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  1. That should be replaced under warranty. They are the ones who damaged it!
  2. I didn’t get what you need. Do you mean vehicle’s builder document? If so, what exact GM car?
  3. Make sure that isn’t the vacuum pump. Have you had any problems with the break?
  4. Great! Congrats for fixing the problem. Can we get the link of that videos, and which fuse number was it?
  5. If you look underneath the seat, you will find two white plastic holders, they have to support them/it with the black piece of plastic as described in the bulletin. I do have the same (2018 Tahoe)
  6. Check wire connection nest to cabin air filter. Some times this cable becomes loose due to opening that area to clean the filter and maybe touching it by mistake
  7. Nope, mine is 2018. I have many friends complaining the same issue.
  8. I do have have the same issue with 2018 Tahoe Premier (noise from one side), I am planning a trip to the dealer to fix it. There is already a bulletin (PI1183A) to fix the problem. https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2015/MC-10113760-9999.pdf
  9. Wants to get a good catch can brand that really works well. I don’t mind paying extra for a very good product that I won’t regret, so money is not the issue here, but the functionality. Can someone please recommend or briefly describe their experience with catch cans. Listing YouTube videos about catch can installation is appreciated as well. 2018 Chevy Tahoe Premier (5.3L engine) Thank you..
  10. Check the electrical connections to see if it is easily doable https://www.gmupfitter.com/files/media/photo/831/18_Escalade_Body_Builder_SM_U_2017JUL24.pdf
  11. No problem. Just as I mentioned, QR code won’t show the full code list, you have to get it from the dealer.
  12. You will find it at the B pillar far down as shown. Now it becomes a QR code you scan with smartphone camera, for the full code list you have to print it from the dealer service centre. The colour code is the one in circle and the last 4-digit code when you scan.
  13. Why the Tahoe/Yukon doesn’t have something similar [emoji53]
  14. I guess it is not only to disable the running board, but also to keep it open when needed like washing the car. It functions as a hold to the running board rather than disabling I guess.
  15. The problem with the Denali is they replaced the Hill Decent knob with the retractable power-step knob, but I don’t know if the system can still be activated on other way or not!
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