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  1. Until now I couldn’t find what it is, but the only thing that I think is close to is the oil pump
  2. Have you tried that method? Cause this is what the video says as you’ve explained
  3. What I did, and I think it is the only way, is to use an OBDII scan tool that has throttle body position relearn special function. I saw this video but I have my doubts that it can work as he explains @5:22
  4. 2015 is known for some issues you have to look/ask for. Radiator is know for a leak on this specific model, check it out. A common issue is to get interior lights illuminate when pressing the break, I think the fix is to replace tail lights. For other high milages vehicles, you have to check and ask for the trans fluid change intervals at the maintenance. It should have been replaced regularly. Torque converter is a common issue in all 15-20 GM trucks. In your case since the model and the low milage, I guess it needs to replace all fluid since it has been sit for a while without moving a lot (trans fluid and transfer case if equipped/engine oil/break fluid bleeding/coolant fluid if needed and so on)
  5. I want to install dash cam and accessories to my vehicle, and I have some questions regarding 15+ Tahoe/Yukon fuse box. 1- Is fuse type used Micro2? 2- Although that many spots shown as (empty or spare), fuses cannot be hold there and I guess no metal contact is there. So it is useless. Any suggestions? Would like to use a specific spot for each accessory, not to share fuses. If so, what fuse should I share as a safe option? Such as sharing a heating steering wheel fuse taking in consideration Amps and Volts.
  6. I guess if all factors are good and replaced new (Coils, wires, spark plugs, injectors, and compression test), then I suggest checking EVAP sensor, oxygen sensors, and fuel pump.
  7. That is already too much without towing! And you said yours already have got trans cooler + thermostat mod
  8. Assuming that the thermostat mod was done right, and the transmission cooler is working probably, maybe trans fluid is already in a bad condition. Other thought is that cooler capacity is not high enough for your need. Just assumptions.
  9. The only thing that stopping me from installing the catch can is the warranty. If I keep it while visiting the dealer it will void my warranty, otherwise I have to take it out at every dealer visit.
  10. I saw a case of a 2008 Tahoe where the AFM was inactive for about two years with the car running about 155k miles due to sensor problem that causes the AFM to be disabled. Once he fixed the problem, AFM kicked back working again, but after that for a short period of time, lifters gone bad. Carbon deposit was building up for the whole time, and once the AFM worked agin they get stuck. My suggestions are, if you will disable AFM, then don’t return it back again. The other option, is to clean the engine regularly with flushing and probably (Seafoam/CRC) intake valves cleaner to maintain as much as possible of internal components so if you return AFM, hopefully it will not cause a problem. This is as well comes together with choosing good oil brand and change it regularly. This video is helpful to understand the importance of keeping the internal parts clean of GDI engines,, @ 8:05 he starts talking about carbon deposit that affects the valves and lifters at the same time.
  11. You’ll need the VIN number of the car that has the HMI before, if it is new, you have to add your VIN using GM software.
  12. Have you tried injectors cleaning products?
  13. Check and make sure that you are not towing more than ratings
  14. Here is the RPO codes list, check your glove box codes sticker as “CamGTP” have said. http://www.dstgateway.com/ACDelcoDocuments/rpoCodes.pdf I assume you should look for Z82 or Z85
  15. Oil leak is not related to AFM over ride, but regarding the ranger, I have heard that using V8 for a long time and then use AFM V8/V4 will cause lifters failure at some point after. Not sure why or if that was a coincidence, but it happened for a previous generation SUV of GM
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