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    2018 Chevrolet Tahoe Premier ; 2005 Lexus RX330
  1. This is how to check transmission fluid temperature, it is the first one to the right. Each dash is 25 F .. so 100/125/150/175/200/225/250/275/300 degree Fahrenheit
  2. Yes, just push the trailer knob located on the gear shifter and it will display transmission fluid temperature at the speedometer. Release when finished
  3. Lift gate, or lift glass? If you have a picture that will be grate, at least from the internet (spare parts database)
  4. Just unplug then plug the liftglass relay. It is located at the rear fuse box #17
  5. Hi, Since 2018 and up models now have a QR code of the RPO codes, I can no longer check the codes as previously from the glove box compartment. I did scan it but I realized it didn’t show the full list! Can anyone help me with that. It is supposed to give all codes as same as what were there on previous models at glove box sticker.
  6. HUD Content

    I just’ve checked my vehicle, it shows EXACTLY the same as what the speedometer shows (P/R/N/D/ and then L1-6 or M1-6), but D it self doesn’t show exactly which gear you are in.
  7. HUD Content

    I didn’t notice that, but I was wondering why gear position is not shown. I’ve looked at the manual, and I guess you have to choose performance view (the one with RPM) and then shift to M (not D) and by applying those steps you will be able to see gear position. I have to try it later today!
  8. Newer models equipped with HDMI. You may ask the dealer to install it, or purchase the parts required and do the installation your self. Not sure if the entertainment system needs a firmware update though
  9. Not a big fan of that mod. Instead, why you don’t consider third party sets since there are plenty of good looking tail lights. https://www.carid.com/2018-gmc-yukon-taillights/ The other thing is, what is wrong with Yukon tail lights, they look great already
  10. Thank you for sharing the information
  11. Was it a quick swap? Or you have to do extra work to modify (changing some electronics or cables)? I have a Tahoe with 3DS Osram 4300K and planning to upgrade
  12. If you install a cooler, you can get a thermal Bypass to insure good working temp in cold weather as well as good protection when it is hot out there. https://www.oregonperformancetransmission.com/product/LNG-49201.html https://www.oregonperformancetransmission.com/product/LNG-4739P6.html The other alternative, is just to flip the factory thermal valve of which it will reduce maximum reaching operating temp
  13. Why would you do that? Is there that difference?

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