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  1. Why would you do that? Is there that difference?
  2. Actually, no. I believe the version of the speedometer display needs an update that includes the compass. I’ve got the vehicle brand new and it wasn’t there at the first place. So, disconnecting battery terminal won’t help I guess. I live overseas and the display includes languages other that English or Spanish, so it might be an older version. Otherwise, I guess GM computer at the dealer may toggle an Off/On feature button to show the compass at the display.
  3. LS/SLE Trims?

    You can’t imagine how many ppl are actually owning an LS or SLE! It is much much larger numbers compared to other trims because of the price range.
  4. Yes, only on NAV screen (Chevrolet MyLink display), but not at the dashboard/speedometer !
  5. That’s weird, not even at the next few pages in the screen?!Check at Settings if Apple CarPlay is activated (ON), and make sure you enable Siri in your iPhone to use CarPlay. It is supposed that once you plug the lightning cable, the car will show CarPlay at the screen immediately. If nothing work, then you might have a faulty situation that needs a dealer or a workshop or chat with GM customer support for a solution
  6. Moreover, you can press and hold Home button to switch between MyLink and Apple CarPlay or AndroidAuto
  7. I think you have to press and hold to show/hide app icons. Projection icon might be hidden
  8. Have you tried the other key? For me, it looks like dead battery of the remote fob
  9. Can someone tell me how to display compass at the digital speedometer cluster for Tahoe/Yukon/Escalade! I realized it wasn’t there and I couldn’t figure out how to show it up! Mine below: What it should be like:
  10. Just tried again to cast (Screen Mirroring) via HDMI, and I had one issue: The video/cast from apps such as Fox Sport GO played at the rear entertainment system with no audio, and the front in-dash screen shows audio timer of the video but with no sound! After couple times I found out that Bluetooth connection MUST be disconnected when casting via HDMI, so it will not get conflict and interfere. So, after disconnecting Bluetooth, casting worked perfectly (Video & Audio) at both screens while in park.So, I just wanted to clarify that to whom it may concern.
  11. That’s what I thought.. I think I have to live with it and get used to it I guess, Thank you Jim
  12. Rear LED turn signals

    This might be too late, but yes I just did. Pros: - Good light and fast blinking response as all LEDs. - Used bright white bulbs from Sylvania (6000K) for (Licence plate bulbs/Back up bulbs/Turn signals & break) Cons: The one I bought I figured out lately the I need load resistors/equalizers for each bulb to overcome hyper flashing. Not only installing resistors take time, but I am worries about them getting hot although many people use them on YouTube. I mount them on the steel surface of the body for better heat dissipation/transfer through metal. Some bulbs comes with a chip to overcome hyper flash, they mention (no load resistor needed). I didn't notice that earlier, I found only one in Amazon from (LASFIT) but the color is Amber and it might be good for front blinkers not the rear. Some cars you can change flasher rely to solve the hyper flashing and burn out bulb error message at the dash.
  13. Illuminated door sills

    Illuminated door sills are for front doors only, but are there any illuminated door sills for both front and rear doors?
  14. Hi,, I am a new member and I am glad to have joined this forum. I have a 2018 Tahoe Premier and I tried to get answers to my questions but I couldn't find any.. 1) The vehicle has a feature to auto tilt mirrors on reverse , and it is good feature, but how can I disable the feature (just for a few second i.e. switching back and forth instantaneously ) without going through the in-dash screen? The mirrors are too small and tilting them make it hard to see obstacles behind, although they are good to see side walk edges. I knew that the mirrors have a time frame and it will auto raise to original position even while gear is still on reverse. 2) Is there a way to switch off auto dimming for the mirrors (just for a few second i.e. switching back and forth as well)? Thanks to all
  15. Hi, This might be too late, but yes I did try to cast from my iPad to the rear screen via HDMI and it worked, but that was a normal video from the photo gallery. If you want to cast TV channels next time, check some podcasting channels who have an application at the app store like (Fox) and (Fox sports GO) with subscription plans. Other way is to subscribe with SlingTV or fuboTV and cast as well through their apps. I hope that can help you in the future, or any other owners. Cheers,,

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