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  1. Looks great man. Gonna show this set up to a buddy of mine. We'll just finish installing the skid plate and gibson exhaust on his Wrangler project and we'll start planning the lift for his Silverado. Readylift seems a great choice.
  2. Welcome! Great to hear you had make it installed perfectly. What particular part needs to modify?
  3. Sharp and shiny looking new truck man, congrats and welcome.
  4. Great new vendor on the community! Welcome
  5. Welcome to the gang! Should be a fun new rig for you.
  6. Welcome! Nice new truck man, that should be a fun new beast.
  7. Great looking truck, welcome! Keep safe there as Dorian approaches.
  8. I see, thanks. The bike has been sitting for years and the engine seems in great condition. Once we get her running we'll get a new exhaust, suspension and a set of tires.
  9. That's one great project. We working on a 1989 TRX 250R right after we finished the installation of new tires, dv8 offroad bumpers and the brake job on the current jeep project. What sizes of those DWT tires?
  10. Welcome aboard. Should be a fun new ride for your trips. Enjoy
  11. Welcome aboard. Sounds great plans for this nice truck.
  12. Welcome to the gang! Good looking truck indeed. Enjoy
  13. Howdy and congrats! Have fun with modding
  14. Welcome and congrats on your 2016! Post up some pics.
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