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  1. 5 years and 64,000+miles with range full time and no oil use
  2. Cabin water leak

    chasing the same problem will update when solved
  3. Weird transmission Issues

    I've dropped my pan twice and new filter+ 5 + qts, installed a drain plug now i drain and replace 3 1/2 qts yearly, shifts better than new {amsoil of course}
  4. Weird transmission Issues

    forgot to add, no codes
  5. Weird transmission Issues

    My 08 4l60 has done this 6/7 times since new, 120.000+ miles first time it happened in a heavy downpour, the next time, dry weather the dealer was useless, unless broken parts are obvious it has rained hard all year, has not done it in the past 20,000 miles+ it happened twice in one week! the next time , pull over and shut it off for 2/3 minutes {Works for me} I would not worry about it, unless it becomes chronic
  6. mine is still working fine
  7. also. if the lifter has failed and the valve is slightly open -no compression lifter failure is common on these engines what oil did you use ?
  8. rebuild or crate engine and turn off the afm I recently changed my plugs at 99,000 miles and they all looked good
  9. X100 I recently did mine and removed the fender liner to get to the impossible #8!
  10. Front (?) end grinding noise

    have the rotors checked for warping just changed mine, and way quieter now if stock rotors, change them
  11. to semi answer your questions; I installed the range afm delete device at roughly 60k miles I installed a cheapo catchcan on the pcv line at the same time I get about 2-3 ozs of oil and crud at each oil change amsoil since new, 1k miles, and am regular with injector cleaner please note that this engine did not use oil EVER or now I've done a lot of hilly towing the past 2 years, currently at 92k+ I hope this info will help, Tim

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