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  1. 2016+ have got Apple CarPlay 2017+ they’ve added AndroidAuto Running iOS 13 gives you better experience
  2. Probably some mods that GM have maid on the truck and the fitment have changed, just guessing.
  3. What I’ve found out is: 84789804 is for 2019 ONLY 84789794 is for 2020 and above https://www.shopchevyparts.com/performance/2019-sierra-1500-air-intake-performance-62l-engine/84789804-p-92301745.html https://www.shopchevyparts.com/performance/2020-silverado-1500-air-intake-kit-performance-cold-air-62l-engine/84789794-p-92306054.html
  4. 2 ways, First is as what Bob2C have said. And the second, is to turn high beam for a few seconds and the return to low beam. (For both ways, the feature will not work when fog lights are on)
  5. I saw some YouTube videos of which they do clean the belt it self, and spray the joints with some products such as W40
  6. Which 4WD trim usually comes in 3.08? Mine is different ratio that is why it is not there. I appreciate if you have a screenshot of the recall from GM website with recall number ( N192261050 ) and description. No vin to include
  7. Can you confirm from GM recall, because I couldn’t find any
  8. I have a friend who had a similar issue, but I am not up to date of what he have done. But I guess the issue starts with mixing halogen with LED at the same path I guess. He replaced only one LED to check if it is working fine, but what happened is the other bulb which it was halogen burned out as well as the side marker! So I am assuming you better get a full set of LED from a good brand. I guess I can provide you with the wiring diagram if you want it.
  9. I am assuming you just’ve installed LED replacing the halogen. There must be a load resistor connected to LED, or CANbus error free led. Read more about hyper flash and you will understand my point. If the vehicle is already equipped with LED and you just replace the LED, then it is fine, otherwise BCM will think the bulb is burned out due to different current draw (halogen draws about ~2.2 amps while LED draws ~1 amp)
  10. Here you go, let me know if you come through any problem: https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/225540-tahoe-res-movies-on-usbhd-selecting-files/
  11. You will not be able to view that from the front, it has to be from the back screen. But I guess your question is: you want to put them in folders as for example movies/kids/documentaries an so on. Am I right?
  12. You need to check or be aware of: - Transmission fluid status whether it had already been replaced or not and its condition. There is a trans thermostat that you need to delete in order to make sure the fluid temp will not go high if you are a guy who live in a warm area or use the car up hills or to pull. - Engine and idle hours. - Rear Yukon break lights know that led strip burns. Check YouTube for the easy fix using soldering gun and electric solder. - 2015 model has one release at the beginning of the year, and then refreshed by the middle of 2015. First one came with a small screen in the middle (may be in SLE only not sure), the refreshed editions got the 8” infotainment system. Later in 2016, Apple CarPlay was included, and then in 2017 Android Auto was included. - GM trucks from 2015+ have GDI engines, and with that been said, you have to keep in mind that contaminants was built already inside. No one knows how bad are their engines, but just to let you know about it. Many elements can affect that (as good or bad) such as fuel quality, oil brand quality as full synthetic or lower, oil change intervals, was the previous owner taking car of internal engine cleaning with some cleaning products, you may need to check YouTube regarding GDI engines problems so you become aware. - I would highly recommend you test the 2015+ first, as the rear differential with the suspensions may not satisfy the ride quality that you may expect. Many ppl complain about toughness. - Check if the previous owner have already took the vehicle for the recalls, because there are some already. - Not that important, but I remember I saw a video explaining how they have changed the design of the third rear seat, before it was easily removed and there was stealing incidents happened before.
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