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  1. With that been said, does that mean you had a check engine light for a short period of time only? If so, have you tried to scan for codes?
  2. Unfortunately, yes this what you have to do Check at 6:40 Installation video is here because of wires at 21:33
  3. That will probably have a relay or so Have you tried to unplug negative battery terminal? It might only need a reset
  4. I already have switched to 0w-40 since 22k miles, I wasn’t convinced with 0-20, but still see a very dirty throttle body due to carbon deposits and that definitely tells that whatever is inside, is worse!
  5. Greetings,, Would like to get a performance air intake for my 18 Tahoe Premier 5.3L, what are the recommendations? All I know about brands are K&N as well as S&B, but don’t know how they perform or how good are they side by side. I live in a hot/harsh and dusty environment so I believe I have to take care of it more and to get the filter sock. I am not sure as well if I have to run it into dyno and get it tuned or not. My goal is to get a balance of performance and reliability Hit me with the info and experience you got Thanks in advance
  6. Is it too late to start using the catch can at about 35k miles?
  7. It looks fine to me and as it should be. Try with audio files and plug it in the front, then use (playlist) not (music) at the media/browse infotainment option. It should be separated as folders. Same concept will be for video files. Contact me if you still can’t get it done
  8. I have replaced my brand new Osrams with a pair of those Philips HID’s, they are great and genuine (from an authorized dealer of Philips). Use the promo code in the website for a discount https://www.powerbulbs.com/product/philips-xenon-whitevision-gen2-d3s-single
  9. Yes *.m3u goes in root, folders contain media only But keep file names identical
  10. I assume 1500 Denali and HighCountry are the only ones with 8-speed transmission.
  11. Check battery terminals and make sure they are tight and clean, if so, you may need to replace the battery size R94 (make sure you take 80Amp battery and absolutely nothing less than 80) Regarding the tail light, it is common that Yukon LED tail light fail, and you need to fix it if you are out of warranty. Here is how to fix:
  12. No problems with 4WD system, you just need to use it a little from time to time to circulate the oil inside to prevent gear jam or failure. You never know when you need 4WD in any situation What is known to fail is the torque converter and sometimes transmission clutches. * You have to make sure that you change trans and transfer case fluid regularly, and prevent overheat of the transmission fluid (I assume you know about the trans thermostat delete)
  13. I think LTZ will still have 6-speed 6.2L engines as of the Denali will have 8-speed
  14. If I were you, I would go for 2018 4WD (even if you don’t use it regularly, at least it is there for need)
  15. Until now I couldn’t find what it is, but the only thing that I think is close to is the oil pump
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