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  1. by the color of the fluid,my guess is no maintenance ever! Mileage ?
  2. nqabigt


    i'll bet that woman he raped isn't sad
  3. nqabigt

    Bye all

    all this over oil !!!! forgetaboutit posting to an oil thread (which we have had to many lately)is setting your self up for frustration that only kids and ex wives can muster
  4. assuming you have a 2007.5 gmt900 not a 07 classic 800 i have changed the valve cover and it reduced what the catch can was capturing by half installed the range @60,000 (lost 1 mpg) now 132,000 and running fine do a google search for the valve cover , plenty should show up
  5. ball joints (a arms) surely must be gone by now, also hub bearings good luck with your fix
  6. send it back it will not hold up unless you keep fluff in it worst waste of money ever!!
  7. corrosion X ,get a gallon first application is very messy, then touch up yearly stops rust and protects What model truck?
  8. chasing the same problem will update when solved
  9. I've dropped my pan twice and new filter+ 5 + qts, installed a drain plug now i drain and replace 3 1/2 qts yearly, shifts better than new {amsoil of course}
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