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  1. For aftermarket accessories, I usually go to 4wheelonline because of their good service and pricing. Actually, I just ordered a set of dually wheels for my 3500HD.
  2. The P0324 is for the knock sensor. Check the wiring and connectors.
  3. I like the Afe because they have dry filters.
  4. Try cleaning the idle air control valve if it is dirty.
  5. Nice. Looks like a good alternative to Dynamat.
  6. The Undercover Swingcase is a nice storage also for your tools.
  7. Aside from the brakes, check the steering components for tightness.
  8. The Duplicator bed armor is pretty tough. Just prep the surface really good.
  9. I agree. It depends on your budget also. Try to check out 4wheelonline. They have inexpensive exhausts like Gibson. If you are willing to spend more money, Borla and Corsa have some great sounding cat-back exhaust systems.
  10. Check out also the Undercover tonneau. I bought the Flex cover and have been very happy with it so far. Easy to install, and it is pretty water tight. I don't have a large tool box in my truck bed but I have the Undercover SwingCase which is enough for my tools and other small stuff.
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