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  1. Dead heated seats

    My 14 drivers seat doesn’t heat worth a crap. It’s a shame a $55,000 has parts that crap out so quick
  2. Fastest NA 6.2L 4x4 1/4 mile?

    I saw a 8 speed with tune, intake, and long tube CCSB 4x4 go 12.80’s
  3. Whatever the lowest level is with the 6.2
  4. You have a beautiful truck, but I can't ever go back to a 5.3 after owning a 6.2
  5. Mine is a 6.2 4x4 cc standard bed max tow. When I bought my truck, mine was one of two white 6.2 max tow trucks in the country... I didn't really want the standard bed, and was trying to get the dealer in northern Illinois to trade my dealer, but they wouldn't. I'm glad I ended up with the standard bed after having owned both. They are definitely harder to find though.
  6. 2015 Silverado improves to 10.89 @ 126.16

    Is the motor stock except for the twin turbo kit?
  7. Looking to Sell/Trade New Upgraded GMC Wheels

    Haha, little to far me unless they are free.....lol
  8. WTT Centerline Stingray IIIs

    Cash price?
  9. Looking to Sell/Trade New Upgraded GMC Wheels

    Wish you were closer, I'd buy them outright
  10. I'm in serious contemplation on buying one. For those of you that have/had them, what type/model did you have? Why did you chose it and are/were you happy with it? Any regrets or problems? I want it because I want more all around power and towing power as well, and really don't want to go the diesel route. I pull a 21' bass boat, I'm not looking to get crazy with the power, but am starting to get bored with my truck.
  11. 2014+ Magnuson 2300 5.3L or 6.2L

    How much for just the 6.2 kit
  12. Beautiful rig, been contemplating doing the same setup

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