Has anyone found a replacement console that is actually useful yet? I can't believe they put such a waste of space in a vehicle. It can't be a cost issue, shouldn't cost them more than $20 extra to make one that opens. It seems like something they did to try to force you into an upper trim level.
  12. I picked up a '19 Custom this week, it's a nice truck, but i have one complaint. I know the Custom is a low trim package, so I'm not expecting all of the bells and whistles, but the fold down console doesn't open. Even yy '97 Silverado with a bench seat had storage in the fold down console. I think the fold down console in the LT has storage, and looking at the build configuration page it looks the same on the Custom and the LT. Mine is different than the website. This picture is from the build page. Here is a picture of my console. I know, there is a tray om the dash, but I would rather keep my sunglasses case, an ink pen or two, and maybe a firearm at times in the center console. It seems like Chevrolet is going out of their way to stick it to you if you buy a low level trim package, and there is nowhere on the website that mentions the fact that it has no storage. Even the sales guy spent a few minutes trying to show me how it opened, he couldn't believe it either when he found it doesn't open. I know, this is a minor issue, but it's by biggest complaint by far.
  13. LED bed lighting is included in the Custom Convinience Package.
  14. The extra lights in the bed are nice.

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