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  1. In line 6, check; turbo, check; gobs of torque, check; excellent fuel economy, check. I have been involved in diesel the technology industry for 30 years and have seen the development of it's emissions systems from the start. I'll take my chances on the current technology. On order. I'll let you know it goes if it ever comes in.
  2. Thanks for that, it looks like I have my evenings reading.
  3. Looking for info on the duramax option. First thing is where is and what is the capacity of the DEF tank.
  4. What a pain, would love the diesel but can't tell if a trailer brake controller is available. Max trailering is not available with the diesel, so is the controller available stand alone or with some other package?
  5. 2020 build start date tentatively 8/5. My "event code" 1100, dealer accepted. Orders accepted but not all options/packages available, at least as of today. My question is does the Max Trailering package include trailer tire pressure sensors? The 2019 build sheets show a separate line item (PTT) I think. My build sheet doesn't show them.
  6. Just got word that I've been upped to a 2020. I had the premium package, technology package and max trailering on an LTZ crew. Would the newly available adaptive cruise and trailering view? be part of these or ordered seperately? I'm curious to know if possible before I go to the dealer to review the new order.
  7. The dealer didn't ask for a deposit. I offered it. As an aside, years ago I ordered an olds toronado with a deposit. Once it came in someone offered them over list price and they sold it out from under me. Gladly returning my deposit so the deposit isn't a guarantee either.
  8. Ordered (pluncked down my deposit) my 2019 LTZ CC (everything but Z71) . Was told 6-8 weeks but already mentioned that there may be a delay for the bed liner spraying? Late production orders seem to be more variable. We'll see when the order is actually placed. Wish me luck, hoping for before Labor Day.
  9. 1. 14-ON Chevy/GMC Full Size 1500 6’ 6” Box 2. The LOMAX looks good and provides a measure of security to the bed 3. Low profile, keeping the stake pockets available for other accessories, ability to store on board for tall cargo, security and weather protection are the most important features to me. 4. Currently have a Lund roll up cover. The lack of security and not so good weather protection have me looking to improve. It was inexpensive. 5. Daily driver, weekend farmer
  10. 1. Not currently accessorizing. Added several minor things like tail light bar, in bed LED's and tonneau cover. 2017 Silverado All Star pretty much perfect. 2. No, I do not purchase on price alone and actually use reviews as a significant part of the decision process. 3. No, function is far more important. But ugly is not OK either. Example: ANZO tailgate cap with LED's, I like the concept, but every picture I've seen has the lights not in a neat line. No other options so no purchase.
  11. OK, I'm sorry but still confused. I have a 2014 Sierra MyLink. Is the OnStar serviced 4G card available? Or is it only the aftermarket 3G?
  12. North Judson. Right next to the middle of nowhere.
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