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    2018 Chevrolet Tahoe Premier ; 2005 Lexus RX330
  1. I have been told from many ppl that Profender shock absorbers (2 inch & 2.5 inch) is an amazing alternative to factory shocks, and you will notice the difference immediately
  2. Yes, Premier “LTZ”
  3. For me, even while I am having two programmed keys and to program the third, I was not able to start with the procedure as described in the manual. 2018 Tahoe Couldn’t figure out what was the problem
  4. No problem, Same here unfortunately, I cannot change files from front and I am still struggling with it!
  5. I just have done this a few days ago, you can creat a playlist of different contents and sorting. For me for instance, I have made two playlist for my two kids. Each has his own files, and same thing (same procedure) to my audio files. I’ll explain here and I hope you get the idea: Using you PC/laptop First, put the files as the sorting you need in folders and you can number them to get ride of alphabetical order, for example: 01-Action 02-Thriller 03-Drama And for (each) folder, generate a text file using notepad, but choose save as (01-Action.m3u), and start to add/type file names as they appear in the folder as this order: 01-Action/ 01-Action/Movie01.mp4 01-Action/Movie02.mp4 01-Action/Movie03.mp4 And so on for all files at that folder. *** NAMES OF FILES MUST BE EXACTLY IDENTICAL, SO IF YOU RENAME A FILE, GO AND CHANGE THE NAME AT THE PLAYLIST *** Do the same thing for the next folder, so (02-Thriller.m3u), and inside are file names: 02-Thriller/ 02-Thriller/Movie04.mp4 02-Thriller/Movie05.mp4 You will end up at this hierarchy: Flash Drive/Hard Disk: >> 01-Action (as folder) >> 02-Thriller(as folder) >> 03-Drama(as folder) >> 01-Action.m3u(as m3u file) >> 02-Thriller.m3u(as m3u file) >> 03-Drama.m3u(as m3u file) I hope you get the idea, let me know if you have a question. And sure let me know how it goes with final results when accomplished.
  6. I would agree with Mandalorian of what he just’ve said. I would add the RST trim, not so sure if it is available at the long base not only Tahoe. So that would be “Denali, RST (6.2), Premier, ...” GMC yukon and Yukon XL comes with laminated glass all over the vehicle for much noise cancelation and quitter compartment, Tahoe and Suburban comes with laminated at front and tampered for the rest. The Denali sound system comes with extra feature of noise canceling through sound system to sense the noise and send signals to cancel them. Moreover, I think that GMC is much tougher. I do have Tahoe because I liked the look much better, yet both of them are great vehicles. For both choices, anyone needs to think about Magnetic Ride Control, automatic retractable running board, axel ratio, as well as 22” wheels if they need them or not.
  7. Wow, thanks for the explication.. Will try the best and I hope it goes well.. Thanks again [emoji1303][emoji1303][emoji1303]
  8. Great, thank Do you think it is doable? I was trying to find out and I find, as you just said, with RPO (HF4) without A45 memory seat as you mentioned. BCM is used to cut-out voltage when gear is not in park, so can I override? My understanding is, I need: - Switch next to the steering wheel. - Motor. - Relay/fuse at the Left fuse box. One more thing, do you think is it safe? Do I need adjustment/calibration to pedal position throttle and break? Thanks, and sorry for all that questions [emoji1319]
  9. Does anyone know how to wipe out (erase) previous key fob programming? I used to have a Denali with push to start and an extra key fob that I want to sell.
  10. Thank you for the link. My problem is: I think I have to buy the motor that changes the position of the pedals, the switch that you provide, and some electrical connections to the fuse box. But, do I need a BCM programming as well?
  11. Thank you, it looks like that
  12. Have anyone try (or know an answer of) upgrading the fixed pedal (Throttle and break) on 2015-2019 Tahoe/Suburban LS and Yukon/Yukon XL SLE to add the feature of auto pedal adjustment level? Is it only the motor to add with the knob and electric wires, or it may include BCM?
  13. I have had the same problem few months ago. I went to the service centre of my dealer and one of the mechanics used his account at GM Global Connect (https://www.autopartners.net/) to pull the data and print it out for me. I have heard that GMC and Chevrolet Chat centre can send that to your email address using your car’s VIN
  14. Good to hear that [emoji1303]
  15. I believe the Tahoe doesn’t come with chrome side molding, they come with painted ones. Only Yukon Denali is equipped with chrome molding. So, this must have been installed by the dealer with Chevrolet accessories parts. It is a double sided tape, so I guess even if you hit to the dealer they won’t replace it with new one. They probably will fix the issue with the tape. It worth the try and to check what they may do, it is all up to you.

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