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  1. Hello I am trying to figure out which spark plug wires fit my engine, but I couldn’t figure it out. Mine is 2018 Tahoe Premier 5.3L I was looking for Accel (part# 9059C) & MSD (part# MSD33829), but for both, some websites claims that it will not fit! Can someone confirms which may fit so I can buy. I am welling to use ACDelco sparks plugs Thanks https://www.holley.com/products/ignition/spark_plug_wires/accel_ceramic_boot_spark_plug_wires/parts/9059C https://www.amazon.com/MSD-33829-Spark-Plug-Wire/dp/B01FV3GR3O
  2. Check the glove compartment, you will find a sticker with GM RPO codes Each code represents what feature the car has so you can look it up http://www.dstgateway.com/ACDelcoDocuments/rpoCodes.pdf
  3. I had experience some shuddering, and I’ve used instant shudder fixx and did help a bit
  4. Just record reading at a cold start This is it: (Digital Display Gauge — OBD Scan) 160 F — 100~102 F 172.5 F — 116 F 185 F — 138~139 F 197.5 F — 161 F 201 F — Stays there in the middle from 183 F I use Metric (Celsius) not Imperial (Fahrenheit), so from (84 C until 105 C) it stays in the middle (100 C), it will exceed that when the vehicle reaches 106 C (which is 222.8 F)
  5. For a quick search, two websites show that it fits. However, one shows other RPO code not in your glove box sticker
  6. I realize that and I don’t know why they put it that way! Mine is digital/display, and I got trans fluid temperature 100% accurate, but cooler temp is not!
  7. Recording a video may help, but usually it is not noisy unless some problems are there. I agree with camGTP, change the oil brand or even different viscosity if you use the vehicle as heavy use.
  8. Yes, that means seals starts to leak/crack allowing the fluid to circulate and not being fully closed. Just replace it with a new one if that bothers you.
  9. It has been a while since I play with that stuff, but I remember NERO was a good software to manage CD/DVD/mp3 For now, I use online format conversion website to convert media directly from the source using its url
  10. With that been said, does that mean you had a check engine light for a short period of time only? If so, have you tried to scan for codes?
  11. Unfortunately, yes this what you have to do Check at 6:40 Installation video is here because of wires at 21:33
  12. That will probably have a relay or so Have you tried to unplug negative battery terminal? It might only need a reset
  13. I already have switched to 0w-40 since 22k miles, I wasn’t convinced with 0-20, but still see a very dirty throttle body due to carbon deposits and that definitely tells that whatever is inside, is worse!
  14. Greetings,, Would like to get a performance air intake for my 18 Tahoe Premier 5.3L, what are the recommendations? All I know about brands are K&N as well as S&B, but don’t know how they perform or how good are they side by side. I live in a hot/harsh and dusty environment so I believe I have to take care of it more and to get the filter sock. I am not sure as well if I have to run it into dyno and get it tuned or not. My goal is to get a balance of performance and reliability Hit me with the info and experience you got Thanks in advance
  15. Is it too late to start using the catch can at about 35k miles?
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