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  1. Has anyone seen these yet? Apparently does different functions including white revers leds and red brake leds. Replaces existing step pad.
  2. Dropped mine off at the body shop. Someone decided to back into the front fender of my truck while out to dinner over the weekend. Of course they just left and didn't leave any contact information. So due to someone being a prick I'm stuck paying for the damages on my new truck! I can only hope the damage to their vehicle was worse.
  3. Thanks. Will contact him and see what he can do for me.
  4. After putting a flowmaster exhaust on my truck I decided to buy a Diablo intune so I could disable the V4 mode. I always thought it would be nice to get a little bit of a power gain and hopefully better gas mileage with the tuner. After installing the 87 octane tune with the DOD/V4 mode turned off it is causing my truck to shift in to gear way to soon, causing the engine to bog down and jerk until the RPM's climb. As soon as I remove the tune the problem goes away. I also tried installing the tune with the DOD left on and the problem returns. Then I tried just turning off the DOD with no tune their is no issues. So I know for a fact it's an issue with the 87 octane tune. I tried contacting DiabloSport and their current answer is the tune does not change anything with the transmission. Although it says on their web site that the tune even changes settings with the torque converter. Has any one else heard of issues like this? If i can only use the tuner to disable the DOD their are cheaper tuners out their I could of gotten. I went with Diablo due to people talking about savings on gas. Can anyone else recommend other tuners they are using with no issues? Thanks
  5. So after months of dealing with this noise I finally got mine fixed. I wanted to put an exhaust on my truck but before doing so I wanted the noise fixed so its not harder to hear with the exhaust. The noise I was hearing was a series of squeaks when accelerating from a dead stop. For me it was often worse when turning left as well. It only happens for a few seconds then stops when up to speed. When its wet out the sound is much worse and happens ever time I stop then move. I figured with the noise I would give the dealership a chance to try and fix it since I was taking my truck in for an oil change. Of course I made the appointment on a day it was suppose to rain but never did. When I arrived at the dealer the truck would not make the noise so the tech took it threw a sprayer to try and duplicate it. Of course no luck. He asked me to drive the truck with him and it only made the sound once. Based off that one sound and describing to him when and how it happens he was thinking it was the leaf springs. So when doing the oil change and the truck was on the lift he placed some lithium grease on the rubber cushions between the spring ends. Surprisingly it fixed the problem. It has rained for two days since then and not one sound. I was very impressed the dealership fixed this that quick with only hearing the sound once. So for those who have similar issues you could probably spray the areas with some wd40 to see if it resolves it. Its not the bushings in the shackles but the pads between the leafs.
  6. Just got my Flowmaster cat back system installed yesterday. It sounds perfect. Nice and deep but not raspy at all. When it goes into V4 mode you can hear a difference. It does not drone but its pretty annoying to me, so I got a Diablo tuner and turned off the DOD. With the V4 mode disabled the muffler sounds great when accelerating and can barely notice it at cruising speed.
  7. Hey Mike, what brand HIDs did you use? Most companies say they have 25watt kits when they really aren't. The only company I have ever seen to actual post numbers and prove they have a cooler running kit is Oracle with their 24watt kit. It's still possible even with a true 25 watt kit it is still just to hot for the fogs.
  8. Range Technologies are aware of these issues and admit it is their device causing it. The blame it on the delayed start up procedures on GM vehicles. They said if their device activates before the vehicle is done going threw its start up process it can cause these codes. They also admit there is no fix accept removing the device and reinstalling it every time it happens. You can go to their website and go to the FAQ section and it explains it a little. Seems like some people do get lucky and don't get the codes. But its not worth the risk to me to have my vehicle disabled because of this device.
  9. I was about to buy one of these and did some research. Their had been several issues with other GM models such as the Camaro using this device. People are having problems with check engine lights, power steering lights, and brake lights coming on. Also there has been problems with some of the devices draining your battery if you don't start your vehicle after a few days. Others have reported hesitation issues when trying to accelerate. According to Range Technology the fix if you get these problems is to turn your vehicle off and remove the device to clear the codes. Some of the codes this things generates will prevent you from even starting your vehicle. It was also mentioned if you place your ignition in ACC mode and leave it their you have to remove the device first. Seems like a lot of issues. I'm willing to bet this is why Autoanything will no longer sell this product. Their has been to many issues and returns on it. GM released a service bulletin that directly says plugging items into the service port and leaving them their can cause a long list of electrical issues and lights to come on. So all though this item isn't traceable it doesn't always work right either. not worth the risk on my new truck. Especially for $200 to buy one.
  10. I just ordered the flowmaster cat back system with the 50 series muffler. My buddy just placed a 50 series on his 2012 avalanche and removed the resonator. After hearing his I was pretty happy with the sound. It has a nice rumble on the outside and on the inside. It is a nice deep clean sound with no popping or raspiness you get with some straight threw mufflers. When it is in 4 cyl mode it gets slightly louder. When you give it some gas in 4cyl mode it almost gets to the point it wants to drone but then shifts into 8 cyl mode. So the mount of gas it takes to make the 50 series drone in 4 cyl mode will make the truck shift out. Will update how it turns out on my 2014 Sierra.
  11. yeah it's normal. The ratio is somewhere around 2 to 1 for the front spacers.
  12. I know a few other members had some of the same issues and had to get a new starter. Just take it to the dealer and have them check it out.
  13. I think its a good setup and looks very clean. But it's a little impractical if you actually did 4 wheeling in deep mud. With the winch control plug and clutch lever being located downward under the bumper you wouldn't be able to access them if you were buried in mud to your bumpers. If your not doing hardcore 4 wheeling then it wont be a problem. Either way it looks really good.
  14. With most of these kits you can sometimes unbolt the bottom of the shock and loosen your tie rod ends to get the spacer in place. They tell you to unplug the connectors or unplug the battery because these trucks have the stabilitrack. One of the key factors of the stabilitrack is to sense the position of your steering. If this gets changed it can affect the stabilitrack. That is why it is also important when you get an alignment to make sure you take it to a shop that has the proper equipment for the stabilitrack. A lot of alignment shops still don't have the correct equipment to reset or adjust your steering sensors after doing an alignment. I got an alignment once last year and told the shop to correct my steering wheel because it was leaning. They did the entire alignment then told me I had to take my truck to the dealer now to get the sensors adjusted or reset because they changed the steering. So I had to pay twice for the same work. Needless to say I don't use that shop anymore.
  15. You can notice the difference between the 10 ply and the slight increase in psi you will have to use. My last truck I put on a 10 ply tire and it was a big difference to me. This time I purposely avoided the 10 ply and got a 6 ply tire. It requires the same psi as stock and rides like stock. I personally would never get a 10 ply tire again unless I needed it for the increase load rating. As a slight test to see if it will bother you. Take your stock tires and inflate them from 32 psi to 40 psi (assuming the tire can handle this pressure) and drive it around for a little bit. See if you can tell the difference. Then imagine that but even worse with the 10 ply.
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