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  1. Most likely not. The endlinks don't have the length to connect bracket to the swaybar if you have raised the rear height.
  2. Changing out the brake lines is a great way to firm up the overall system. I may be adding some when I decide to do my brakes to help add additional braking power. Don't let the negative comments keep you from doing anything. According to Stoptech website, they offer the front set part number#950.66002. Good luck!
  3. I made my own conclusion. I flipped the label and ran in the orientation as the OE shocks. If you look at most OE shock/strut bodies, the boots are typically on top. With this particular boot and type of shock it really shouldn't matter. This boot is sealed at both ends to protect from elements. I think it looks better with it up as well.
  4. I don't think it really matters but I installed mine just like factory... boot on top. I actually removed the label and flipped it so it reads correctly.
  5. Currently no, but I only have the swaybar on the 1st setting. If I were to adjust it to the 2nd or 3rd(most aggressive) then I might, as the endlink is fairly close to the exhaust system I have. It's the MBRP 3.5" catback. With stock exhaust it may have more clearance. It's a perfect fit now though and even on the 1st setting it was a noticeable difference. I'll see if I can adjust it to another setting later on but i'm very happy. Also, assemble the endlinks to the upper mounting brackets first. Woulda been more difficult to mount the brackets then try to attach. And definitely leave most of the swaybar in a loose fit to the rear as I needed to move it around slightly for clearance. Also, one of the brake line plastic clamps had to come off. Its mounted to the pass side just off the pumpkin and makes a full circle around the axle tube. Gonna most likely need a cutting wheel to trim an ear off the upper shock mount to clear the upper endlink mounting bracket on the driverside. Good luck!
  6. Hellwig swaybar kit installed along with the 5100 Bilsteins on the rear. Let me just say truck rides wayyyy better!! Improved handling but the bouncing thrown all over the road BS is no longer. Completely absorbs 90% of the bumps like a champ. Fronts will come soon.. Highly suggest the shocks and swaybar. I'll update how the truck responds with towing once I hook the boat up.
  7. So I installed just the rear 5100's along with the Hellwig swaybar. Completely night and day difference in how connected to the road the truck feels and handles. This is an NHT truck. I mean it feels solid! It feels like the shocks are actually "absorbing" the roughs in the road instead of ignoring. It's crazy. I'll be installing the fronts very soon.
  8. Finally bit the bullet on an exhaust... I was itchin for a little more power and sound. Ended up with the MBRP Aluminized S5086AL 3.5" system after some good reviews of the sound. Very happy! Found a killer deal in the Amazon Warehouse..$268 shipped. Parts came in brand new, intact, and with all hardware. Score! I decided to order the Summit SS lapband clamps to use for connecting points instead of the U-bolt clamps so no crimping. Got the old sewer pipe out in 1pc just in case I wanted to swap it back for some reason. Installed the new system sewer system piece by piece and everything went together perfect although I did have to massage one hanger. Snugged all the clamps checked for clearance, then tightened them up. I'll do a recheck of all the clamp bolts after running a few hot/cold cycles. Sounds really good! It's quite a bit louder but I like it. It honestly feels like there is more usable power down low. Seems stronger on little bursts when I mash the go pedal.
  9. I'm fixing to pull the trigger on the Z36 too.. Can't beat it for price!
  10. Thanks for the tips guys.. I'll be installing mine soon!
  11. So the limiter on mine is one of if not the lowest of all the truck combinations. 14 Double Cab, 6.2L, Max tow 3.73 6spd. It shuts off between 92-94mph. It's ridiculous. But I figured it has to be something with the capability of the driveshaft. Oddly enough this combination gets the highest tow ratings. I never did get her tuned but when I do I'll prolly keep the limiter around 105 after reading this post. I just would like a few more mph when I enter an interstate. I peg the damn thing most of the time.
  12. Tundra's don't come with rear sway bar either. I don't think trucks typically come with them. I just got my Hellwig unit in and will be installing it soon. Looking forward to the results..
  13. So I just had mine done. It was cut. Looks fugly. I'll clean it up indeed. I don't understand the necessity to cut it. Plenty of room for the flaps. Kinda stupid if you ask me. Oh well..
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