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  1. Thank you! Reminds me to check my aunt's new 2015 Sierra I'll be working on right after I finished installing the parts from 4Wheelonline onto the Wrangler JK. She wants to have a cold seat so we'll see.
  2. Welcome and congratulations on purchase! Looking forward to your mod threads
  3. Welcome aboard! Good looking truck and that's a nice color!
  4. Welcome! That looks like a fun and challenging project. Definitely have those frames fully inspected for integrity.
  5. Thank you for the tip. May not need anything louder but will still look into that.
  6. Looks great man, nice! My uncle and I are getting a K3500 project after we finished installing the brake kit, wheel and tire packages plus front bumper on the current Wrangler JK project and clear the garage. Initial inspection on the K3500 there are some bad rust spots and probably need a new exhaust so we'll consider flow master.
  7. Welcome to the forums! Sounds like a fun purchase for you! Congrats
  8. Welcome and congrats! Beware of the mod itches, high irresistible.
  9. Sounds a good score! Congrats and welcome
  10. Welcome, Diana! Tell us something about your truck.
  11. Great to hear it's an impressive new ride for you! Congrats and welcome
  12. Sounds like a fun upgrade for you! Congratulations and welcome
  13. Definitely check the wiring, especially the contacts on the ground.
  14. We're going to work on buddy's new Silverado next right after we finished installing the brake kit and continental tires on the Wrangler project. The previous owner of Silverado said it got intermittent overheat reading and could be due to pump acting up. Gonna test the coolant as well.
  15. Battery tender is a good addition, I would try it first.
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