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Found 12 results

  1. I have a 2006 Chevy 1500hd I recently bought. Couple days after I brought it home I noticed the radio display and the display for the temperature for the A/C control are blank. It has auto climate so not the two sliders for temp control but two knobs and the temp and mode position are displayed. The radio and ac still works but the displays are dark. When you turn the key sometimes they will flash and then go dark. So i'm thinking it's in the steering column. Would a worn out tumbler cause this or does the ignition switch send the power to the dash once it's keyed up. Any help would be appreciated let me know if you've had a similar problem. Thanks.
  2. Hi everyone, Today my terrains display would not turn off, even after locking the car. I noticed when I went back in and turned back on the car that the radio also wasn't working. It showed that it was on and playing, but was not. I went to change it from XM to FM to see if maybe that would work, and all the options for radio were grayed out. I could only select between currently playing and phone. Phone did not work however. I tried resetting to defaults, but that did not work either. Will this cause my battery to die? Is there a force shut off option? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks.
  3. Just today when i switched the radio station by pressing a preset option my “buttons” and info all went away after about 10 secs. When you touch the screen they come back and stay for 10 secs. If I start it and don’t touch any new stations they all stay. Never has done this before. 2018 Yukon XL Denali bought end of May
  4. Hi all, got in my truck one day a few weeks ago and the radio display was malfunctioning. The screen cuts off halfway so you cannot see the station, artist, song title, etc. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting the battery, maybe I didn't leave it unhooked long enough but that didn't work. Anybody else seen something like this or know how to fix it? I'll attach a photo. **the picture is upside down, don't know how to fix it, I apologize** Thanks
  5. Hello everyone, i have joined to try and see if anyone here could offer some knowledge or advice to the problem I am having with my truck. It is a 2014 Silverado, LTZ, Z71. The main display screen will somehow change stations on its own like there is someone holding their finger on the screen. and if it is on the maps it will start moving the map as if it is being touched. But in addition to that it is also changing the info on my dashboard display between the gauges. Every time the channel changes on the main display screen it will move from mpg/ fuel economy to the page where it displays the current station. If I set it back to display mpg and then stop it from scrolling channels on the main display it will start over again and scroll channels and then change the display between gauges. Please any help would be appreciated. I have the gold package for warranty and I was just told this problem was not covered and that I needed a new display screen. I don’t know why both the display screen and in-dash screen would both be acting up if it was the main display screen. I will buy a new one but would like to make sure that that fixes the problem and I’m not just going to buy a new one and continue to experience the same problem. I have video but it won’t post. Any advice is welcome. Thanks I’m advance.
  6. My 2015 Sierra display went out and says "searching for medium with valid download data" and then fails. Back up cam still works but no red/yellow/ guidelines. Took it to the dealer and they aren't completely sure the issue but want to start with software and if that doesn't work then replace a module. Truck is just out of warranty, (42k miles) Contacted GM and they seem to care less on doing the $200 software upload for me at no charge and haven't been much help at all. Anyone ever had this issue and is there a software upload I can do myself? Any help is appreciated!
  7. From the album: Service Report Log

    My service report for the radio display after it was fixed. I am in no way implying that this is your vehicle's specific problem and/or solution, but I am posting this for general awareness and information purposes.
  8. I have my Motorola Droid Maxx paired up to my 2015 Sierra Denali. When my phone receives a text message it will sometimes show a bunch of random letters and symbols, and then the text message contents right at the end. Haven't been able to pinpoint what's happening, not sure if it's my phone or the Intellilink system. Anyone else have this issue or something similar? The code didn't match any know codes for GM, so I'm thinking it's related to my phone?
  9. The display unit has a very bad image quality to it and I can't figure out if its either a cheap screen or a cheap camera. Can someone chime in and let me know if its one or the other. If the rear-view-camera is sending low megapixels, then I might just purchase a new RVC that has a better megapixel and replace the stock but this won't do anything if the LCD/HID unit only displays in low pixel density. My wife has a new Hyundai Santa Fe and the display/image quality in her car is way clearer and more crisp than our trucks RVC.
  10. just found this by accident but if you press the time in the right hand corner of the center display a manual or analog clock appears front and center along with current date.. Cool....
  11. When I plugs In my iphone to USB it don't show the album picture just says iPod in the square that's there
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