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  1. Check out also the Undercover tonneau. I bought the Flex cover and have been very happy with it so far. Easy to install, and it is pretty water tight. I don't have a large tool box in my truck bed but I have the Undercover SwingCase which is enough for my tools and other small stuff.
  2. But why 24's? You will have low profile tires.
  3. If you want an aftermarket bed mat, Bedrug is a good choice.
  4. Adjustable shocks is the way to go. Bilstein and Rancho are both good. It will just depend on your brand preference and budget.
  5. Chrome wheels look nice though a bit PITA to maintain.
  6. SpecD and Spyder make black headlights as well as chrome ones.
  7. Have you tried installing resistors to solve the problem?
  8. If buying a used one is fine with you, try ebay.
  9. Looks great. I think fender flares are a nice addition to cover those wide tires.
  10. If the scratches are on the outside, it has nothing to do with the tint. Take it to a glass shop to have it checked.
  11. I think you be fine unless you are planning to buy some China made tires. Just remember to read the ad copy carefully.
  12. Between the two, I would choose Fox 2.0. Had Rancho shocks and I was not happy with the ride.
  13. If you don't have an orbital, you can use Meguiar's Scratch X by hand.
  14. Do you have stock rims or aftermarket ones like the american force dually wheels? And what size? Is your truck leveled/lifted or not? If you have 17's, 235/80's might fit without any rubbing issue.
  15. It is surface rust. You can sand the rust off, apply primer and then paint.
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