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  1. They are on the 6.2 right before the tipps. May I ask what double tipps you have on your? I really like them better then what comes on them. Thanks
  2. Mine did this also, I can not remember what it was called but there is a setting that tells the truck to adjust the seats, mirrors, etc when the 2 different remotes are used. i was pissed at first because I thought I turned everything I wanted on in settings but when I went back in I figured out I did no enable that feature.
  3. SF Silverado

    Truck lifted

    No sorry. They did such a good job that I could not even tell what was different when I got it back. A picture would not tell you anything
  4. SF Silverado

    Truck lifted

    very little metal in the back.
  5. SF Silverado

    Truck lifted

    I had a shop install them. They had to do just a little trimming in the rear of the front wheel wells and had to push back the liner a little in the front. It was so little that I can not tell what they did. Sorry I wish I had a better answer, hope this helps.
  6. How about 650 shipped to the lower 48
  7. I have this set of headrest that have been used maybe 10 times and worked flawlessly. I had them in a 2011 Silverado 1500 and a 2013 Silverado 2500HD. They worked perfect in each truck and match both interiors good. The stitching on the 2013 2500 seats was a little different but you really had to look and be trying to find something to figure it out. they can play 2 separate DVDs or they can play one DVD on both screens. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these. I have everything that came with them when I purchased them. I had them moved from truck to truck by the dealer. They fit 2007-2013 Silverado 1500 and 2500s. I am sure they will also fit other GM vehicles from the same years. here is one place I found them http://www.gmpartsgiant.com/parts/gm-headrest-19244248.html. if you search most places want about the same, I paid $1250.00 for them plus installation (plus getting them moved and taken out) for these. I would like to get $850 plus shipping OBO.
  8. Working on making it my own.
  9. Remove you neg battery cable for a few minutes, it will reset.
  10. at the front of the front wheel well you should be able to just move the inner wheel felt looking stuff forward without much problems. In the rear you have to trim some at the bottom of the fender where the black plastic cover is. it is hard to explain because I did not do it I just seen it after the fact. If you look at mine now you can not tell it has been trimmed at all. Sorry I know this does not help much but it is all I know. It is little enough that just looking at it you can not tell it has been trimmed.
  11. About two 2" right now. It is at my painter's getting the flares put on so it should be close to flush when he is done.
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