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  1. It works with lane keep assist, and I think regardless of the cluster type
  2. Most likely it is the rear differential
  3. “Take Steering” That message appears when you take away your hands from steering for too long while the car maintains its position at the lane.
  4. I would say skip 2014, the center screen is either small, or doesn’t support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. 2016 and beyond supports both
  5. Check two thing, first is the main fuses after the battery (located at the top of the battery I guess) as well as their connection to be tight. Second, is the battery rating amps (should be 80 amps not less). If that didn’t help, I guess you need to check the wires for any damages or to check the power steering motor underneath since it is electrical and it may draw high current (check the diagram I’ve attached earlier)
  6. Yes I saw the video and my reply was based on that. Keep us updated, and I hope that problem get fixed.
  7. Your problem is electrical, so start from there. Check that both battery terminals are tight and secure, then check the battery health (and rating), it must be at least 80 Amps. Then check the main fuse box right after the battery at a pro workshop or the dealer. Last, which more likely not the problem, is to check the alternator. Check this diagram, that explains why you’ve got a message about the steering.
  8. You probably need to replace the GPS receptor antenna. The design of it may cause the water to leak in and cause damage to the IC board.
  9. I guess you have a bad battery that needs to be replaced, otherwise check the terminals if they are not tinted well or not clean.
  10. My only problem is, it needs to be completely closed before starting the treatment. I cannot leave the throttle body been exposed, otherwise the engine will get different air flow rate and the rpm will go up an down rapidly with turbulence.
  11. Thanks Is it the one from the driver side or passenger side? Which will suck air?
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