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  1. Definitely check the wiring, especially the contacts on the ground.
  2. We're going to work on buddy's new Silverado next right after we finished installing the brake kit and continental tires on the Wrangler project. The previous owner of Silverado said it got intermittent overheat reading and could be due to pump acting up. Gonna test the coolant as well.
  3. Battery tender is a good addition, I would try it first.
  4. Definitely, my buddy learned the hard way and cost him a pump.
  5. Have you tested or can confirm that those new LED lights are not actually blinking lights?
  6. Same issue on buddy's '99 Silverado, fixed after the faulty fuel pump replaced.
  7. Looks great man. Gonna show this set up to a buddy of mine. We'll just finish installing the skid plate and gibson exhaust on his Wrangler project and we'll start planning the lift for his Silverado. Readylift seems a great choice.
  8. Welcome! Great to hear you had make it installed perfectly. What particular part needs to modify?
  9. Sharp and shiny looking new truck man, congrats and welcome.
  10. Great new vendor on the community! Welcome
  11. Welcome to the gang! Should be a fun new rig for you.
  12. Welcome! Nice new truck man, that should be a fun new beast.
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